Character 148 - Ride

Working on my colored pencil swag.
Wanna see the last character? Here it go.

TYS @ Sol Collective in Sacramento- Nov 16th

Eyy, if you have friends or family in Sacramento please invite them to this show. Trust Your Struggle Collective is celebrating 16 years at one of our many homes, Sacramento California which is the home of the mighty SOL Collective who have been with us since the very beginning. 

If you've been to any of the group or solo shows at Sol you know its about to be live. Come through!


Character 147 - Donny & Jalil

Donny & Jalil. Wanna see more?

What is this? I have been doing a series on character design for over a decade, just trying to work on proportions, expression, mood, movement, and style. Learning is life long.

Short story 24 - Argue

Short story 24
They fought all the time before Mama went away. She took care of them and taught them lessons about loving each other that took a long time for them to understand. In fact it wasn't until the flu began watching their every move that Donny and Jalil truly understood what brotherhood meant. They would have to agree on more than just the channel for this new technology to work. 

On shorts: I started doing these over 8 years ago as a way to practice my writing and illustration. Just barely starting to pick it back up again. Want to see more? Check out:

Bay Area International Children's Film Festival

Check it out folks, I created an illustration for the Bay Area International Children's Film Fest! Its happening in February of next year at the Chabot Space Center in Oakland! Bring your kids and come check it out.  February 22-23rd 2020!

Please visit their website to see information about the films and playing and the workshops that will be offered. LINK

We are delighted to announce the upcoming 12th Annual Bay Area International Children's Film Festival , which takes place  February 22-23, 2020  (Sat-Sun) at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland.

Save the Date  for an amazing program of films and activities inspired by our theme, The Power of Kids , as BAICFF highlights the ways that young people use their voices to change the world. Through premieres of international family-friendly films, special events, and presentations from award-winning filmmakers, the festival celebrates children  who use social justice, activism, and civic engagement to call attention to issues that affect us all.

This year's highlights include:
  • Films and Guest Filmmakers from around the World.
  • Election Year Special! Get your civics lessons  with the retro "School House Rock!" BAICFF showcases some of these beloved animated educational short films, which originally ran on television from 1973 to 1985 and are still just as relevant today.
  • Our ever-popular Stop Motion Animation Workshops, for kids ages 6-14.
  • The Fest's "How did they do that?" series highlights Berkeley-based Kuku Studios, with a special behind-the-scenes program about their new Netflix show "Go! Go! Cory Carson." This new animated show for preschool audiences follows the adventures of kid car Cory Carson as he navigates the winding roads of his childhood in Bumperton Hills. The BAICFF program will even be hosted by Cory Carson himself!


Radix Media (publisher) - Interview

Go check out the interview I did with Radix Media HERE.

Who is Radix? They are a worked owned printer and literary publisher that is unionized and eco conscious. Read more about them on their website and check out some of the zines, books, cards, posters, invitations, and pamphlets they print. Offset, letterpress, and digital!
This photo by my friend Tiffany Eng has been in rotation since 2013.


Ayentee - A year of songs

What up hip hop fans. My homie Ayentee (MC/Producer/Dad) has been making hip hop for over 20 years. He has released several albums and collaborative projects. This year he started a new endeavor to release a song every week I believe. And so far it is has been amazing to hear both content, rhyme, and beat wise! If you're over 30 you'll really feel this one. Listen and share!


Trust Your Struggle at Amor Eterno - Oakland

Hey! If you're in the Bay Area, I'd love to see you at this show on Saturday. Wer'e showing some photographs chronicling some of the Oakland work that we've done and showing a bit of our work from over the past 16 years. Come thru to Amor Eterno, an awesome gallery and tattoo space.

Cece Carpio - KQED Arts

YES! So juiced to see my sister Cece get featured in KQED Arts as she works so very hard to craft stories and beautiful images of indigenous women and peoples. If you didn't already know, Cece is one of the members of our crew "Trust Your Struggle Collective" Please watch and follow Cece on Instagram.


Bookmark 7 - Leer Novelas Gráficas

Hey, continuing with this the bookmarks, here is another one in Spanish urging the reader to "Leer novelas gráficas" or "read graphic novels". Forgive me if there's a simpler way to say that but I want to encourage Spanish speaking kids and adults of all kinds to read these books as well. Hopefully this will be useful.

If you'd like to get one of these please cop it here.

Here is the last bookmark I did: Read Graphic Novels