Dakota Access pipeline-The banks who support it

Looking shit up in btwn work. Over 38 banks have loaned or given over $10 billion dollars to the four partners trying to push the Dakota Access pipeline thru. Amazing that over "188" tribes from South America to Canada have come together (historically) since last Spring to say NO TO the pipeline. Heres a list of the banks that gave the pipeline builders (Dakota Access, Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco, and Energy Transfer Equity) money. The banks trying to profit from this are in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Scotland, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, etc more.http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/…/who's-banking-dakota-acc…
Whats it about? Money, power, white supremacy. Its about protecting water, standing up to empire, class, and racism-for the last millennia. They did reroute this thing to respect the wishes of another community too.
In awe. Respect to the water protectors. Many ways to voice support for water protectors- You can go there (w/ respect), support food, supplies, doctors going there (as so many of have been doing), you can pressure these banks, close accts, MAKE ART, call the white house, the army corps.......just sharing
please follow the hashtag #NODAPL for more info, art, etc.


Moonlight-Inspiring film

Saw this film a week or so ago and I highly recommend everyone see it. It explores masculinity and sexuality in such a human, subtle, and attentive way it is amazing. While watching it I kept thinking, these are people I've met before or known, but I've never seen them given this much shine, this much light. Please watch it.

Watch the trailer and the talk with the cast/film makers


Portraits for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

Here are some portraits I painted for "Mobilize the Immigrant vote". These portraits were commissioned for voting campaigns online and in print to educate people about propositions to vote for or against. The folks in these portraits are working activists and/or parents or kids of activists who not only want to share their experience but want to win more protection, equal rights, and justice for their families and loved ones. And with the current election results you can understand why.

To see the guides themselves or to learn more about MIV, please go to: http://www.mivcalifornia.org/


Character Collage (5) 2015-2016

I love drawing realistic and exaggerated characters. Especially people who are not often drawn! I started doing these character collages as a way to practice and challenge myself over 5 years ago.  I've been into drawing characters for ever. Once a month, 10 a year, doesn't really matter, its more about practicing and getting the ideas out. And by doing that, looking back and seeing improvement and growth. Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Toni Stone 2. Duke Kahanamoku 3. Sha Rock 4. Sketch soldier 5. Sho-Nuff 6. Ana Delgado 7. Ameena 8. Flyers ink drawing 9. East Bay Dragons 10. Lauryn Hill 11. Random sketch 12. Haenyo 13. Green Turtle 14. Marley Dias 15. Black hair Ink drawing 16. Ibeyi twins 17. Katara & Toph 

You can see the previous years here too: 2014-2015
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, just email me at info@robdontstop.com


Reading at LitQuake

Its pretty dope to have been a part of Lit Quake. I got a chance to read and talk about what I do in front of many classes of elementary school children in San Francisco. The kids were from all over the city and they were brought to the downtown SF public library to hear some authors show their books and to talk about how they do what they do. It was cool to be on that stage with some authors who were published by major publishers and here I am, the independent up there with them! I met Katrina Goldsaito ( The Sound of Silence), Maggie Tokuda-Hall (Also an Octopus), and Isabel Campoy (author or way over 100 books!) Check out some of the photos of kids getting books signed and the authors speaking. Big thanks to Christina Mitra who I had met previously and is an awesome librarian at SFPL. And thanks to Summer Dawn Laurie who coordinated us getting up there to share. For more info visit LitQuake!


Inktober 18 - ESG

Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold is a band of sisters, there was a brother in there too. They are from the Bronx, NY and to stay out of trouble their parents got them musical instruments and encouraged them to play. They released a record in the early 80s which bent genres of funk, rock, techno, and some sounds that couldn't be described as anything but new. I wrote about them for Muphoric Sounds back in 2011 for the "In the trunk" series and the thing I love about them is that they're a family, the are still playing and recording new music, and their style was striped down and to the point. No extra BS on top, just raw music. In some ways discovering them and listening to their sound through samples first, then through the original songs is quintessential New York because it is about dancing and having a good damn time. Shout out to Mister Bouncer who played songs like "Erase you" and "Ufo" for me first.


Inktober 17 - Sheila-E

Born and raised in Oakland and one of the best musicians to come out of the Bay, Sheila has recorded many albums as a band leader and as a collaborator with other musicians. She has been performing since she was in elementary school and has toured the world playing music that is influenced by funk, jazz, salsa, country, and hip hop. She is a treasure to the Bay Area and is not only still playing, but is giving back by mentoring younger musicians and giving to music programs in schools. Some of the notable artists she has worked with are George Duke, Herbie Hancock, her dad Pete Escevedo, Marvin Gayem Gloria Estefan, Prince, and Beyonce. She is one of the best drummers in the world and plays multiple instruments. This is one of her playing the "timbales".


Inktober 16 - The Royal Jesters

The Royal Jesters I found through Madlib. Chicanos have always had soul. Influenced by African American musicians of the 50's and 60's many Latinos (men and women) began to form groups in California and Texas. One of the gems of the 60s is the "Royal Jesters" a band from San Antonio Texas. Some of their hits in english and spanish are "I won't love you", "Wisdom of a fool", "You succeeded" and "Yo Soy Chicano". Check out the reissue of their works on the Numero Group label called "English oldies".


Inktober 15 - Indigena

Indigena, meaning a woman who is indigenous to the land. I guess it could be a woman from any where in the world. But I'm referring to women from the Americas, Las Indigenas.