One of a kind like me 12 - Me and Laurin reading

This is a shot and throwback to me and author Laurin Mayeno reading "One of a kind, like me" to a school audience in Oakland. I believe it was taken by Innosanto Nagara. If you still haven't gotten the book you can get it HERE.

And here is a recent review of the book by Neely's news


Alphabet Rockers - Walls

Walls by Alphabet Rockers https://youtu.be/WklALdTzCko for those parents wanting a song for kids that discusses walls and loving one another. AND its Bilignual!
Although AR are Grammy nominated and most love their message, they have been asked not to perform the song because some parents didn't agree w/ the message. Watch this and share w/ your kids.

2017 ACLU Annual report

Here are a few illustrations I did for the ACLU Annual report. You can see more of the report here.


Stephanie Bueno- Lowrider roll model

I remember seeing Jay Bueno's photos and its very inspiring and emotional to hear about Stepahnie's photography and family journey. I love this series.