Video: Readings of Books I've worked on

One of a kind, like me or "Unico Como Yo" written by Laurin Mayeno and illustrated by me!
Where to cop this book: HERE
I am Sausal Creek / "Yo Soy El Arroyo Sausal" written by Melissa Reyes and illustrated by me!
Where to cop this book: HERE



Video: Sketchbook tour 1

Wow,  I've been "thinking" of making a sketchbook tour video for a minute, bout time I did one. Check it out. You use sketchbooks? Holler at me, I'd love to see.

Here's a collage of characters from last year:

Character 158 - Motorcycle


Hattie "Moves w/the Wind" delighted in beating riders who underestimated her.

What's this? One of many many characters I draw or doodle for fun, practice, etc. I like them. You? Did you see the last character? Check it out here:


Character 157 - Hammer


Hammer- Dee didn't believe in being polite. They liked to settle things the hard way.

What's this? One of many many characters I draw or doodle for fun, practice, etc. I like them. Did you catch the last two characters?



Tone - Umber Magazine


Really juiced to become a part of this new publication dedicated to forward thinking Black men. Peep the short trailer and please go to the website and subscribe/follow. This is a new project started b Mike Nicholls of UMBER magazine and I have to give him props because he has been putting in major work to publish magazines in a time when people scroll endlessly.


Oakland Boogaloo-Dance history

This is a dope video about Bay Area dance/hip hop / Black history featuring "The Black Resurgents". The Boogaloo, strutting, etc came from the Bay Area which I didn't know until I was grown. Just heard Davey D talking about this on Hard Knock Radio (Politics and hip hop). And I want to shoutt out Traci "Starchild" Bartlow for always keeping dance history alive and Eric Arnold for being a griot who documents Bay Area history.



40 year old version- mood board

Wow, watched this with my wife and loved this film. If you're an artist, educator, teacher, or a film lover.
Watch the trailer if you'r not convinced.



New Postcard set

I made a few new postcards based on illustrations from 2019 and 2020 with affirming words. You can cop this set here. And you can see the original characters here:

Encourage-Donny & Jalil  character design
Leap-Jump character design
Behold-Photo character design

Merch feature - Buzzfeed


So this happened in December of 2020. My sticker sheet got featured in Buzzfeed along with some other stocking stuffer ideas. Shout out to my homie Angela Dalton who told me about this article because I didn't know until she told me. Shout out to the journalist who included my sticker sheet in this post as it definitely drove some sales. I hope to get some more features like this in the future intentionally. 

If you missed this sticker sheet you can cop one HERE.

I also made one for librarians, bilingual language teachers.


Octavia's Parables Podcast


Y'all!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I started listening last year and quickly had to listen to every single episode. Of course its easy because I love Octavia Butler's books and I especially love the Parable Series. But the hosts also make it really fun and relevant to today with questions and discussions that I find incredible. Support the show be listening for free on stitcher, spotify, apple, etc. And if you love it as much as I do become a patron on Patreon: Patreon.com/oparables

Toshi Reagon did a theater play about the book and made some incredible music based on the books. And Adrienne Maree Brown edited a book called Octavias Brood-a sci fi anthology.

This has inspired me to not only go back and re read the book, but to make some more art about it. These  are drawings I made in the past of Octavia: