Photos: Me & my daughter by Kristen Murakoshi

These are some of the beautiful shots taken by photographer Kristen Murakoshi of my baby girl. Kristen is a dope artist currently taking sessions for families, babies, weddings, and special occasions. Please go check out her portfolio and sign up for her newsletter.


Inktober 2018 - Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres was an activist, mother, and daughter from Honduras. She was an activist because she looked out for the rights of indigenous people (The Lenca) in Honduras, the land that indigenous people were born to, the environment, and queer peoples. Berta was an organizer and co-founded the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations which protected indigenous folks and the land in Honduras against corporations who sought to dam it, mine it, and cut it down for profit. Along with many activists and regular people she fought the Honduran military, Chinese and US based corporations/govt involvement in building dams and destabilizing the Honduran government. She received many death threats, then she was assassinated in 2016 in her home even though she appealed for protection. Before she was killed she received an award called the Goldman Prize, a prestigious award for environmental justice. 

I draw her to keep her memory alive as so many other artists have. Salute to her and the activists from the Dakota Access Pipeline to Honduras fighting to protect indigenous peoples and the earth. After all the oil, water, trees, minerals, and land has been used up-will we be able to eat money?

Sources: Democracy Now, Guardian UK, Wikipedia


Inktober 2018 - Brown Berets

Founded in the 1960s, the Brown Berets are a community founded organization from California who organized around issues such as farmer workers rights with UFW, in solidarity w/ African Americans against police brutality, for access to education, retrieving stolen land, and to gain political power . Inspired by the Black Panther Party (Oakland) they formed a unit if mosty Mexican American high school and college students. They're part in the movement for Brown people's rights was in response to decades and hundreds of years of theft, murder, exploitation, and more by police, the US government, and by their local city officials who would of loved to sweep their righteous demands under the rug. The group still exists and were extremely powerful in organizing Brown people and for calling folks trying to deny their African and Indigenous blood (in order to look and be more white) to be proud of their heritage and identity. Their work moved beyond the voting ballot and they still work for the people today.

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Podcast feature: Gimlet Media/ Lyft

This is awesome. This brother named Marcelis is a budding children's book author and drives Lyft in addition to working at a library (means we need living wages). I get a chance to offer him some advice for publishing his own children's books and theres a surprise towards the end of the episode.

Inktober 2018- Headphones


Photo: Tabling

This is a photo of me tabling and signing a book for a family at Hiero Day taken by author Kamaria Lofton.


Inktober 1 -2018 LEE Quiniones

For those who don't recognize this guy. This is the one and only "LEE" or Lee Quinoines from NYC, one of my favorite artists of all time, a pioneer in Graf styles, and the subject of the 80s film Wild Style. 
Who remembers Lee? Who has not heard of him? Comment below


Inktober 2018

So, anyone doing inktober this year? If you're not hip, its an art challenge to stretch out your ink (marker, brush, pen) skills and although there are art prompts officially you can do your own theme: political, women, activists, musicians, typography, etc. Here are some from last year. My focus was Latinxs/Hispanics/Raza/ Indigenous folks and some political issues. You can see my past drawings of POC, Characters, etc here http://investigateconversateillustrate.blogspot.com/search… AND if you want the official 2018 prompt go here: https://inktober.com/rules/


Bookplates 1-4

Check these out. Have you ever wanted to bring a cool custom gift to a baby shower? Or surprise your friend who is a teacher with a gift that not only supports literacy but champions children of color? Get them a book plate or several so they can reinforce positive reading habits as early as possible. 

You can purchase these individually or in packs of 10 and 30.