Inspiration 6

Felideus-dope illustrator, This is It-MJ.I'm amazed at how my 6 yr old sat and watched this film, like I watched "moonwalker" as a kid.Mike's still got it! Arcadia Maximo-Owner/construction worker/designer, Typography by Jon Contino-Joy Liu put me up on him. Les Twins from France-Ill dancers, Electric Wire Hustle-Soul from New Zealand-thx Wonway! Photograph by James Van Der Zee-first came across a book of his about the funerals/the dead,Incredible photographer, Art/mural by Michelle Angela of Las Gallas! Clinica Martin Baro-who I'm doing some art for now, JC Leyedecker-illustrator, my boy levi Ryken turned me onto him. Stitching-seriously thinking of learning more about needle work. The Studio Museum in Harlem-RBG flag, Tony Diterlizzi-incredible illustrator, POP-Pursuit of Passion/diversity in Advertising, great documentary, Meditation-An incredible person invited me to do a poc meditation retreat, and I loved it!I highyl recommend trying it.Ebo Taylor-West African musician-Analogue Africa LP.

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