Elefint - ACLU illustrations

I had the chance to work with a cool design company this past month called Elefint, based in San Francisco. They are the design team leading a project for the northern California ACLU called "Meet your DA (District Attorney)". This project aligns well with my values, Elefint's, and the ACLU's because it uses design and illustration to make sense of the justice system and how to fight for young peoples rights. Specifically the rights of young people of color who are the most caught up in it. ///////

Here is a link to their final design briefs and to the project website

Check out some of the illustrations


Character 123 - Bambu

Bambu of "The Native Guns" and "The Bar". Too many lines to name, but some of my favorite songs are Like Us, America, Moms, Smoke smarter, Welcome to the party, and Info trip from the most recent album "Prey for the Devil" on Beatrock Music.



One of a kind, like me 9- Laurin on 88 Cups of Tea

My good friend and collaborator Laurin Mayeno (author of One of a kind, like me) was on this cool Podcast "88 Cups of Tea". Give it a listen and check out the many authors and book people who've been on the show!


Erica Eng- Aggregate Watches

So this past month I got a chance to work with filmmaker Erica Eng and if I was you I would hire her. Not only does she have experience shooting, but she is a whiz at producing, editing, and overall project management. I got the chance to drive around the crew on this shoot and help out by acting in a few scenes for this commercial/kickstarter. Bookmark her under filmmakers on the west coast. Follow her on vimeo.  And watch the kickstarter video from Aggregate watches for the new product "Masonic" which is a clean watch made with steel and concrete.

Furqan's First Flat Top UPDATE 21- Latino Dad!

Had a chance to speak with journalist Roberto Santiago this past month about an online magazine he writes for called Latino Dad. We had a great conversation about fatherhood, being mixed kids, and my book. Please check it out and follow them.


The discovery of Ramen- children's bk kickstarter

Please check out this project, share it, and support it anyway you can. My wife did the typography and design for this book and I'm super excited to see this book get made.


Sticker sheet 3- For Teacher

Did some stickers for teachers. Hopefully they will be of use to someone. Working on my grammar and typos constantly. To purchase go to my shop.


Sticker sheet 2- For Librarian

Yo, made a new sticker sheet for my librarians out there whether you are the guardian of your city, state, home, school, or rogue library here are a few stickers for you. If you got some suggestions for more I’d love to hear them. 


We Buy Black

Check it out, if you want to support my work and a Black owned website with tons of products please go and purchase art or other goods there.


Sticker sheet 1 - Read More Books

 Just made a sticker sheet of "Reading" related stickers. I made illustrations of various types of kids reading. This is perfect for teachers, educators, home schoolers, students, librarians, and book lovers. You can get this sticker sheet HERE.


Futbolistas 4 Life FILM

CHECK out this awesome film about soccer, local students, and a great futbol teacher here in the Bay. You can see the rough cut of this film and other's about women in sports by going to this event at The Parkway Theater in Oakland

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
7:00 pm
The New Parkway Theater
Oakland, CA

Futbolistas 4 Life is a half-hour documentary that follows the lives of two Oakland youth with immigrant roots as they navigate life challenges and take solace in a sport that lets them put their worries on the sidelines.
The film begins in 2012 and follows April and Ben – two students who are in the Futbolistas soccer club at Life Academy High School in Oakland’s Fruitvale district. As we get to know these teens, we see how playing with the Futbolistas gives them a sense of community and psychological relief. Each is seeking refuge in the sport for a different reason, and striving to excel against the odds. MORE INFO HERE.


One of a kind, like me 8 - NPR article + Bay Area Parent Mag

Pretty fly to get a nod from Kayla Lattimore over at NPR. Here's the link to the article

Please read the article that features local Bay Area author/illustrators: Innosanto Nagara, Laura Atkins, and more. check out these books from your local library!

We also were included in Bay Area Parent magazine alongside some great local Bay Area author/illustrators.