Celebrate You (TYS Show) art process+photos

Here are a few photos from the recent "Celebrate You" show my crew put on in Oakland the week of the tear gas and the first attack on the Occupiers. We had been planning this show before the Occupy movement started and felt although we didn't call it 99% or use the term "Occupy" in it, that it related. The folks we chose to paint in this show are activists, teachers, community members, artists, friends, and loved ones.
I chose to paint my aunt Felicia who just passed away recently from cancer, my home girl Ericka's children because theyre beautiful babies and I believe that along with adults, childrens images should be present. I also painted Lateefah Simon, one of the baddest activists you'll ever meet from SF. I met her while working in SF Juvenile Justice system. And lastly my son. My photos of the others from the show suck, so I'm going to try and put them up later. But, I did take some cool shots of my process painting my little one.
In these photos you will also see Yoshi and Bounce of the TYS crew, and our homie Evan Bissell. So many artists helped us like Brett Cook, David Platford, Oree, Kerri, Anthony, DJ Leydis, DJ Wonway, Plinio, Eli, El Taco Bike,and many more. It takes a lot to pull together a show y'all. A lot of time, money, energy, and planning. We didn't set out to sell any of the work, just to share it. And we set up a community painting/drawing space inside the gallery in so artists could get down on the theme which was to celebrate yourself, your family, friends, and those who've inspired you along this path called life. There was also a selected photo timeline of people we've met on our travels as a crew. More photos will come. What was inside the space is now in the window front on 2930 Telegraph ave in Oakland California, if you cant make it by check out what the space is about. Its being curated by Evan Bissell and Brett Cook. Free for anyone to see. Thank you if you came out to see it.

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