Inspiration board 21

Ok, so for those of you new to this, ever so often i make a collage of nouns that are interesting to me or that have inspired me in some way recently. Here from top to bottom, left to right. 1. Strange Fruit-a graphic novel exploring untold African American stories by Joel Christian Gill 2. Moe Green-I'm new to this Vallejo based MC. Glad i found him 3. Emily King-Such a great vocalist/artist from NYC 4. Golden Age-Eartha Kitt (go listen on Soundcloud) 5. An amazing illustration by Chase Conley 6. Las Cafeteras (LA) got to meet them and watch them perform-amazing!!! 7. Robin Purcell-i'm really feeling plein air and landscape paintings right now 8. Film Maker and professor-Frances Negron Mutaner (Boricua) drops science about Puerto Rican herstory 9.The Whole System is Guilty-i'm glad this phrase/thinking is catching on. These are not isolated injustices 10. Juke Joint-an amazing book of photos showcasing by Birney Imes 11.The Walking Dead-I'm on season 4, just got sucked in 12. Ian McQue-amazing character designer/concept artist 13. Imprisoned-a book that details so much more about WW2 than what is written about the Japanese in most history books 14. Gabby O' Connor-sculpture,lighting, art 15. Just discovered the amazing work of Elizabeth Catlett! 16. Larry Fong-an amazing Director of Photography-watch Super 8.

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