Author Panel- Bay Area BLK authors!

Hey, I'm excited to be joining these authors for a panel. The Independent Black Creative (IBC) crew will be hosting a virtual panel October 4th, 2pm, live on Facebook. Our discussion will focus on the love for literacy, illustrations and building community through the arts. We look forward to sharing with you and thank you for your continued support.


Fairyland fundraiser-Sept 26th


Fam, I’ve been invited to read aloud for Celebrity Story time, an online benefit for Children’s Fairyland! They have big plans to better represent *all* families at the park w/ a digital library. And they're celebrating the 70th anniversary of Fairyland which I went to as a child and took my son to. I've also had the chance to read at "Turn the Page". An annual event held at Fairyland to share great stories and Bay Area storytellers with their loyal attendees and supporters.

Tune in at 6:30 p.m. PST on Saturday, September 26th. Register now at bit.ly/Fairyland70 – it’s free!​ ​You can go to Facebook to get inhttps://www.facebook.com/ChildrensFairyland

And if you're on Twitter or IG the handle is @FairylandCa


Children's Portrait 59 - Marisol


Recently finished this portrait of a child named Marisol. In the past I have disclosed and illustrated something about the child's ethnicity. But in the past year or so I have opted to focus on the kid and what they are interested in. Marisol is interested in the outdoors!! And their favorite color is green. So there you have it. If you would like to commission a portrait of a little one go here.

Want to see the collage of portraits I made for 2017-2020 ?
Check out Marisol's brother here.

Here's some process art here:

Namir Blade- Video

Feeling this



Throwback Photo


Here's a throwback to November of 2019 when there were still events indoors and outside. And you could be in the same proximity as hella people without worrying about a virus. The big SF Etsy Holiday Emporium!

Photographer and maker Imelda Jimenez-LaMar took this photo for a blog post she wrote about sharing visuals as a seller. 

here's a photo of my table from the Vallejo California Juneteenth event last year as well. 


Sunshine Mvmt Postcard


This is a sketch for a recent postcard illustration I completed for the Sunrise Movement, which is a group of young activists who push democratic candidates forward on issues such as environmental activism or justice. They're running a postcard campaign to send postcards encouraging young people to vote. Myself and several other artists such as Micah Bizant, Jess X Snow, Studio Listo, and more.

So they did a run of 100k and they all sold out in the first day. Now, they're going for 1 Mil. If you want one to send, or learn more, follow them and..

Check out some process art below. 

Did you see my piece for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote?


Latino Comics Expo -Virtual 2020


Hey if you have the chance  please check out the 2020 Latino Comics Expo , there will be panel discussions, interviews, vendors, and more. Here is the link for registering for the online events:

Some of the folks who will be there Cathy Camper, Zeke Peña, Raul The Third, Isabel Qunitero, Javier Hernandez, Lalo Alcaraz, and more.


Homeboy Sandman - Traumatic

Well crafted, deeply personal, and vulnerable. Big shout out to Quelle on the beat and Homeboy Sandman for some raps that don't sound like bragging (I needed to hear something different)


Hiero Day 2020 - Online

Lucky for all of us hip hop fans Hieroglyphics crew out of Oakland CA are debuting the "Til Infinity Documentary" on HieroDay.com today! It's a great documentary on The Souls of Mischief that features the entire crew and tons of hip hop luminaries. Tune in for it , behind the scenes, and performances!

Stream the film, performances, and some behind the scenes from Hiero Day


SOL Con 2020

Yo, I will be attending SOL Con again this year albeit virtually. I would love it if you joined us. There will be panel discussions , a virtual artist alley, and more. All you have to do is register.

SÕL-CON is intended as both a celebration of current creative minds and as a means to open doors for youth of color to learn how to express their stories through the comic book storytelling arts.

The SÕL-CON Expo Day consists of four creator roundtables featuring comics creators, multimedia artists, & scholars in conversation.

Here are the panels:
Panel A: How to Change the World with a Pen: Comics and the Future
12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. EST
Moderator, Morgan Podraza
Featuring Juan Argil, Xavier Lopez, Lexi Ramos, Jules Rivera and Maxi Rodriguez

Panel B: Creators in Conversation
1:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST
Moderator, Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado
Featuring Ness Garza, Sloane Leong, Breena Nuñez,
Cristy Road Carrera, Nicky Rodriguez

Panel C: Sustaining the Momentum: Comics & DIY Culture
2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. EST
Moderator, Katlin Marisol Sweeney
Majed Badra, Dr. Elvira Carrizal-Dukes, Ronnie Dukes,
J.M. Hunter and Robert Liu-Trujillo

Panel D: Form-ing Ideas: Creators Talk Impact of Styles and Mediums
3:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Moderator, Peyton Del Toro:
Featuring Khaila Carr, Zalrix Franco, Lawrence Lindell, MariNaomi and Zeke Peña

Heres the flyer made by Breena Nuñez!!


POC POV Sticker

Here's a clear vinyl sticker of an old favorite. First I made it as a small doodle for my sticker sheet. Then I blew it up as a larger painting. And now I've shrunk it down to a sticker again with a clear backing that you can put on just about anything. "POC" means people of color, and "POV" means "point of view". Hopefully that is self explanatory.

If you want one cop it HERE.


Blaxican Sticker

The first time I heard the term "Blaxican" was from journalist and writer Walter Thompson. I'm not sure if he coined the term but he put together a project called "Blaxicans of LA" that made me feel seen. I grew up seeing these Black and Mexican folks, their parents, kids, and their families. It's not a secret that Black and Brown folks have been making babies for ages. From California to the South, the midwest and the East Coast.

For this image I thought it would be dope to juxtapose Papel Picado (historic Mexican art form ) with an outline of the continent of Africa where humanity originated. If you're Black and Mexican please let me know if I did this justice. If you approve please cop two. One for you and one for a friend. Thanks for reading. Just out here trying my best to make work that means something to me culturally.

3" x 3" Paper Sticker
Cop one HERE


Inspiration board 36

I think I've said this before but this is an inspiration board. I post them two or three times a year as a reminder and a catalogue of inspiring places, people, and things so when I'm failing to keep going I can be re-energized. I hope you the viewer get something out of them too. 

This board, top to bottom, left to right:
1. Meet Yasmin-early reader by Saadia Faruqi 2. What Kinda Music (LP) by Yusef Dayes & Tom Misch 3. Meridian Lights-Rock duo from Brooklyn 4. Never have I Ever-Hilarious Netflix Show 5. Defund The Police! Love this mvmt and attitude! 6. Float-Pixar short film about autistic boy 7. Smiles Davis feat Alice Smith-House track 8. Sam Rodriguez-Bay Area artist 9. Afro Sam-Taegeuk by Lindsey Adams 10. Esiri Erheriene Essi-Painter 11. Ragon Dickard-Illustrator 12. Fathers by Skyzoo (Brooklyn) 13. Opio- Granite earth 14. Molly of Denali-Native cartoon 15. Book designs by Margaret Armstrong 16. Breonna Taylor ptg by Amy Sherald.

If you missed Inspiration board 35, here's the LINK


Stuff I've been listening to 16- Protest

whats your favorite protest song recently? Some ones that have been on rotation, some I came across through Pendarvis Harshaw's article about protest music, and some which I just discovered. Don't let people convince you that young artists aren't speaking on the times. Shout out people like Bambu (Native Guns) or Rebel Diaz who are always speaking on it!!

You can see the last "Stuff I've been listening to" HERE

Ayentee - Water world (Instrumental)

Dope chill beat from Berkeley's Ayentee


Raza Sticker

Yo, just made a sticker with this image I illustrated back in 2016. You can cop the sticker and read a bit about it

Here's the original post (editied) that I wrote with this image which was created for Inktober in 2016.


Celebrate A People's History!

I contributed an illustrated poster to this 2nd edition of Celebrate People's History by Josh Macphee. It contains art celebrating, people, places, events, and movements for radical change in the US and internationally. Its beautifully curated and designed and is quite affirming if you feel like no progress is being made. It is also a powerful educational tool because many of the stories in it (illustrated as posters) are left out of history books. My piece is about the "Contract Buyers League", a group of Black home owners and faith based organizers who fought against the racist housing discrimination and theft of Black wealth in Chicago after the great migration. The book features are by Mincho Vega, Melanie Cervantes, Jesus Barraza, Zeke Peña, Miriam Klein Stahl, Cristy Road, Design Action Collective, and more. 

Here's the synopsis:

Forewords by Charlene Carruthers and Rebecca Solnit
Spanning nearly three thousand years of history—from the ancient Secession of the Plebs to the 2017 protests of the Confederate Soldiers Monument in Durham, from Sojourner Truth to Naoto Matsumura—these posters pay tribute to the long-standing human legacy of revolution, creative activism, and grassroots organizing. In this book, contemporary artists imagine and interpret often-overlooked events and figures in movements for racial justice, women's rights, queer liberation, labor organizing, and environmental conservation.

The second edition of Celebrate People's History includes almost one hundred new posters printed in duotone, presenting these essential moments as a visual tour through decades and across continents. Featured artists include Miriam Klein Stahl, Swoon, Cristy C. Road, Bishakh Som, Sabrina Jones, Nicole Schulman, Christopher Cardinale, Eric Drooker, Klutch, Carrie Moyer, Laura Whitehorn, Dan Berger, Ricardo Levins Morales, Chris Stain, and more.

Here's my piece from the book.
Read more about the Contract Buyers League here.


She Hit Me First! By Robert Mossi Alexander (Cover Art)

Yo, this is a new middle grade book written by author Robert Mossi Alexander (Can't Let Nobody Ride My Bike) that I illustrated and designed the cover for. Rob is a great writer who has written s a short and introspective piece about growing up, the cycle of violence, healing, and being a positive change. He also collaborated on the book with his daughter Lauryn Taylor Alexander who created the majority of the art for the book via chapter illustrations.

Here's the synopsis of the book from Rob:
Jamillah is an upbeat preteen who desires a better life. She longs for real friendship but seems to keep spoiling her chances by hitting anyone who comes close. She also wants a good life for her mum and sister, but every time she tries, it doesn't end well. Fortunately, she meets a classmate-who wants to be friends with her-and has a teacher, who both help her to deal with her habit of hitting people. Still, it doesn't end there-a lot more trouble, and adventure awaits Jamillah as she makes attempts to show kindness to others and to change her world for the better.An intriguing tale of self-discovery, support, and determination, She Hit Me First is a book that uses great story-telling to inspire readers to believe that no matter the circumstances, one can still create positive change in the world.

Get the book here: LINK

Here's a bit of the process of making the artwork.

color sketch

Follow Robert Mossi Alexander here at Hood 2 Higher Education

Wanna see more? Here's the last Middle Grade cover I illustrated.


John Jennings on Afrofuturism

This is such a great talk by John about the history of Afrofuturism and Black independent comics. I feel a sense of revitalization from this talk. Its a helpful reminder that our people have been doing this and continue to make stories with or without attention.


Zebra Records- Memory

Watching an old DJ Battle today got me reminiscing. I've always been a visual artist and a lover of music (Art is in my blood). But starting in the early 90s and lasting til the last 2000's I was obsessed with DJing. The height of my fascination peaked in my high school/ early college years. I spent literal hours in record stores, flea markets, my family's collections, and any records I could find. I spent even more time in my room watching vhs videos, battles, and listening to recordings of DJs trying to teach myself how to mix, scratch, beat juggle, and perform routines. I taught what little I knew to hundreds of kids too.

Here's a photo my friend Melissa took of me performing in one of the Zebra Records DJ battles. I attempted to DJ parties, events, make mixtapes, and entered DJ competition (Zebra, ITF, UC Berkeley) but I was never really that great at it. But, I had so much fun. I participated in a hip hop club started by Hodari Davis at Berkeley High and I learned so much from watching people who were truly passionate about the art of DJing, Mixing, party rocking, music, and competing as turntablists. There were many lessons I took away such as originality, stage presence, timing, innovation, cultivating community, looking for the next thing to inspire you, etc. But above all I learned about generosity, love and discipline. Doesn't matter how good you think you are, you can always improve. And what point is there in hiding your talent? Share it so the next generation can be inspired, so they can inspire you, and so on.

Shout out to Zebra Records-a pillar of the San Francisco/ Bay Area hip hop community that not only sold records and DJ equipment but created a church/community center where young people like myself could share, grow, and learn. Shout out to DJ Wisdom, Israel, Alan Corazon, and all the incredible DJs I met at Zebra such as Mista B and Teeko of 41Funk, Goldenchyld and Cutso of The FingerBangers, Nuttz, so many many. I went by "King Tres" back then btw. I still dig for new music, and I occasionally buy vinyl. Wish I still had my Zebra Records slip mats.

Here's a video of a reunion they did in 2010 w/the creators of Skratchpad (Celskiii & Deeandroid)


Solidarity w/ Pinxys

Just wanted to make a quick piece to show support for my Pinay, Pinoy, & Pinxy folks in the US and worldwide. Please pay attention to The Philippines and its diaspora because they are fighting against a dictator who is attacking anyone who is an activist for the people and land there.  Follow the organization Malaya Movement , Bayan, and the hashtags #JunkTerrorLaw and #OustDuterte . Read up on what "US Imperialism" means as it relates to this new law Duterte made, the theft of indigenous people's land, and the constant effort to keep the people from kicking any US puppets out of their country.

Since I was a kid I've heard US presidents use freedom, democracy, and justice as reasons for the US invasion, colonization, bombing of, and meddling in other countries. This government (doesn't matter the color of the politician) will sell you a line of bullshit through the media about how they're going over to (insert country) to free "them" while overthrowing democratically elected leaders by covert means in the same week. Because the majority of North American people are poor or working class they count on us not researching, reading, or connecting with Americans with ancestry and stories from these countries. But don't fall for it. 

Activism and wanting people's control of the land, resources, wealth, and destiny of your home w/o the US' bloody hands does not equal terrorism. 

Peep this piece from 2017 -The Lumad (Indigenous Folks in Philippines) 


Online Exhibition via SF Int'l Arts Fest

Peace, my crew "Trust Your Struggle Collective" will be participating in this year's San Francisco International Arts Festival which is usually a lively in person event with visual art, dance, music, etc. This year however with Covid everything is online so tune in to see a virtual exhibition of some of our individual and collective works.

Invite LINK


Mixed Kid Sticker

New Sticker!

What is a "mixed kid"? To me, it is a person who comes from a background with mixed heritage. They can be Black and White, Latin@ and Asian, Indigenous and American, Caribbean and Australian, so many combinations of people are in the world and we all have an interesting story to tell about who we are and where are families come from. There are mixtures of heritage within one ethnicity or skin color, and there are people whose family are from various racial backgrounds. This is for all of you. Me personally I am African American, Korean, Mexican, and Apache and this phrase means something to me.

Cop a sticker HERE

If you missed it, here is the Blasian sticker and this is the original "Mixed Kid" painting this one is based off.


Care Package for Black Boys

Just made this care package for you to send to a Black Boy anywhere. You can send this as a gift to a child, family, etc to encourage them to keep reading even in amidst the quarantine times we're living in. 

In this care package you will get:
-An 11" x 14" Read print
-A copy of Furqan's First Flat Top (Bilingual/hardbound ) a picture book about Black hair, imagination, and a father & son written and illustrated by Me!
-A copy of 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Boy (hardbound) written by Tony Medina, illustrated by 13 illustrators, including me.
-Two Bookmarks
-One Bookplate sticker
-One postcard

Purchase this care package HERE


Blasian Sticker!

Yo! Super excited to make and share this with you. This is a term I've heard used for at least 10 years to describe an esthetic, couples, children, and people. "BLASIAN" or "Black" and "Asian" to me represents families and people who share both Asian and Black heritage. They could be specifically North American, but I believe the term could apply internationally to these mixed kids. Being a mixed kid myself (Black, Korean, Mexican, Apache) I identify with this term and hope you can share it with others you feel would love it.

If you'd like to get one COP IT HERE.

Stay tuned for more and please check out my Self Care stickers if you missed em.


Just Us Video Interviews

Pat Cummings has been super encouraging to me and so many other book creators. Check her out.
This was a great interview about their work and historical knowledge about the Tom Feelings , Pat Cummings, Black creators for children, and so much more. This series is interesting because they interview some OGs in the children books world.


Old Art 3 - Big Daddy Kane

I painted this in 2001. I had just started using watercolors and it was part of an art portfolio. This man right here is one of the sharpest lyricists to ever rock the mic and is a pioneer. Check out "Young Gifted & Black".

Here's Old Art 2 - Overalls