VIDEO: Wexner Center for the Arts (Lettering)

Here's the second video I created for the Wexner Center for the Arts. This is a quick tutorial in calligraphy or hand lettering. There are so many different styles and fonts to choose from but this is just an introduction. Since I was a child I spent thousands of hours practicing my letters. Please share with any young artists in your life.

Did you see the last one I did about characters? Peep it HERE!

"13 Ways of Looking at a Black Boy" feat in NY Times

Just wanted to share some news about "13 Ways of Looking at a Black Boy" that I illustrated for author Tony Medina/ Penny Candy Books along with 12 other illustrators. It was included in the NY Times magazine "Wirecutter's" list of Anit-racist books for children. 
Check it out HERE

Here's a synopsis of the book in case you missed it:
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy by Tony Medina offers a fresh perspective of young men of color by depicting thirteen views of everyday life: young boys dressed in their Sunday best, running to catch a bus, and growing up to be teachers, and much more. Each of Tony Medina’s tanka is matched with a different artist—including recent Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Award recipients.

If you'd like a copy you can purchase it from me now HERE.

Here is a list the book was included on as well: Cincinnati Library


Ethnic Studies Pack

Whats up fam? You can cop this pack of stickers and prints for your classroom, home, or office! I originally made the pack to help fundraise for this network of Ethnic Studies educators in Cali-follow them here on IG. But now that I was able to raise a bit of $ I'm going to continue to sell this pack.

Ethnic Studies for those who don't know is an organized curriculum of books, films, lectures, music, and culture that explore all that US and American history left out about African Americans, Latin@S, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. It now includes curriculum about Middle Eastern Americans, and sometimes LGBTQ studies as well. I'm a product of ethnic studies and i'm very proud to support ethnic studies curriculum all over the US in EVERY SCHOOL. You want a print or a sticker?

Did you see the show I made the "Ethnic studies painting" for?


Reading w/ Tia Chucha- July 9th

Excited to announce that I will be reading online for Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural y Bookstore in 
the San Fernando Valley (North of LA) on July 9th at 12pm. I've been a fan of writer Luis J. Rodriguez's work since I read "The Republic of East LA" which I read in the early 2000's. Luis is a poet and writer who started Tia Chucha's because there was no bookstore in this area. Tia Chucha's is also a press so it's great to be reading in their "Lil Readers" program which you can catch live on their facebook or Instagram pg.


Mural: Black Lives

I painted this in collaboration w/ artist & business owner Binta Ayofemi. She came up with the design and Paint The Void commissioned it. Haven't painted a big wall (30' x 50') in a minute so it was nice to get back up on the lift. It was painted with house paint, brushes, rollers, and Montana Spray.Shout out to Nisha K Sethi (TYS) who hooked this up for me. 

Affirming Black Lives w/ the words "Reparations" and "Transformations" is a powerful statement. Despite the circumstances it felt good to collab with Binta and hear from every day folks. There were so many beautiful pieces painted in downtown and East Oakland since George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were murdered. This is not the first time I've painted a wall, banner, or painting in response to police terrorism and I know it won't be the last. But, i'm encouraged by how many more artists (OGs and youngsters) out there taking control of the narrative w/their work.

The work we all create is part of a legacy of resistance. Keep creating young artists! Marathon over sprint. And please take care of each other. We got a long way to go. 

Check out some of the process and close ups. 
Binta's sketch
Mask ready
Adding gold
Cleaning it up
Adding gold

Almost there
Binta wanted to let em know


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VIDEO: Wex Center for the Arts (Characters)

Hey, I was commissioned by Wexner Center (Ohio) to make some quick videos for kids at home during quarantine. These took awhile to do but were really fun. Check out the first of three about drawing character designs. I make lots of character designs for fun, for clients, and for stories so this is a short peek into how I come up with them. I visited Columbus Ohio and met Dionne Custer who reached out to me for this.

See some details about this year's character collage which is featured in this video a bit. Here's one of them.


Queer POC Collage 2020

Hey, just wanted to share some of my favorite queer activists, artists, journalists, and leaders who I've drawn and painted over the past 5 years since its Pride week. There were so many so I had to just pick a few. This is my way to show up for my queer folkers by painting you and letting folks know I support you.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Miss Major-Activist
2. Sylvia Rivera-Activist
3. Marlon Riggs-Filmmaker
4. D'Lo-Writer/Actor
6. Jewel Thais-Williams-Healer
8. Ann Wolfe-Fighter
9. Marsha P Johnson-Activist
10. Raveena-Artist
11. Arlan Hamilton-Venture Capitalist
12. Deb Never-Musician
13. Bishop Yvette Flunder-Spiritual leaders
14. Shine Louise Houston-Filmmaker
15. Jamilah King-Journalist
16. Alvin Ailey-Dancer

Video "READY" by Meridian Lights

Shout to Brooklynites Meridian Lights for making this dope song and shout out to Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi for capturing the feeling. 


Children's Portrait collage (4) - 2017-2020

Here's the latest collage of children's portraits. This collage spans from 2017-2020. I definitely slowed down a bit on these portraits recently but I'm gaining steam again. These are one of a kind, hand painted portraits that I started painting in 2012 to put out the word that I was working on a children's book. 8 years and 8 published kids books later and I'm still painting these. And having fun with them since they help me sustain myself as an artist and they provide a service to you. People have commissioned these for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, partners, and friends. 

If you'd like to commission one for yourself or as a gift to someone, follow this LINK
Thanks in advance!

Check out some of the collages from previous years. 


Children's Portrait 58 - Aissa

Yo, excited to share this latest portrait of Aissa. Shes a beautiful little one mixed with Black, Mexican, Argentinian, and Armenian. She loves the color pink so thts what I included here. A few years back I painted her big sister Niara! Big thanks to their momma for commissioning.

If you'd like to commission an original portrait you can do so HERE. Thank you for supporting a working artist and one of a kind hand made art vs corporate art.

Check out the last portrait of Walker here. And some process art below.