Short Story 7 + Process

La India ( a hyper intelligent 5th grader) had twenty seconds to go before security at Atlantic Trading Company International alerted their security against hackers. It took her, Desiree, and Sol three hours to break past the fire wall, embedded security code, encrypted file folders, and finally the account password. Poised, ever ready and calm, India's fingers touched the screens light as feathers. Sol looked on eagerly awaiting while Desiree prayed to "La Virgen" to keep them out of jail so they could move onto junior high school.

Process: I had fun experimenting with painting digitally for this one. My biggest influences for digital painting right now are Kazu Kibuishi and Dani Jones. Both exceptional illustrator/ storytellers. How am I doing? :)


Erin Zipper said...

Though I have to say I miss the organic feel of your hand drawn stuff, this is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zipps, its an experimental series I'm using to have fun with, practice my story tellin' w, etc. Don't worry, I'm not givin up traditional ptg-just trying new things!

O.M. (Shola) Ajayi said...

oh snap! I am really diggin' where these short stories are going! Would love to see this as a cartoon - like the City of Gold! Keep pushin' Rob! Woot woot ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Shola!Tryin! Never seen the City of Gold, I'll have to check it out eh.