Short story 21- Afternoon dancer

This afternoon uncle and I went for a walk. Everyone was resting during the early afternoon so we decided to walk through the empty city streets. There was one person out there.  A boy doing something, a dance of some kind, I'm not sure. But when I saw him move I was stunned, I could only watch. Uncle laughed saying "If I would have known you liked dancing, I would have taken you for a walk sooner".

I couldn't get much of the process down because I was "in it". But, here are some progress shots since I repainted it and sketched it twice.

Children's portrait 27- Lucas

This cute little boy is Lucas, he is around 6 I think and he is Palestinian and Chinese. His momma commissioned this and I hope the family likes it. If you wish to get a portrait, please go to my Etsy page.


Character 76-Little Futbolista

My son scored 3 goals today, which is a new record for his soccer games so I imagined him playing like this.


Chapter 510 event-May 1st, 2014

Join me as I celebrate a collaboration of art and poetry with Chapter 510 and some young spitters (poets). Also, reminder incase you missed the post about my illustration work with Oakland, literacy based Ch 510; they are seeking volunteers. If you know a young person or an adult who is interested in helping out with workshops, social media, etc please contact them. If you know of any funders who can support more literacy, creative writing, and poetry work they are doing with kids, contact them.

From Chapter510.org


Character 75- Huck (Scandal)

Sketchbook style. Huck of the TV show Scandal. 752

Childrens Portrait 24, 25, 26 -Masi, Jun, Kobi

Had a lot of fun with this one these past few weeks! I met their dad almost 8 or 9 years ago. And hallelujah this is the second children's portrait commissioned by a father, which throughout the course of these has been rare. Any how, heres some of the process painting these cute little ones who are 8, 5, and 2 I believe.
The dad wanted to get this painting for his wife's birthday and I like how it turned out. Very superhero-ish since they all had on Batman outfits in some of the photo reference.

When dropping it off to the family, the middle child jumped up and pointed out everyone in the portrait. Glad they were recognizable to him. These are some mixed babies, Japanese and Chinese.Thanks Ken! If you would like to commission a portrait contact me at info@robdontstop.com or go to my Etsy page 


Shaun Tan-Inspiration

Love this guy's work. One of my favorite painters. Ever.

Prints though

Hey folks who follow along the journey, I now have some nice prints who were made by John Sheridan . If you would like to order a print of a painting or illustration that I've done that you liked, please let me know. You can contact me directly by emailing me at info@robdontstop.com or you can check out my Etsy page. Thanks!

the prints from this photo were requested:
Jazz Collage


Children's portrait 23- Josh

This is what the image usually looks like when I start. I never trace the picture so as a result it is never really exactly like the photo. But I try to get close to the child's likeness. The sketch takes the longest out of all the steps usually.
So then, here are some shots of the painting process for any of you working on your painting skills, which I definitely am.
And the final