Children's Portraits collage-Year 2

Its been over two years since I started painting portraits of my child, friends kids, and other children. As always it is a blessing and honor to have been commissioned by so many families to paint their babies. Please check out all the faces from last September last year until now.  I started these paintings as a way to reach out to parents about my efforts to self publish my first children's book and now it has succeeded in gaining funding. This year as I work on the new book, I will also be painting many new children, so look out for that. If you know of anyone who would like a painting of their child for the coming holiday season or for a gift in general please contact me at info@robdontstop.com or check out my Etsy page.

Also, check out this Family Portrait I did for Rad Dad creator Tomas Moniz and his family.

This year I also did a self portrait and one of my lady Joy. Here is the first year of portraits.


Character 83-Paikea Revisited

A couple of years ago I did this piece of Paikea-the Maori legend. This is a revisiting of that legendary figure as the actress Keisha Castle-Hughes played her in the film Whale Rider during a very emotional scene.


Children's portrait 33- Vida

This little one is about 3 I think, she is Vietnamese and Filipino and her name is Vida! If you are interested in getting a portrait painted of your child or someone else's child please go here and purchase it.

Soul Portrait 3- Moses Sumney

I think it was Valerie Troutt that reblogged one of Moses' songs "Dwell in the dark" and as soon as I heard this dude I made a note to pay attention. Another of my favorite songs is "Man on the moon". Check this brother out before he blows up!


Reading Print

This is a new illustration I created for use in places where children are. Its to promote the gospel of reading great books whether they be picture books, comics, novels, or magazines. The kids are mean to be of different ages and nationalities. Could you see this in your local library, doctor's office, classroom, or in your kids' bedroom?

Purchase print


656 Comic para todo / Comics for everyone

"Tine que ser divertido/ it has to be fun"! Very proud of the 656 Crew, they had what looked like an amazing gallery opening of their artwork featuring sketches and murals. And this video looks like the start of something cool. Comics for everyone or #ComicParaTodos

Setting 2

Scene two in a new series of plein air (out doors) paintings


Interview w/ Bevel Code

Cassidy and Tyler (from Bevel) came by and did a quick interview about "Furqan's First Flat Top". The company Bevel makes shaving products specifically for men of color and has spearheaded a blog to focus on creatives, barbershops, black hair, and style. Go check it out at BevelCode.com
I'm working on the book yall!


Soul Portrait 2- Anita Baker

Welcome to a new series of portraits based on soul musicians. I'll be experimenting with different styles as usual and putting up some classic and questionable soul artists.  This one was done with ink, markers, on ink jet paper. I t wrinkled, but it was still fun to do.

Anita Baker: I grew up listening to Ms. Baker and always loved her voice. I play the classics like Rapture, Good love, and Angel . Long live that deep voice of Anita! Some folks that have sampled her sound that I love are Thee Satisfaction, Ras Kass, and Abstract Tribe Unique.