Children's portrait 34- Maya Grace

This cute little one is mixed with Mexican, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Greek, and German. She likes tigers and her favorite color is green. If you are interested in getting a portrait of your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild gimme a holler at info@robdontstop.com


Some campaigns worth supporting

Cannon Busters by LeSean Thomas, a Bronx native who sets out to tell stories through the medium of 2d animation A hashtag to a movement to open doors for authors and illustrators of color to make more books about the myriad of stories still missing from mainstream bookstores and classrooms. One of the "only" magazines ever to cover specifically Asian Americans, their life, and their stories. This one in particular aimed at health. This is one of the Bay Area's last progressive voices. The more we allow newspapers to be silenced, the more there will be one voice only of San Francisco where my mother and so many other Black People grew up.


Hyphen magazine "Yuri Kochiyama" lettering

Hey, peep the latest issue of Hyphen magazine. There are various articles in the magazine about Revolution, Grace Lee Boggs, Yuri Kochiyama, People's Kitchen, and more. I had a chance to do some hand lettering for a piece using a quote from Yuri. Support this magazine by getting one for your coffee table, classroom, or office because there ain't too many magazines that focus on Asian American life, culture, and history like this one.

To get your copy of the latest magazine GO HERE

Psalm One- boldly go (Inspiration)

"You have no idea how much I wanted to leave this place before I saw you"
ugggh! One of my favorite raps by Psalm One with the Quincy Jones sample. Just rediscovered this song.


Latino USA X Hyphen Magazine

Dope to hear more about how Latino and Asian culture coincide, collaborate, and collide. The art on this soundcloud is from Shizu Saldamando


33 hours left for Rad Dad

In case you've missed it, i work with this magazine and i'm glad to volunteer my time for such a worthy endeavour-becoming better parents, to raise healthier children.

Inktober 14- 80 days, no justice

Thinking about the murder of brother Mike Brown and how the Ferguson Police and city depts have done their best to justify his murder by tarnishing his character. Do black folks need to riot and tear that city hall down? It has been 80 days since this young one was killed and no justice served. Thousands have protested, marched, organized, reported, and documented. Also, thinking about the legacy of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and how at the height of racist practices in the south Black folks had their own schools, hospitals, ambulances, clinics ,etc. With the panthers, they had their own armed defense too.

Inkober 13 -Umbrella for Hong Kong

Why are students in Hong Kong occupying entire highways? And what does their elections there have to do with it?


Latin@s in Kid Lit Guest Feature- Furqan's First

Today a blog post I wrote a few weeks back was published on the wonderful blog Latin@s in Kid Lit. It's about the social media campaign for my first self-published children's book Furqan's First Flat Top! If you are not familiar with their blog, please check them out. Not only do they invite a cool series of authors, illustrators, and book lovers to do guest posts; but they also make some pretty awesome lists of books for kids. In particular I like their list of Picture Books , The road to publishing series , and Resources for Latin@/ diverse lit

Go follow their blog and share some of what we've all been missing, more diverse books and more of a variety of Latin@ voices in children's literature.



Daddy Thoughts 7- Reading chapter books

The goal of reading was affirmed again last night. My son has been reading comics for the past 4 years now, reading everything from Amulet, and the Flight series to Brotherman, Ciudad 1 & 2, and Anya’s Ghost. He’s read every single Star Wars clone wars book there is and has read several other ones from Japan, Canada, and some from other places. Although we’ve found some cool ones like the Hero twins-a Mexican mythological tale about two twins from Mayan folklore its tough to find dope comics in Spanish. There are many comics featuring African American characters whether you’re looking at old classics like the Dictator of Discipline and Static Shock or the newer ones like Ajala by N.Steven Harris and the Black Comix project by John Jennings and Damian Duffy.

But the next room after walking through the doorway of comics for my son is chapter books. He reads them at school, no problem. But he reads those because he has to. It is hard to get him to pick one up and read it on his own. When we first started reading comics he didn’t want to read those on his own either. I started reading them with him. He’d read one page, I’d read another. Or I’d agree to be one or two characters, and he’d read the others. Either way, it was all about doing this together and encouraging him; which has paid off because he’ll read on his own, in the car, at school, or in the bathroom. That last part he gets from me.

But how to get him to pick up a chapter book or Young Adult novel on his own? He’s still not ready for some of the heavier titles, which are huge whether they are about young gay or bisexual teens or Harry Potter (I will introduce those as well). But we’ve started reading some chapter books together which he is starting to enjoy. One series we started to read recently is an old one entitled “Ghost Hunters” by author Cornelia Funke and illustrator Guy Francis. Last night while reading the second installment of what I’ve come to find out is a hug series he laughed at something one of the characters said. I smiled inside and asked if he could “see” the characters expression in his mind. And when he said “Yes”, that is what I had been trying to get him to experience. The joy of imagination. Some of the other books we’ve been reading so far are Alvin Ho (Asian Amer. Character) a series about a little boy who is afraid of everything. He loves the illustrations by LeUyen Pham and has read three of the books in the series by himself. And that folks, makes me very very proud. For me, the sooner he’s able to read for fun, the sooner he’ll be able to decipher the bullshit that is presented to kids and to expand his imagination!
Daddy happy. -Rob

If you're trying to get a young boy or girl to read who is reluctant, I highly recommend the Amulet Series by Kazu Kibuishi, it is a great door to another world.