Libro Mobile - Santa Ana

Check out this campaign to assist in the creation and sustainability of a Latinx owned Bookstore in Santa Ana California that specializes in bilingual books, books in spanish, and books about Latinxs, Raza, etc. Please share and support.


Bookmark 4 - LEER

Check it out, this is my 4th bookmark featuring a Latinx boy. He could be from Central America, the caribbean, Mexico, or the US. This is another bookmark for all my bilingual educators and students out there. 

Selfie - Kalakari

Hey, check me out with this new hat by the homie Nisha K Sembi. You can cope one at Kalakari.

Reading- Multicultural Children's Bookstore Richmond

Hey yall, this Saturday I'll be reading with author Angela Dalton (If you look up to the sky) at the new West County Reads "Multicultural Children's Bookstore" at Hilltop Mall in Richmond California. If you're around,bring your children to the reading and check out the store, it has one of the most diverse collections of children's books in the Bay Area.

Yoga prints!

Here are some illustrations of children of color doing yoga that I painted this year. It seems simple but a yoga teacher asked me to illustrate one image and it inspired me to do more of kids doing some poses. If you are a yoga teacher and can make use of these, here are some prints of these images. I will be illustrating more as the year progresses. Click the link to see what other prints I have.


Video: Life is Living 10

Video: please watch this video w/footage from the 10th annual Life is Living Festival. It features interviews w/founders of the fest, participants, and people enjoying themselves. This past yr I got to participate by giving to the festival as a planner of the book zone in collaboration w/ Emily Butterfly leader of the kids zone. Shout out to Hodari B. Davis, Joan Osato , all the zone leaders, and all the folks who come! U want to be involved in the 11th? 

Holler and share this video. 


Bookmark 3 - LEER

 Check it out, just released this bookmark for those bilingual readers, educators, teachers, and parents. It is up in my store now. Here is the LINK


Free Palestine

"If you're not careful the newspapers (insert today's media) will have you hating the people being oppressed, and loving the people who are oppressing" -Malcolm X

I would just like to give a continuous shout out to the people of Palestine, all of the refugees of Palestinian desccent, the Jewish folks who also support, and all the folks around the world who support the right of Palestine to be free.  Free of apartheid rules, free to return to their homes and lands, and freedom from the oppressive regime of Israel (supported by the US Govt). It is not a conflict, it is a genocidal land grab. It is not a border, it is an illegal wall. I am not anti-semitic, I am anti oppressive regime (zionism). It is not a balanced number of people killing each other, it is one heavily funded and armed super state who have stolen land and lives, trying to kill, starve, and push a people off their land. Stay woke when it comes to the media framing of the issues from the statistics they push, to which experts are allowed to speak, to the words they use to describe the struggle there. How can you support? Boycott, divest, from Israeli products, support, travel, etc. Support Palestinian organizations who support a free Palestine. Support Palestinian businesses and artists. You can support a free Palestine, by saying it, and showing up in the streets, online, through organizing, with your dollars, and by learning. I also want to be clear that I am not advocating violence against the people of Israel, I am advocating that the boot of the Israeli Zionist gov't be taken off the necks of Palestinian people.

To my Palestinian supporters, please comment or tag an organization doing good work so folks know. And please correct me if I have mis-spoken.

Boogie Down Books - Furqan's First

Yo, excited to get my book into this pop up bookstore "Boogie Down Books". If you're in NYC please support them and invite them to your school , organization, or event. Check out this article written about them recently.

If you know of any bookstores, pop ups, libraries, or offices that would be interested in my picture book "Furqan's First Flat Top" please let me know. info@robdontstop.com


Malcolm X Jazz Festival - May 19th

Come through for the 18th annual Malcolm x Jazz Festival! There will be food, music, dancing, art, artisans, and lots of folks kicking it with good vibes. This takes place in San Antonio Park so come through with all ages. 

I will be there with author Melissa Reyes selling children's books. 


Daddy thoughts 15 - Me too/ Patriarchy

Ok, got to get some stuff off of my chest. My name is Robert Liu-Trujillo. I'm a 38 year old cis-gender man, husband, father, and I’ve been writing about my experience as a Dad /parent for several years now (My son is 13). The mistakes, the screw ups, the great times, and more. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately , but that Junot article recently made me think I should share this. I’ve spoken to my son about consent, sex, and respecting women and this will be an on-going conversation. I also spoke to my wife about the sadness this experience brings up for me and for male dominance/ patriarchy that is in me and others. I am complicit and have played a part in it.

Ever since the “MeToo” movement started I have been reading articles, testimonies, and experiences. I have been denouncing things on social media here and there and having an on going conversation with my wife and my son. I have been battling with the thought that I am not free from this criticism. As much as I’d like to be forgiven (selfish) for behavior that is what women are calling out, it is not about me. It’s about changing how people treat one another, specifically how men and boys treat women an/or female identifying folks. Its about teaching my son and the next generation that consent, respect, and standing up for women is hella important. And if young boys don’t hear it from us they’ll think it doesn’t matter and that if the person in question is not their girl,mom, or sister, they don’t matter.  This is about harassment by words, touching, violent behavior with words or domestic abuse, rape, abuse of power, and saying nothing when someone else does this.

So here are a couple of experiences.

As a boy, maybe 9 or 10, I listened to a much older group of men (some family, some not) talk about a time when they were out drinking, hanging out with girls. Partying, all that. They described getting so faded that some of them passed out and some went home. Some of the girls stayed with them at their spot or hotel (can’t remember) and some went home. One of the dudes describes how the next morning a girl says to him “did you penetrate (&*%#) me last night?”. He laughs, pauses and says no. She then says why is my vagina (&*$%^) sore then?” and all the guys start laughing, cracking up. I don't remember laughing. I was trying to put two and two together because although I was taught about sex from a very early age I hadn't had any very few sexual experiences. I understood that this was wrong. I didn’t know if the girl in question was his girlfriend or not, if they did that regularly or not, etc.  But that does not matter. I just remember thinking, that’s fucked up. It sounds like rape. I wish I as a child had the courage and the words to say “fuck that, that is wrong!.” But I just stood there (Enabling or approving of behavior can be silent). I have not heard another guy say this to me as an adult or an adolescent but I’m pretty sure some guys have said this and this is a point where we can say, “NO, what you’re saying or doing is wrong”. It ain’t about “if that was my sister, or mom, or cousin I’d…..”. No it’s about all women. ALL women and female indentifying people. All of them deserve to be treated with respect. Guys, what do you think about this? Be honest.

Now, something I did as a 20 something. I once went home with a young woman. We hung out, talked, and I told her I was attracted to her and that I liked her. I was super nervous, she probably was too. She told me she liked me as well. We kissed and made out. At the end of the night we had sex, protected. We even had sex again on another day after this encounter. But, in looking at what women and some men are saying about honest self-reflection, and self-criticism I don’t think she enjoyed it. And I don’t mean, having an orgasm (Guys often cum, she sometimes cum’s) . I mean, the first time she “allowed” me to. And to be straight up I’ve heard a lot of women say that they have done this too. Allowed. Either, because they felt pressured to, they feared for their safety, embarrassed, or some other reason. Now, I did not threaten her physically or verbally, or try to embarrass her but I think she felt pressured by me. The second time we had sex (after that) she wanted to know what we “were” (relationship?) and was clearly interested in more than just sex. I had just recently gotten out of a long relationship and told her that after thinking about it; I enjoyed time with her but just wanted to remain friends. And we did, we corresponded as friends after. But, in thinking about consent, reading body language, and just taking things slower for christ’s sake I regret doing that. That’s some punk ass shit if I’m being honest with myself. I did that. Guys, have you done this? Be honest.

Ever since the call outs began I found myself really happy that it was happening and I also started to critique myself. How have I contributed to this behavior women and female identifying folks are coming forward with? How have I done something fucked up? How can I make it better? In the past, if I did something knowingly I apologized to that person and tried to right that wrong by reflecting on it and trying to change my behavior. But I’m asking boys, guys, and myself to reflect on what women and female indentified folks are saying. And inspect your own behavior, not only towards women but towards other men and boys (whole other part of this conversation) I believe the calls of Me Too whether you believe they are serious or trivial are all relevant and that we as guys, boys, or male identified persons need to be introspective. We need to take it in and honestly think about it and how we may have contributed.

Women are speaking up and we need to listen and we (I) need to unlearn any patriarchal, macho, male dominant, dismissive behavior and teach both our sons, daughters, and gender non conforming kids to call it out. It is oppressive and unhealthy for people of all genders and for the next generation. In speaking to guys or boys - I’m talking about self proclaimed nice guys, jerks, allies, women haters, authors, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, movie studio owners, rappers, actors, business men, students, to the damn president of the United States. Are you paying attention? Can you call it out in you and others? What has struck a cord with you?

Guys, there has been a lot of women who’ve come forward and shared a story. Who do you know who is male who has come forward sharing theirs in some way who is a guy/male? I will read it and read it with my son. I think we have only just begun to see the stories and that although it may be uncomfortable it is necessary. And my next question is one many women have been asking, once folks have come forward and shared all of it, how do we heal from this? Do we throw these men away? Do we call them in? Thoughts?

If you haven't seen these films yet guys check em out and study them. I'm in them. We are in them.
-Beyond Beats and Rhymes
-The Feminist on Block Y
-I also heard "The Mask you live in"  is a good flick too




Email newsletter?

If any folks here would like me to be subscribed to my email newsletter please msg me with your email here and i’ll add you. I occasionally give out goodies (books, stickers, postcards) but you have to keep your eyes open.
This is a photo from that time I exhibited artwork at the Burlingame Library and a guy with a bird came in…..

#Tbt painting

Photo taken at Movement Ink in Oakland a few years ago.


The Feminist on Block Y

Just watched this and it is an amazing short film about patriarchy, toxic masculinity, feminism, and the society we live in.
Please watch THIS


Booklandia- Bay Area Book Festival

Yo, I will be speaking on a panel about bilingual books with some local authors. Two of which are very good friends! Maya Gonzalez (OG) and Aida Salazar. If you're around, come listen to us talk and come say hello.

Also, if you're looking for bilingual books in Oakland go check out Booklandia section and story time at Kelly's Corner in the Laurel District.


Record Store Day - Furqan spread

Where all my father's that dig at? This is a scene from my book Furqan's First Flat Top. Had to put that in the book because I love music and records. I grew up with them and I plan to pass them on to my son some day.

Just wanted to remind folks that its record store day and to go support your local record store by buying vinyl, tapes, cd's whatever you can still play in your home or car. If you're in the Bay Area here are some spots I recommend:

Amoeba Records - Berkeley & SF
Down Home Records - El Cerrito
Green Apple Books - SF
Grooves- SF
Half Price Books - Berkeley
Park Blvd Records & Tapes- Oakland
Rasputin's- Fairfield & Berkeley
Streetlight Records- San Jose

Bookplate 2 - Sci Fi Girl

Yooo, just finished this Book plate. For those who don't know a book plate is a way for parents, librarians, teachers, etc to label who a book belongs to. It may be that you got a book gift from a baby shower or you want to put your classroom name on a class book. It is for any of those things. I just finished up my first personal online store so you can purchase the book plate from me there either individually, or in packs. 

Walkout, Organize, Vote - Poster

This poster is for youth to use in walkouts around gun violence (police are a huge part of that) and more; commissioned by Mobilize the Immigrant Vote and YVoteCA.

MIV organizes with Black, Latinx, and Asian folks across California to get elders, adults, and their grand children involved in local, city, and state elections to fight back against racist policies. I had the pleasure of being an artist in residence with MIV creating portraits of members and illustrating scenes to help non Black POC understand African American migration in the US. YVote CA is a group also organizing from northern, southern, and central California. Specifically, millennial voters since they are 1/3 of the population and the nation's most diverse population. Please follow both to learn more  and support.

Voting: I understand many men and boys my age don't give a #$%^ about voting. You have reason to be skeptical because we are dealing with an imperialist, capitalist, sexist, homophobic, and racist government (multinational corporations). I get it. But, after spending time with young men and women I can say that there is a lot to learn about laws & policies affecting your block, neighborhood, city, and state. If you're not going to promote voting, cool. But please support folks in grassroots or community organizations who are "organizing" because talking shit is not enough. Thank you to those men who are already doing this.

And for the record I believe any reform on gun violence must include disarming the police across the US. I believe women & youth must be at the forefront of the conversation and their opinions treated with respect.

WaxPoetics EP 1- VIDEO Soul City



If you follow this blog you already know me. But for those who are new my name is Rob. I have been working as a freelance artist for over 12 years (life long artist). I love working in traditional media doing portraits, scenes, and lettering. My subjects revolve around music, storytelling, social justice, and ethnic studies.


Bookplate 1 - Astronaut

Here is a new item for book lovers, baby showers, parents, kids, and librarians. A bookplate is a sticker to identify your favorite books with your name or your library.
Purchase HERE


The Future is Ours to build - ACLU poster

Just got my copy in the mail. This is a poster illustration I just finished for ACLU, which is probably my third time working with them. Both the Northern and Southern California chapters. This poster was created for a conference this coming weekend by ACLU to talk with activists, organizers, and folks who lobby for new laws. And its about reimagining the future, hope, and building a collective future.

Check out some process art.


Furqan UPDATE 23 - New stores 2018

Ok, so what follows is a bunch of brick and mortar actual physical stores from California to London. What I would like you to do is to visit them if they are near you. Buy my book there and buy other books from them. Support small businesses rather than the huge corporations. If they don't have a book you want, they can get it for you. Support these also because they have different specialties and tastes, which means you'll find things you weren't looking for when you shop. If you're an author or illustrator, contact them too.

1. Blue Willow Bookshop - Houston TX

2. Book Passage - Corte Madera/ Marin -CA

3. Diesel Bookstore - Larkspur CA

4. East Bay Booksellers - Rockridge CA

5. Green Apple books - San Francisco CA

6. Land Gallery/ Buy Olympia - Portland OR

8. New Beacon Books - London UK (Black Owned)

9. Petunia's Place - Fresno CA

10. Skylight Books - Los Angeles CA

11. Spectator Books - Piedmont/Oakland CA

If you know an independent bookstore that should have the book, request it there or give the owners my email. Its is info@robdontstop.com


More Bad Ass Women - Women's History month

Since I am making the decision to finish up some work that is on my plate that needs to be done, and I needed to take a break from my series "Who is She?" focusing on women's history month figures I wanted to post some of my favorite ladies who I've drawn over the past two years or so. I'll be back with more. Please celebrate and share art about women in the past and present who are making history. Our boys and girls need to see it.

Top to bottom, left to right (Inktober, BLK History month, Asian American heritage month, and Women's History Month): 1. Elizabeth Catlett-Artist, 2. Sara Khosjamal Fekri- Martial Artist 3. Sandra Equihua -Animator/Character Designer 4. Bessie Coleman- Pilot 5. Idayls Ortiz - Judo Olympian 6. Roxanne Shante- Pioneering MC 7. Iris Chang - Writer 8. Merata Mita - Maori Filmmaker 9. Lisa Lee- Pioneering MC 10. Chhaya Chhoum- Organizer 11. Shine Louise Houston- Porn Filmmaker 12. Ava DuVernay- Filmmaker 13. Jackie Ormes - Cartoonist 14. Harmony Santana 15. Debbie Tewa- Solar Electrician 16. Peggy Oki- Skater/Surfer


News! - Represented by Marietta from Gallt & Zacker

Fam I have the pleasure of announcing that I am now represented by Marietta Zacker from Gallt & Zacker literary agency. A huge thx to all the librarians, teachers, parents, bk store owners, fellow authors, illustrators, & bk lovers 4 helping me continue to tell stories. Excited to work with Marietta and to continue telling stories, reaching a wider audience. Excited to reach wider audiences AND to continue helping more people of color and queer voices tell their stories Independently. And BIG thanks goes to Aida Salazar for nudging the agent and reminding her of my name, thank you!

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

Bookmark 2 - READ

This is an image I illustrated recently, specifically as a bookmark. It features a young black boy reading The title is simple. Once again, READ!


Maestra Piece Mural Book - Historic SF Mission Mural

You ever visited the Mission District and marveled at the murals? Me too, in fact I grew up on them while walking to my mom's job at SF General Hospital. And one of the most brilliant pieces was painted on the "Women's Building" painted by one of my mentors and biggest mural teachers (SFSU and life) Juana Alicia. In case you didn't know, Juana and the whole crew along with HeyDay Books is making a book about the Maestra Piece which will include writing by activist Angela Davis. Please share this widely. They should be at 10K by the weekend if everyone throws down.

LINK to support the campaign

LINK to more info about the mural

LINK to info about Heyday Books


(Video) samples from 93 Til Infinity

The whole series is dope, so grab a chair and listen to the many artists who influenced your favorite albums.


Postcard set - Black History Month

Check out this postcard set featuring women from last year's Black is Beautiful series. To get a set GO HERE.

Black Thought - Inspiring

We who have been listening to the Roots since whenever always knew Thought could and does do this often. But its really nice for a new generation who appreciates trap, mumble rap, and these types of bars to hear it. This is way old in internet time, but for those who havent heard it yet peep Black Thought (Roots Crew) spit bars for minutes on top of minutes.


Penny Candy Books Anthology - It's out!

So I can finally write about and show y'all a bit of the process for my recent piece in the Penny Candy Books release "13 Ways of looking at a Black boy". This is a great book! It's hardbound, about 30 pgs total, and matte color finished. The book is an anthology of artists who each get a piece of Tony Medina's poem about Black Boys. Tony Medina is a dope poet from NYC that has not only published a bunch of poetry books, but he's also published many picture books, and his graphic novel "I am Alfonso Jones". The artists that Penny Candy picked are an awesome array of experience and technique. There are digital illustration, collage, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and ink. Here is my piece.
Here you can see a bit of process.I generally start with thumbnails, then move on to refined sketches and color ideas. Once those are approved I paint!
If you're interested in getting a new book for your classroom, office, school, or library please support this company and the story. Also, check out the amazing artists featured in the book.