Sketches 2

Here is another dump of sketches from client, personal, and project work. Some of it seen before and some never published or used. I like the sketches because sometimes the under drawing is better than the painting. And it shows the thinking that goes into the final lines.
Angel from stand and deliver

Legendary DJ's 

Client piece around access to college

Client piece around access and youth of color

Client piece around access and youth of color

Drawing that was a cover concept for the picture bk I am Sausal Creek written by Melissa Reyes

Changing out a 1200 technics headshell

Drawing from the picture book "Furqan's First Flat Top"

Client piece around Families of color, access to a more equitable state

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project

Erica Huggins of the Black Panther Party

Tarika Lewis of the Black Panther Party

MC Activist Bambu of Native Guns, The Bar, and Beatrock Music

Client work for a short about African American migration north

Drawing of Russell from Up
Drawing from the picture bk "I am Sausal Creek" written by Melissa Reyes

See the first sketch dump here


Dr Moses Powell (Musa Muhammad) - Inspiring Martial Artist

Super inspired by Moses Powell the minute I saw him moving and throwing people. It was not just his ability to manipulate the body that drew me in, it was the way he spoke and the fact that he looks like he could be one of my uncles. Watch! There should definitely be a film about his life story!

The Conscious Kid- 50 Books affirming Black Boys

Shout out to the "Conscious Kid" blog for mentioning so many amazing children's books featuring Black Boys from elementary to young adult, they have an extensive list for folks looking to build the pride of their young boys or to build the awareness of non Black folks. 

Also: Furqan's First Flat Top got a mention in here :) which is humbling because there are so many greats mentioned in the article!


2nd annual Social Justice Book Fair - Oakland

Folks, for the 2nd year in a row I have been able to help produce this amazing book fair with Social Justice minded kids bk creators, authors of color, queer and local authors. We started off in the mighty Chapter 510 space last year and have moved to Destiny Arts, still in Oakland. If you are around, we have many great book makers confirmed and the Grammy nominated group ALPHABET ROCKERS will be in the house performing alongside the kids and doing interactive tings. I will be there as well selling my book, reading, and signing books for families.

Saturday Dec 8th, 10am-2pm
Destiny Arts in Oakland
Social Justice and Diverse Books
Alphabet Rockers and various performers for kids
 Event link

Multicultural Children's Book Fair - DEC 9th Richmond, CA

If you are in the Bay Area and live near the Richmond area or are in Contra Costa County I invite you to bring your family to this event. Authors will be there reading their books, selling them, and signing them for folks who come. 

The Bay Area Black Authors Network is a newly formed group aimed at sharing resources and information about publishing stories by Black authors, illustrators, editors, etc.  We meet regularly at Hilltop mall the last tuesday of each month.

The event is also supported by the West County Reads new Multicultural Children's Book Store at hilltop mall where you can find many children's books about Latinx, Black, Asian, Native American, and queer stories. The bookstore has been open just under a year and is thriving getting visits from teachers, librarians, parents, and kids

Write up in the Richmond Standard

Sausal Creek 8 - Photo of Me and Melissa reading

Here are two photos of me and author Melissa Reyes reading to some children in South Sacramento's "Meadow View Elementary" , photo by Nicole Martinez
To the date, we have read separately and together in many different settings and the book has reached a lot of people. 

Melissa Reyes is a former elementary teacher and decided to write the book when she could not find a picture book about a historic geological landmark in the Bay Area. The children had tons of questions and responses at this reading and it was a blast to visit Maestra Martinez' class! Check out the welcome sign they made!

You can purchase the book here "I Am Sausal Creek"


Character Collage (7) 2017-2018

Here is my 7th annual collage of character's, this time with some typography that I felt went with the feeling. For this year I wanted to go with a theme for once and might play with that again. The theme? Analog sound! I wanted to remember what it was like as a kid to listen to hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, etc. And I'm also thinking of young kids and parents trying to introduce their kids to music.

1. Digging- Young sis digging for 45's 2. Youth Sound-Sis wearing the headphones 3. Walkman-Turn up the bass boost 4. Boombox-Tapes & the box 5. Play that Beat - type! 6. Percussion-Drum & banner 7. Headphones - meditate w/ sound 8. Listening- next to the record player 9.  VINYL - Type 10. Dad's - who dig 11. Stereo-Remember this? 12. Turn it up!-Type 13. Lyrics - still matter 14. Speakers -Paying dues 

You can see the previous years here too: 
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters or type in particular, or a print just email me at info@robdontstop.com


Sketches 1

What follows is a sketch dump of client, personal, and unused work. I like the sketches because sometimes the under drawing is better than the painting. And it shows the thinking that goes into the final lines.
Client Sketch for a book cover

Client work for the ACLU around juvenile justice 

Client sketch for an album cover

Client sketch for a yoga project 

Can't remember who this was for, but it was concept type for a client

The man, Moses Powell who developed Sanucs Ryu - a form of jujitsu

Client type design

Sketch for Asian American Heritage month of comedian and activist Margaret Cho

Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri taekwondo champ

Client sketch for the Oakland Public Library

Client Sketch for juvenile justice


SF Etsy reading nook

If you're going to the SF Etsy holiday Emporium bring your kids to hear stories from 12-1pm.
SCHEDULE I'll be reading there w/ Meena Patel!


One of a kind like me 12 - Me and Laurin reading

This is a shot and throwback to me and author Laurin Mayeno reading "One of a kind, like me" to a school audience in Oakland. I believe it was taken by Innosanto Nagara. If you still haven't gotten the book you can get it HERE.

And here is a recent review of the book by Neely's news


Alphabet Rockers - Walls

Walls by Alphabet Rockers https://youtu.be/WklALdTzCko for those parents wanting a song for kids that discusses walls and loving one another. AND its Bilignual!
Although AR are Grammy nominated and most love their message, they have been asked not to perform the song because some parents didn't agree w/ the message. Watch this and share w/ your kids.

2017 ACLU Annual report

Here are a few illustrations I did for the ACLU Annual report. You can see more of the report here.


Stephanie Bueno- Lowrider roll model

I remember seeing Jay Bueno's photos and its very inspiring and emotional to hear about Stepahnie's photography and family journey. I love this series.


Books worth supporting- NOW

Jack meets Agyu- Author Justine Villanueva & illustrator Lynnor Bontigao

Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala- Illustrator/author created book
Gnomes of Oakland (Book 3) - Kamaria Lofton , author created project. This is the third book in the series.
Folks, the industry is getting better w/ diverse books but not fast enough. Please support these folks!


Bishop Yvette Flunder - Holy Trouble Makers Book

Proud to share this portrait I painted for a new book about faith and some ground breaking people who work within it by Daneen Akers. Bishop Yvette Flunder is an openly queer Black woman who is also a Bishop who runs her own church in Oakland (my home town). She has been criticized and outcasted for being who she is, yet she brings people of all genders, races, beliefs, and sexual orientations into her church. She welcomes them and I am honored to have painted her and to be a part of this book. Here are some words from the book's creator:

Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints is an illustrated children’s storybook featuring 50 stories and portraits of people of faith who worked for more love and justice in their corner of the world, even when that meant rocking the religious boat.
You can still PRE-ORDER this book which was just successfully funded through kickstarter.

Children's portrait 52 - Roopa & Ravi

Here's the most recent children's portrait which really is a family portrait. It is a painting of Roopa and her son Ravi jamming out on their guitar and ukelele. In this she wanted something to remind her son to have fun. Follow this scholar, poet, & mom here @Saapya