Inspiration board 26

Inspiration from last year , happy new year everyone. These are just some of the things i see, listen to, or read, or experience downloading what is happening or what is interesting to me.  From left to right, top to bottom: 1. My life in letter podcast by Adam Fu 2. Character design by Kiki Hughes 3. A comic for early readers in spanish Mariela 4. Bat Country by Chynna, Dash, suicide year 5. Chris Schweizer- comics/illustrator 6. Moonlight movie!! 7. Flying Eye Books-comics 8. Solange Knowles-A seat at the table 9. Eleanor Davis-Comics artist 10. Daniel Ceasar-Get you feat Kali Uchis 11. The Water protectors!! No DAPL! 12. Miriam Klein Stahl illustration 13. Yuna- Chapters > Best Love 14. Morgan DeBaun-, founder of Blavity 15. Stanford University's Innovation Lab podcast 16. Blood at the root-Patrick Phillips

Here is the previous inspiration board 25

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