M is for Movement 2017 booklist

I finally got a chance to contribute some book recommendations for kids book in an official blog post kind of way. Please go check out the picture books, comics, and middle grade/ya books myself and many other authors and illustrators recommend. Just about every book has some hint of social justice in it, which is why the "M is for Movement" blog exists.


Feature with Rachel Meyer (Yogi)

Rachel Meyer is a Yoga teacher and practitioner from South Dakota, Oakland, and now Boston. I took her yoga class several times with my wife Joy in Oakland at a spot called Flying Yoga. One of many classes she taught around the Bay. I went because I wanted to just spend time with my wife (before we were married) and because she said that the instructor (Rachel) was her favorite. Once I took the class I could see why, she gave a good flow and breadth to the class. She gave guidance and instruction, but was not over bearing or annoying. She spoke not only of correct posture and the names of the poses, but of how the practice of moving through them could be applied to other aspects of our lives. Rachel has a great energy about her and from the way she lead those classes you'd think she's been doing it for over a century. 

Check out her website.
To read my interview go HERE


Lowrider Roll Models

Kay from the door-Japanese American Ms Flores, kindergarden teacher and lowrider Really inspired to see these stories, Right on Lowrider!


Daddy Thoughts 14 - Memes & Time Away

The first time I think I ever heard of a "meme" was in 2010 or 2011. My house mate Marc-a great Dad explained them to me because I wasn't familiar with them. I did not know how significant they would become either. Fast forward to 2017 and meme images are a ubiquitous part of social media so I see them all the time. I never post them myself but I do occasionally get a laugh out of them. My son however tells me "everything" is a meme. Corny songs from the 80's are memes. Sound effects are memes. Youtuber's or comedic actors are memes. And definitely photoshopped pictures with text using a popular image are memes. As an adult I sometimes forget how wide open the internet is, especially in social media formats. My son's favorite is Youtube now since Vine has died. There is nothing profound to say except that his since of humor reminds me to laugh. To take a second and just find something, anything funny, to be goofy, and to chill out. There are certainly some songs I wish had stayed in the past (cue Rick Ashley), but it can be really funny. I do start to wonder how much all the isms like class, race, and gender play into what a young mind thinks is worthy. Also, what is deemed funny and what is not. Also, who has the where with all to make memes and who just consumes them?

So my son's mother and I have a co-parenting deal where he spends school year with me right now, and holidays + summer's with her. It is tough. I won't go into all the details but I was thinking of how it is both difficult and helpful to have time away from your kid. On the one hand I get super sad when I walk past his room and don't see him. Or strangely, when I am not hearing him make loud noises or ask me whats for dinner fifty times I miss him. But then, when I get over this feeling I also enjoy quiet, solitude, the space to work, and time with my wife. It is tough and a blessing. How many of you co-parent in the same city? State? Or in different states? I think it is essential to being a good parent that I as a parent don't lose what made me an individual person before I became a parent. I think I can deeply love my child, miss them, and also enjoy time to myself. Thank god for grandparents and community. And....I think my kid enjoys time away from me too because he gets to spend it with his mother. And I'm thankful for that. If we don't have time to recharge it can be really stressful for the kid and the parent/guardian.


Urban Dads- Dad groups

This is a really touching video, so inspiring to see. Great to see groups like this, Fathers Incorporated (ATL), Black Men Smile(ATL), Fathers Corps (Bay Area), and others doing the work.


Haylow's photos

inspiring interview w/ the homie-artist, dj, photographer, and sports fan-Halline "Haylow" Overby. Hire him.


Baba's- Benefits of reading to your kids

Yooo, such a good article about the benefits of reading with your kids. It could be comics, zines, graphic novels, magazines, don't matter just read and peep this article LINK


Character Collage (6) 2016-2017

Here is my annual collage of character's I've either designed or reimagined both with traditional and digital means. My main goal with these when I started 8 years ago was to practice working on figures and faces. More specifically I wanted to create a body of work that could be applied to children's books, gaming, comics, animation, film, and more. I wanted to explore figures from the past, people of color, ethnic studies, activists, science fiction, and fantasy. Let me know what you think!

1. EZLN- Ejercito Zapatista de LiberacĂ­on Nacional 2. Cyclops-Xmen 3. Kamala Khan-Marvel character 4. Bobby Hundreds-Fashion design 5. Side plank - Yoga Pose 6. Repeal the Jones Act-boricuas 7. Sara KhoshJamal Fekri- Martial artist 8. Mary "Butchie" Tom- Dancer 9.  Bgirl Terra 10. Trayvon Martin 11. Lumad Youth-Philippines 12. Memphis Minnie-Blues 13. Frosty Freeze-Bboy 14. Vicki Manalo-Draves -Diving 15. Edna Lewis -chef 16. Mena

You can see the previous years here too: 
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, or a print just email me at info@robdontstop.com



Projects worth supporting: Comics, Food

Support the People's Kitchen-as they bring social justice and food together: LINK

Check out this new newspaper created by artist Ronald Wimberly LINK

Roye Okupe does it again with a new comic about Malka: LINK 

Mosaic Literary & Jamel Shabazz exhibition: LINK

Inktober 2017 drawings + past

Inktober is done! Didn't make it to 31, but def worked out the ink muscle. This year and last year I focused on indigenous folks from North and South America, and the Carribean. If you like, you can purchase the originals , each one for $60. Or if u prefer a print, lemme know $20. Free shipping. Peep the link in my bio for more originals. My email is info@robdontstop.com . Since some of the drawings touch on a person or group involved in social justice , I would gladly make a donation to a suggested organization or cause. Thx everyone for participating. 1 Love. 

You can also see all my previous inktober drawings from last year, and the year before HERE

Here are some of the tools I used to do my inktober this year.


M is for Movement-Interview

Here is the link to the interview about kids books

Inktober 19 - Dani Moonstar

I was inspired by illustrator Weshoyot Alvitre to do this one of superhero Dani Moonstar. This character not only has the power to shoot a bow and arrow but is known to use telepathy, and the ability to create illusions in the mind of her enemy. I don't know that much about her but dug her design. Oh and she was a part of the x force, xmen, and appears for the first time in the 80s in Marvel comics.

Sources: Indigenous Comic Con, Wikipedia

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Inktober 18 - Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez is a Nyorican (New Yorker + Boricua) from Brooklyn. She started her creative journey as a dancer in the clubs of NYC who was known for getting down to hip hop, house, etc. The first time I saw her was in the film Do The Right Thing, then followed her career as an actress. She has been an actress lending her voice and physical performance in over 60 films, documentaries, and TV shows. Because she is such an amazing dancer she also worked as one of the Soul Train dancers, and has done choreography for Heavy D, Bobby Brown, LL Cool J, Diana Ross, and Broadway. And now she's an author and a director who has written about her experience, mental health, and has been an advocate for Puerto Ricans. This is Rosie from the famous opening credits of.....you remember that movie?

Source: Sway in the morning, Various films, Wikipedia

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Inktober 17 - Guillermo Del Toro

The first Del Toro film I saw was La Espina del Diablo which was an incredible film mixing history, fantasy, and a bit of horror. Born in Guadalajara Mexico Del Toro got a fascination with film at an early age and has worked as a writer, director, and producer on well over 30 projects. Some of my favorites are Hellboy, The Hobbit, The Book of Life, and the first film I mentioned. As a child both my grandmother and my mom had a love for fantasy and horror. I then gravitated to these as well. Besides making films, I appreciate that Del Toro helps other filmmakers. Especially his hand in the making of "The Book of Life". You can see more of his work at www.deltorofilms.com

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Inktober 16 - Hugo Gonzalez

I couldn't find much on Hugo, but from the sources I did find they tell me that Hugo is one of those riders who was unafraid. And by that I mean attempting a jump or a trick that might come out awesome, or might break your collar bone if you land wrong. As a kid I loved bmx and freestlyle riding so much. But I didn't see any kids like me in media about the sport, so now I'm looking for them. Hugo is a rider from San Jose and was one of the members of the Norcal bmx riders (probably saying this wrong). Hugo (started at 15) was an influential rider from the Bay Area who turned Pro for Skyway and won many competitions worldwide. He was known for his jumps on ramps, his flatland tricks, and he still attends bmx reunions such as Steve Swope's Old School reunion. If any riders have more info on Hugo, feel free to comment. Much respect to Hugo! Here is a cool video of him.

Sources: KNTV-San Jose, freestylebmxtales43 blog, Ride bmx 

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Defend Puerto Rico

So the US response to PR has been weak, disappointing, faulty, irresponsible, and down right hateful. It is not just the current idiot in office. There are other presidents since the colonization of the island (yes Obama too) who have contributed to a financial stranglehold on Puerto Rico. But check it out, you can help by calling your congress member and letting them know how you feel. Please follow DEFEND PUERTO RICO.

You can donate to them because they have Boricuas on the ground doing work, or you can put pressure on the US Govt. Check out these graphics by Michael Cordero, one of the co-founders.


Inktober 15 - Harmony Santana

I saw Harmony for the first time like most in Gun Hill Road. I believe she did an incredible job in this film showing us the audience what it is like for a boy to transition into a girl. She showed us what it is like to have allies who support trans kids, and what it is like to live without it. For this image I imagined harmony in a post apocalyptic film/story. I imagine her playing a young woman as simply one of the survivors, who kicked a lot of ass to continue living. And although it would be great to have the film acknowledge trans poc, it does not have to be about that. Harmony was born in the late 90s and came to NYC as a homeless youth. She landed a role in Gun Hill and has since worked on projects such as Eating Out and You're dead to me. In addition to being a great actress, she is also an advocate for trans people of color in film, for the queer community, and for homeless youth. I look forward to seeing more from her in front of and behind the camera.

Sources: Gun Hill Road, Wikipedia, Indiewire

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Kids & Book Zone- Life is Living back on

Check it out, so we're back on this Saturday. Bring your babies, teens, and family to Life is Living. This is an intergenerational event. So, I will be there with several authors doing storytime: Grace Caroll, Tiffany Golden, Laurin Mayeno, and Kamaria Lofton.  We will be there as part of the Kids Zone!

The event was postponed briefly as we were trying to avoid putting folks outside in dangerously smoky and toxic air. After the northern California fires the smoke was everywhere and not good for the babies, the performers, or the people. But, we're back. 

If you would like to send relief to the folks affected in the fires and in Puerto Rico, please check out this LINK. Come through to Life is Living!


Inktober 14 - Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho is a journalist, writer, and activist born in Mexico in 1963. She became a journalist as a young woman and growing up she had parents who I believe encouraged her question things and to champion the rights of women. She began reporting on individual cases of violence against women.  Sexual assault, rape, and murder. This lead to discovering a much larger problem at hand and beginning to expose individuals and those in power who either condoned it, ignored it, or were complicit. Because of her reporting she herself was sexually assaulted. But kept going and helped found a center in Mexico for women who were the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

She kept investigating in her own country and later internationally. She was the first woman in Mexico's history to take a case implicating mayors, district attorney's, and other powerful people to trial. This charged that these folks were protecting this the sex trade, sexual tourism, child pornography, and violence against young women. And many were connected to trafficking in other parts of the world. She wrote about this in articles and eventually in books such as Slavery Inc-the untold story of international sex trafficking, Los Demonios de Eden, and many others.

Having been spent time all over the world investigating these instances of abuse, being attacked, threatened, jailed, and awarded several international journalism awards she has become a shining example of how journalists can uncover the truth. But they must be protected. Journalists who get too close or speak truth to power are being threatened and murdered constantly in Mexico and worldwide. Follow her work!

Sources: LydiaCacho.net, Gesprek Op 2,

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Inktober 13 - Adam Beach

The first time I saw Adam was in Smoke Signals. An amazing film by Sherman Alexie. Although I have only seen a few of Adam's films (Wind Talkers, Suicide Squad, Four Brothers) Adam has acted in over 80 TV shows and films. In fact his career began almost a decade before Smoke Signals came out and he's still acting today. That is nearly 30 years. He's been nominated for and has won several acting awards. And In addition to acting Adam has been vocal about many issues affecting people of color in the film industry and some time ago founded a film institute to bring in native and aboriginal youth. Through this institute young folks can learn about how to make films and hopefully get them distributed.

Sources: Imdb, Wikipedia, ABFI

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Inktober 12 - Aurora Guerrero

 Aurora Guerrero is a Xicana filmmaker from San Francisco who started working in film in the mid 2000's. She went to school at UC berkeley and began assisting or working as a PA while she made short films. She then developed her first narrative feature film, the groundbreaking film Mosquita y Mari which explored a romance, attraction, and friendship between two young women who were Multilingual, multicultural and Xicana as well. Since the success of this film she's gone on to direct for TV shows such as Fly and Queen Sugar. On a personal note, I got to meet some of the crew who worked on #mosquitaymari and they beamed w/admiration for Aurora and her film. Once I saw it I understood why. We need more women of color directing films and tv! Can't wait to see what story she develops next. 

Sources: Remezcla,IMDb, IndieWire 

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