Keepers of The Game Documentary

Great film, just watched this. A great story about sports, women's empowerment, self confidence, colonization, and Native American traditions. I definitely recommend watching it!

Graphic Novels ARE Books Print

Yo! Just finished this piece. You can cop a print HERE.

I have heard many times adults and others put down Graphic novels as if they are not a valid form of literature and I refute that claim. I believe graphic novels to be not just a gateway into reading for some people but I huge force to be reckoned with. This print came about because I wanted to remind adults, teachers, librarians, parents, and kids themselves to read more Graphic Novels! I want to advocate for these stories as books. I want them used in elementary, jr and high schools, college, and more to read for fun and to learn. Don't let anyone tell you that graphic novels are not real books. They are and they are a powerful way to tell a story.


Sam! first review

Hey, just saw our first review for the book me and author Dani Gabriel created for Penny Candy Books. Check it out, as it talks about two other children's books that feature stories with LGBTQ stories. Shout out to the homie Bao Phi!!


ACLU Annual Report 2018

Check it out, some more artwork for the Northern California chapter of the ACLU. A few take aways to notice are that in an annual report you have vital information about how an organization did its job. In this report you'll find data on that and short pieces on education equity, voting rights, civil rights, lgbtq rights, immigration, and more. 

Here are some more process art.

If you're pissed about a particular thing a city, state, school, president is doing I implore you to seek out an organization who is supporting what you believe in and contribute your time, money, and/or support to them. Get angry and get active, the institutions who fight for our rights need as much help as they can get. Doesn't have to be the ACLU, could be your local organization, gallery, you get the point.


Sam! Book Release in El Cerrito

Hey! The first book release party for Sam! is coming. On Tuesday September 17th in El Cerrito California (North of Berkeley/Oakland) me and author Dani Gabriel will be sharing this incredible story with you. Please bring your children, family, and book lover friends to hang. I look forward to seeing you.

For more info about the book please visit Penny Candy Books

Here is the link for the Bk Release Location

Story time Print pack

Hey, I've been working ion this series of "Story time" posters for over a year with the intent to illustrate children and families of color reading to a child or children. I hope that this artwork is useful to your classroom, home, office, or library. Keep reading to the babies!

Story time poster pack LINK


Bookmark pack

Hey, if you'd like a pqck of all the bookmarks i've made so far please cop. You can get a set of 15, 25, 75, or 100. 


Panilla's Journey- Middle grade book cover

Hey I came up with the cover artwork for this project about 2-3 years ago. This collaborative middle grade story was a joy to illustrate. Naru is one of the Bay Area's hip hop pioneers who I saw perform as a kid. He and his daughter wrote this story together and he is making it into a physical book. You want one? Want to hear about the story? Click this LINK.

Check out some of the artwork process below as I take it from doodle to finished painting and design.


Flashback: Boombox

This is a really old piece I made of a boombox using watercolor when I was just learning it over 20 years ago. As I have been working on some recent music inspired pieces I wanted to share something I made in that same vein many years ago.

Here are some recent/old music inspired art you might of missed:
Roy Ayers Portrait
Andrew Ashong portrait
Drum print


#SafetyIs Ella Baker Center

Yo, I was invited to contribute poster artwork to Night Out for Safety and Liberation (NOSL), a national event held on the first week in August where people across the country come together to redefine what #SafetyIs: dignity, opportunity, and power in our communities.

NOSL is an annual event created by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and their goal is to change the conversation about public safety to be less focused on fear, punishment, and criminalization.

You can see the posters from past years’ events here.

Here's some process artwork!