Character 10-Storm

Was sketching this the other day and thought of "Storm" from the X-Men immediately. It's definitely not Halle, but its my post Afro Punk feeling of what she would look like if she lived on Lexington ave..Feel me on this one.


upfromsumdirt said...

do it up!

back in the day i traced everything john byrne did for marvel: xmen, spiderman, fantastic four, avengers.... i can barely draw a crooked line these days, but i'm drinking milk and one day i'ma get tight again i swair!

Killer ZEES said...

Comin' with the 80's mohawk Storm? Very nice!

Robert Trujillo-Freelance Illustrator Brooklyn, NY-Oakland,CA said...

UP: Thx, see, im alil' late on the old school comics-im just barely startin to know who these folk r-but mann ur already tight!

Zees: Thank u, thank u sir-I see u been WORKIN!!