Soul Portrait 1- Andrew Ashong

Discovered Andrew through Gilles Peterson's show and have been listening ever since. Dig the brothers sound and he is the first in a new series of art and illustration featuring Soul musicians. So look out for Portraiture and Typography similar to the Jazz Series and very experimental.

Some of my favorite songs by Andrew so far are Flowers, Never dreamed, and Don't know why.

Character 80-Butterfly Kid

If you make fun of his wings, he'll punch you. You've been warned.

ESG- Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold (Band) on RBMA

Check out this groups lead on Red bull music academy
Love ESG, heard this piece I did on them for Muphoric Sounds ?


The internet's own boy-Inspiration

There are a lot of different things, issues, or points I can say about this documentary, but the most important thing would be that it is worth watching. It deals heavily with what you are using right now to read these words. The internet.


20 hours left! Bring back my Flat top

This is me, more than 15 years ago. I used to have my uncle fade my hair all the time. One of the stretch goals on the Furqan's First Flat Top is for me to cut my hair in a flat top again, and there are 20 hours left in the campaign.

Heres the link to the stretch goals
heres the link for the campaign 


Music i'm listening to-July 1st

Utne Reader Illustration 10- Make your own children's book

Here is the latest Utne reader illustration for both the Artivism section and for me to contribute as an illustrator and a writer. I chose to talk about me doing my own book and they were gracious enough to let me say it. READ HERE


100 portraits-Furqan's First

I started painting children's portraits about two years ago. I was having a conversation with my friend Krea, a fellow parent and vocal activist. I was telling her about my story and she was very supportive saying that I should find a way to connect with more parents to tell them about it. She suggested doing portraits of kids. I'd never really thought of that before but I did one of my son as a test painting of my son and he and I both liked it.

Story 1 Children's Portraits Collage

I made a video about it and showed it to folks on the social networks, and immediately parents started asking me to paint their child! I never had an experience that was so fast to connect with parents.

Originally I thought I might do murals in children's rooms (which I still may do), but that proved to be more expensive and time consuming. Take a look at some of my recent portraits and check out this tag for more photos of the process of painting these. Each one is painted by hand from photo references with the child's favorite colors, ethnicity, or nationality in mind.

Thank you to Nikki for being my first parent and for spreading the word, and thank you to all my moms and dads who've helped me get closer to my goal of 100 portraits by commissioning one of your child. There are about 32 portraits now and about 11 people have pledged for new ones, so that leaves about 19 portraits left.

This may be my last or close to last post on the Furqan's First campaign (for now); please share this one with any folks who are looking for a children's portrait as a gift for a grandparent or new parent. They can get the book, a hand-painted portrait of a child, and a few other goodies.


Lastly, I've begun the tedious but exciting work of contacting book stores here in the Bay Area and across the US like Marcus Bookstore or Blue Stockings (NYC). I've started with some African American, Latino, and left-leaning stores, and I could use your help with recommendations for your favorite book stores. Some stores I've spoken to actually purchase books through Kickstarter campaigns as well, so if you know of any cultural centers or book stores in your city (anywhere), please ask them to pledge. Let them know there are only 7 days left in the campaign. If they do not purchase books through crowd funding sites, please email me your favorites! I'll contact them shortly afterwards.


Thank you all again, and stay tuned.

- Rob ( info@robdontstop.com )
If you are reading this and have not heard, several weeks ago I launched my first children's book through kickstarter. We surpassed our initial goal and are pushing for several cool stretch goals. Visithttp://bit.ly/FurqansFirst to see and share it. Thank You!


Furqan's First-We made it!!

We did it! THANK YOU all so much for being a part of this journey!

It has been amazing to see all the support from family, old friends, and many new friends. I'm excited to share with you this story and to give you sneak peaks as the production progresses over the next few months.
If you know anyone else who would be excited by this project, I've created a few regular and odd "stretch goals". Since we have already reached our initial goal, I've come up with some additional goals, with cool rewards for new and existing backers:
1. Some really cool, colorful, die-cut stickers printed on clear vinyl. The stickers will come in a pack of three or more and will feature concept or final artwork from the book. Get your laptops, skateboards, and sketchbooks ready! If we meet $11,000, this reward will go out to all backers of $25 or more.
2. Get a zine of my short stories! What?! Yes, I'll compile all the short stories I've written and illustrated over the past three years into one zine, including sketches, process shots, journal entries, photography and more. This 7" x 7" book will be 52 pages long, and printed in full color. If we meet the goal of $12,500, this reward and the stickers, will go out to all backers of $25 or more.
3. I'LL GET A FLAT TOP! I've had an afro for about five or six years now. But, I'll go to the barber shop and get a flat top. Really? Yes! I have not had a flat top since 8th grade. That was a long time ago, folks. I'll have the trip filmed so all can see. This reward is for all backers if we meet the goal of $14,000!

Again, thank you all so much for your support, kind words, and encouragement. Please continue to share this with friends and family. Tweet to Oprah, facebook Edward James Olmos! Let's meet the stretch goals! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/FurqansFirst
-Rob Trujillo

PS: Shout out to Bad Girl Confidence for interviewing me. Thanks to UTNE Reader for the upcoming feature. And shout out to Oakland Terminal and Edman Vargas for helping us cross the finish line!