Inspiration board 15

From left to right, top to bottom. 1. Budgeting-Its an inspiration and a goal. 2. The photography of David Pattinson 3. Maylee Todd's new LP 4. Jose James +Band=Incredible live performance 5. Inami-Cartoon 6. The Unique Ladies-Women in lowriding doc 7. Not 1 More-Another good example of action+art 8. Pascal Blanche-amazing illustrator 9.Old shadow type 10. African American Animators pst/present group 11. Mira Nair-Wonderful Director 12. Fantastic Mr. Fox/Stop Motion animation 13. Sean "Cheeks" Galloway -great character designer 14.King music-In the meantime 15. Sergi Brosa-Illustrator 16. Scurlock Studio photography 17. Cardboard-Graphic novel 18. Akonadi Foundation-Racial Justice 19. Diary of a Decade-Funk Jazz Cafe Doc 20. Fox+Sui-music

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