Inktober 13 - Adam Beach

The first time I saw Adam was in Smoke Signals. An amazing film by Sherman Alexie. Although I have only seen a few of Adam's films (Wind Talkers, Suicide Squad, Four Brothers) Adam has acted in over 80 TV shows and films. In fact his career began almost a decade before Smoke Signals came out and he's still acting today. That is nearly 30 years. He's been nominated for and has won several acting awards. And In addition to acting Adam has been vocal about many issues affecting people of color in the film industry and some time ago founded a film institute to bring in native and aboriginal youth. Through this institute young folks can learn about how to make films and hopefully get them distributed.

Sources: Imdb, Wikipedia, ABFI

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Inktober 12 - Aurora Guerrero

 Aurora Guerrero is a Xicana filmmaker from San Francisco who started working in film in the mid 2000's. She went to school at UC berkeley and began assisting or working as a PA while she made short films. She then developed her first narrative feature film, the groundbreaking film Mosquita y Mari which explored a romance, attraction, and friendship between two young women who were Multilingual, multicultural and Xicana as well. Since the success of this film she's gone on to direct for TV shows such as Fly and Queen Sugar. On a personal note, I got to meet some of the crew who worked on #mosquitaymari and they beamed w/admiration for Aurora and her film. Once I saw it I understood why. We need more women of color directing films and tv! Can't wait to see what story she develops next. 

Sources: Remezcla,IMDb, IndieWire 

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Inktober 11 - Sandra Equihua

Sandra Equihua is a Mexican American artist/illustrator who works in animation. She has been an artist for a long time, but officially started in animation with the animated short El Macho in 2001. Since then Sandra has created concept art and character design for films such as The Book of Life, The Guardians of Oz, El Tigre, Mucha Lucha, and now she is working on designs for the films Kung Fu Space Punch and Son of Jaguar. In addition to her studio work for Mexopolis which she co-founded with her husband Jorge Gutierrez, she has exhibited her fine art in galleries. 

From Tijuana, Mexico, Sandra came from a family of doctors and academics but decided to pursue art. She is a shining example of artistry and style, and a role model for young women of color interested in pursuing a career in animation.

Sources: Mexopolis, Lynda.com, Imdb

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Inktober 10 - Ezln

The Zapatistas (named after the Mexican revolutionary Emilio Zapata) were founded in 1994 in Chiapas Mexico when the NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) began. This agreement would be created under the guise of opening trade routes for money, trade, and goods to flow through the US, Canada, and Mexico. But really this a bunch of bs decided between people in power in North American governments. For too long in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries in Central or South America Indigenous, peoples have been disrespected, kicked off their land, exploited and murdered. Not only that, but their political autonomy has been disrupted and sabotaged by outside (mainly US corporations) seeking to get profit. So, the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional banded together to fight the corrupt in the Mexican government and those who it employs. They wore masks to hide their identity and defended their land in the southern region of Chiapas Mexico. I heard many accounts from college students who went to assist them by getting their narrative out. In the beginning it was only small news sources, now even bigger companies like Vice have gone to get "content".  Commandante Marcos, & Ramona (commanders in the people's army) are gone so what is happening now? They've traveled to Mexico City to rally for their rights. There have been members killed.... If you know, leave an update in the comments. Respect to Ezln for their righteous fight for land and dignity. They are one of many indigenous peoples all over the world fighting back.

Sources: Guerilla News Network, Personal accounts, IndyMedia, Kpfa, 

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Inktober 9 - Lady Pink

Any kid who picked up a mag or saw one of the old flicks back in the day saw this woman's name and face. Sandra "Pink" Fabara is a writer born in Ecuador and raised in NYC. She started writing in 79 and was one of few women on the scene tearing things up. Still an artist today she has been painting for nearly 40 years on trains, walls, canvas, and digitally. To this day she paints and has exhibited her work world wide while also collaborating with the younger generation. 

Sources: Subway Art, LadyPinkNYC.com, Wild Style

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Inktober 8 - Roberto Clemente

Roberto was one of the best baseball players to step on the mound. He was born in 1934 in Barrio San Antón of Puerto Rico and began playing ball at an early age. Baseball is huge in Cuba, PR, the Dominican Republic and many other Latino & Caribbean countries. Clemente joined an amateur league in his teens and by the time he was 18 played for the national team Santurce. A major league team called the Brooklyn Dogers came to PR to play and offered him a spot. He bumped around after moving north and landed on the Pittsburg Pirates where he made a name for himself. He had a 353 bating average, he played in the world series, got 240 home runs, played with some of the greatest and was the first Afro Latino player in the league after the likes of Jackie Robinson. He died in a plane crash at an early age but was inducted into the baseball hall of fame and opened the door for many Latinos to join the MLB, which now has hundreds of players from Puerto Rico and other countries.

Sources: 21-Wilfred Santiago, Wikipedia

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(under)REPRESENT(ed)-Parsons exhibit

(under)REPRESENT(ed)- got some artwork in this show yall. If you’re in NYC go check it out. Shout out to Nadia, Duncan, Raquel, and Yelaine!
under)REPRESENT(ed) is an exhibition that features Parsons School of Design alumni of color whose creative practices explore the lived experience of race and aim to dismantle systems of racism. Initiated and organized by a collective of alumni of color, this exhibition features a range of disciplines which simultaneously address and resist the systemic exclusion that prevails in educational and professional institutions and practices. 
A video from a digital and physical archive that affirms the future of people of African descent; a design research project lessens the impact of hurricane season on one alum’s hometown in the Dominican Republic; a children’s book fable reveals an allegory of the dangerous journey migrants often face to enter the United States; an online syllabus resource explores the intersections of fashion and race; photographs reflect on the historic status symbol and power of hair in Korean culture, which resonates in communities across the globe; and a multimedia project promotes citizen journalism and challenges the normalization of police violence. 
“We are moved by an urgency to foreground the power generated by creative practices,” said the curators of the exhibition. “Our own experience as students, practicing artists, designers, educators and cultural organizers tells us that this work isn’t always given its due criticism or celebration in the classroom and other institutional spaces.” 
People of color have been pioneers in fields of art and design, although they continue to be significantly underrepresented in positions of power and compensation. Despite the rich foundational contributions by Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous communities to these industries, they are often rendered invisible. The curators of this exhibition stake a claim for the centrality of those most deeply impacted by these oppressive frameworks in an era which challenges our existing tools of resistance. 
The (under)REPRESENT(ed) driving committee: Havanna Fisher | Scherezade García | Joelle Riffle | Yelaine Rodríguez | Sable Elyse Smith | Nadia Williams (under)REPRESENT(ed) equity + social justice advisor: Gail Drakes (under)REPRESENT(ed) research assistants: Barbara Byrd & Claudine Brantley Exhibition open to the public: October 14 -29, 2017 Public Opening Event: October 17, 2017 | Public Closing Event: October 27, 2017 Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries | Parsons School of Design at The New School 66 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10011


Life is Living: POSTPONED

Hey everyone, The 10th Annual Life Is Living Festival slated for this Saturday, October 14th at DeFremery Park in West Oakland is POSTPONED due to fires and our growing concern for the health and wellness of our people. We are calling on our community to support immediate relief efforts for our friends and family impacted up North. Please stay tuned for updates here or at http://www.lifeisliving.org/


Flyers designs- Life is Living

Town park-skateboarding
Nationwide Salsa/Boogaloo/break party-Bay, LA, NY, ATL

The Peoples kitchen-free breakfast at 10 am

The Crucible-welding, making, building

Emily Butterfly-Kids Zone

Book zone-storytime

Teen zone

Here are "some" of the flyers for this weekend's Life is Living Fest. There will be dance, skateboarding, free breakfast, book zone, kids zone, teen zone, poetry, welding, activities, and more. Come through if you're in the Bay. Flyers designed by Nick James.

Facebook invite for General event
Facebook invite for Kids Zone/ Book Zone

Website for Life is Living

Last year's video:

Inktober 7 - Yup/ Nope

Yes to indigenous peoples day! Nope to Columbus Day/Pilgrims legacy! I'm down with really holding up Native American peoples from South America to Canada. Not down with celebrating #Columbus or the legacy of the pilgrims which combined decimated, raped, murdered, stole, and created the foundation of wealth for Europeans and Whites in the US, Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean, etc. #abolishcolombusday#indigenous #indigenouspeoplesday Please don't mistake this fight for "in the past" it is the roots of power and fights like #standingRock today. 

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Inktober 6 - Breakbeat Lou

Lou Flores and Lenny Roberts are the creators and pioneers of "Ultimate Breakbeats" or UBB. When I was a kid the art on the covers attracted me and through them I got clues to what my mom used to say whenever I played a record she recognized. If it wasn't for this man, so many dj's wouldn't know the fundamental and odd breaks that hip hop was founded upon. In fact many of the greatest hip hop records sampled Lou's edits of old funk, rock, or soul songs to create their songs. Much love to you Lou! Lou is not only a collector, digger, but he also djs and made a resurgence in the public eye in the past 5-6 years. Follow @breakbeatlou . Your mom would be proud of you bro. Thx for your immense contribution to the culture. I still got mine! 

Sources: Youtube, Ultimate Breaks & Beats

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Inktober 5 - Lidia Huayllas

Lidia is a Cholita from Bolivia. She and several women have scaled some of the largest mountains in the Andes region (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador). Lidia worked as a cook at the base of mountains to help other climbers and tourists. One day after asking her husband what the top of the mountain was like. He told her to go find out and she did. The mountains they have climbed are over 19,000 feet tall.

Lidia is one of the Aymara, an indigenous people from Bolivia. The Cholitas like many indigenous peoples in the Americas were looked down upon. But when Bolivia got its first indigenous president Evo Morales folks started to give them more respect. Along with the fighting Cholita wrestlers, they have been getting more respect.

Sources: Telesur, National Geographic, AJ plus

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Tamales La Oaxaqueña- Oakland

All those who support Traditional Mexican food and Latina owned businesses please watch this video about my old neighbor Carolina & her mother's business “Tamales La Oaxaqueña”. A staple of incredible food in Oakland and the greater Bay Area.



Inktober 4 - Joe Conzo

Joe is one of the most OG photographers from the Bronx to document the early days of hip hop culture. It is proof from his photos too that Latinos have always been there since the foundation of mcing, djing, etc. Joe who for many years was a fire fighter, struggled w/addiction developed a love for photography as a teen and went to park jams, knew some of the pioneers personally so he got some up close photos, and was often taking shots of Salsa and Jazz musicians of the time. Besides photographing famous musicians, he also has lent his eye to social issues and his photos have been featured in books, films, documentaries, and countless articles. In many ways he showed there was love, creativity, and resilience among Black and Brown communities of NYC while the city was neglecting the people. Peep more at www.JoeConzo.com or follow him @joeconzo Respect Joe!! 

Sources: JoeConzo.com, Youtube

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Tooned In show at CultureStrike

I will have some artwork in this show alongside some great Bay Area artists and CultureStrike collaborators! 
Here's some info:
his exhibit features artwork by Anthony Coz ConoverKayan Cheung-MiawJaime CortezDiego GómezFrancis Mead
Breena Nuñez PeraltaWilliam O. TylerJulio SalgadoRobert Liu-Trujillo, and Jess Wu-o.

When: Friday October 13, 6-9pm
Where: CultureStrike/The Lab, 1330 Broadway, Suite 300, Oakland CA 94612
On Broadway, between 13th & 14th Streets, directly above 12th St. downtown Oakland BART.

Light refreshments and drinks will be available. 
A parking garage is available on 13th St and Franklin until 8pm. Street parking is scarce but sometimes available.
The venue is wheelchair accessible. Gender-neutral ADA accessible restrooms are on the same floor as the event.

Our Stories, Our Visions, celebrating the art of cartoons, illustration, and comic books by artists of color! 

Cartooning, especially in popular culture, effectively reaches a range of audiences, old and young alike! But limited representation of rich cultural identities and diverse experiences in animated cartoons, books, comic books, editorials, and beyond can feel alienating to many of our communities.

In curating this exhibit, CultureStrike showcases the compelling work of cartoonists of color, queer cartoonists, and womxn cartoonists highlighting these invisibilized and marginalized communities. ‘Tooned In celebrates cartoonists of color across various intersecting identities and their artwork, spanning themes of migration, feminism, gender, queerness, legacy, and more.


Inktober 3 - The Lumad

I wanna give a shout out to my Pin@ys in the Bay and worldwide. My whole family has grown up beside u. Y'all are pioneers in Hip Hop and torch bearers for it and social justice! This is to bring awareness to the indigenous people (The Lumad) in the Philippines who are being killed, pushed off their land, and restricted. They are in a battle against Capitalist/Imperialist greed & power from the Filipino Govt and the US. Also in support of Pin@ys from Manila to Marawi , the Filipino pres Rodrigo Duterte has been on a rampage killing hella people under the guise of a drug war. Bullshit! Please follow @salupongan.internationalto learn more abt the struggle there and Filipinos in the US who have beeeeen working to support the struggle for freedom there.  Special shout out to @powstrug and @pelepino for the song "Stop the Killings" .

Sources: Salugpongan International

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Inktober 2- Repeal the Jones Act!

This is for all my Puerto Rican fam, but also it is a lesson in US Colonialism. In 1920 the law was imposed on the island of Puerto Rico makes it so folks in PR have to get goods brought to the island via US ships, which not only makes items more expensive for Boricua's (Puerto Rican's) but it lines the pockets of US corporations. This law was created after WW1 to keep the US from being attacked but that was nearly 100 years ago. If the US Govt doesn't want to treat the people of PR like US citizens, they need to release their claws from the island and that starts w/ repealing this act. Although the idiot in the White House waived it temporarily, it is no where near getting the clutches of the US Govt as a colonialist power off of Puerto Rico where they have bombed, taxed, and exploited the people. If you would like to assist the people check out www.Defendpr.com for updates and information on how to advocate in the US.

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Inktober 1

This is my first Inktober for 2017. If you're not familiar with the rules, here they are. Join me, and share your work.


Video: Life is Living

Life is Living 2016
2014 Life is Living Fest
this year i'll be participating in the fest for the 2nd time as the organizer of the Book Zone, which coincides with Emily Butterfly's "Kids Zone". Bring your children to do activities , hear story time, and just chill. RSVP HERE


Book Zone @ Life is Living 10!

Hey folks, I'm sure you know that I'm a father, husband, artist, and children's book creator. 

I would like to invite your family to join me and hundreds of other parents @ Life Is Living, October 14th, 2017It's the 10th year anniversary. Likely to be the best event in all of Oakland that day. Can you join us? If so, RSVP HERE and tag other parents who might be interested.

// My family has attended Life Is Living for the last 10 years.
We attend because it is a place to see friends, meet fellow creatives, and to manifest community building. It's been a great space to meet new people, to catch up with folks, and introduce my son to so much–skating, visual arts, poetry, healthy food, an event with a vibe filled with love. This is our second year as more than just attendee's. Last year we organized a book zone. That was fun, so we're doing it again. This time, with multiple story times throughout the day!

We've organized a host of local authors to lead story time through out the day. This years focus is on stories about children of color and some stories about queer kids too.

Hear the stories with your kids, meet the authors, collect a book, get author signatures, and connect with literacy some advocates like the Oakland Public Library.

We hope to gathering over 100 Parents throughout the day at the Book Zone, which is part of a much larger KIDS ZONE run by artist Emily Butterfly. 

There will be many activities for children such as face painting, silk screening, mural painting, and there is a Labyrinth and obstacle course!

OCTOBER 14TH 10:30am-5:30PM, Defremery (Bobby Hutton) Park 1651 Adeline St, Oakland, Ca 94607


Inspiration board 28

This is my quarterly inspiration board. Been doing it for years now. Just music, books, film, games, etc that are inspiring. From left to right/ top to bottom: Ankara blvd-black owned shoes company, Defend Puerto Rico-multimedia proj, Soldiers w/out Swords-Black media Documentary, Jen Wang-illustrator/comics artist, Blacksad-Incredible graphic novel, Tundae-LA photographer, Gabriel Soareszz-illustrator, Inside-creepy/cool video game, Charlotte Dos Santos-Cleo LP, Red Cap Cards-greeting card company, Molly Egan-illustrator, Crom Cristian Ortiz-illustrator, Atlanta-tv show, Revision Path-podcast abt Black designers, The Stoop-podcast abt African/Afro Amer topics, and Kendra Foster LP

this is board 27


Campaign worth supporting-They Call Me Mix (kids book)

Hey folks! Ok all my children's book lovers, authors, illustrators, librarians, bk sellers, advocates....come closer. This book is at 202 backers. We need to get it to 250. Doesn't matter if you donate $1 or $500. Let's get this book by a two POC authors made. Not only is it written and illustrated by them, it focuses on gender and what it means-especially for young students preschool to elementary school age. Put this on your networks and follow the page  and 

here is a link to the kickstarter
Author: Lourdes

Illustrator: Breena Nunez


Character 127 - Bgirl Eddie

Bgirl Eddie started dancing at the age of 3. She is another of the illest young women to break it down for the culture. She and her sister are both members of the UK based Soul Mavericks crew.

Character 126 - Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel is one of a kind. She is part of the reason so many young women of color will see their reflection. She is a superhero who happens to also be Pakistani and Muslim. But beyond those boxes, she's a regular teen with everyday experiences. If you haven't read it or showed it to your kid, check it out!

Character 125 - Bgirl Terra

Bgirl Terra, one of the illest Bgirls to do it starting at the age of 2. Check her out. She is one of the UK Soul Mavericks crew with her big sister.


Elefint - ACLU illustrations

I had the chance to work with a cool design company this past month called Elefint, based in San Francisco. They are the design team leading a project for the northern California ACLU called "Meet your DA (District Attorney)". This project aligns well with my values, Elefint's, and the ACLU's because it uses design and illustration to make sense of the justice system and how to fight for young peoples rights. Specifically the rights of young people of color who are the most caught up in it. ///////

Here is a link to their final design briefs and to the project website

Check out some of the illustrations