Inspiration board 11

From top left to right:Mc Lyte's 1st LP-Lyte as a rock (it'd been awhile, needed to hear it again), Amulet-Incredible graphic novel im reading w/ my kid, we're on #3! Chaz Bojorquez-master calligrapher, Soul Train 09 ads-caught this at Atlantic st, Black Diamond Shining crew (Dead Eyes, Ras Terms, and Ash Rose n this shot), Maroons of Jamaica by Mavis Cambell, Textiles by Colectivo Raahuna-dope styles, Illustration by zine maker Travis Fudge, Suitable 4 Framin' graffiti zine-homie Nisha is in this along w/Spie, "21 Story of Roberto Clemente" by Wilfred Santiago-incredible story/book/art, Juggaknots 1st LP-Clear Blue Skies!, Decolonize Wall Street-Cuz its a great necessary statement, The Zapatista Reader edited by Tom Hayden feat hella writers, Aja Monet-amazing poet who got lines 4 days, Just Cause/ Causa Justa becuse they've taken on some great work, Oban-Star Racers-just watched some of this w/ my kid.Cool animation collab btwn French and Japanese animators.

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