Character 22 -Ghost Dad

Was watching this last week for the first time in a long time and made me think of doing my own version of ghost dad. People of color and science fiction is something id like to see more of. What say you?


samax said...

OH SNAP! I totally agree, of course. The last time I saw this movie was back in 2010, but I said yo, this concept needs to be a comic. I write this column in my magazine called "Movies That Should Be Comics".

Let me know if you want to contribute this and I'll write the article. Or you could write the article and I'll draw. Or you could do both.

get at me if you're interested.

But anyways, there definitely needs to be more sci-fi made by people of color. It starts with the money. The actors, writers, and even directors are there. Just need to get movies financed.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Thanks for the love homie, Im hella down.Ill email you some info.