Inspiration 7

For this segment of inspiration we have....A lion which is a personal symbol for me to just "go for it". Bryant Terry and Jidan Koon made a great piece about making Jung using words, illustrations, and video! Fast Company magazine(been reading this a lot more, good articles on business, good inspiration). A cave in SF i went to on family day, symbol for "exploring" new things. Art of Kevin Tong-amazing illustrator! Ava DuVernay, director of This is the Life and founder of AFFIRM. Etsy Artists of Color group. Janelle Monae (locked Inside). Meteor Man (1 of few poc superheroes). Art of Sarah Mensinga-amazing concept artist/illustrator. Ghostpoet-mc from London. The revivalist-a jazz blog highlighting young jazz musicians. A sculpture/print/piece from Kenn Two Four-dope! Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee-heard him speaking about his book, health, cancer,etc(relates to my food research). Art of Barbara Canepa-amazing illustrator/comics artist. Natasha Fatah-journalist, did a piece about how Pakistani food eating habits are changing, traditional verses fast food.

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