Visions for a Strong California

This past winter, in addition to working with MIV creating artwork to learn about what is what in the system of voting, I also had the chance to create some work for some of their related campaigns. Such as this one , which includes a coalition of folks who are fighting for a California that respects and values the rights of immigrants within the state. That means access to healthcare, fair and just treatment in the courts and legal systems, civil rights, investment in public schools, and more for all immigrants living in California. 

The coalition of folks working to make this a reality is strong, some of the folks involved are:
Just Cause/Causa Justa, Asian Law Caucas, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Familia-TransQueer Liberation Movement, National Immigration Law Center, United Farm Workers Foundation, Undocumented Students Program-UC Berkeley, Priority Africa Network, and more.

Here are some of the original illustrations, please follow the link to download a copy of the Visions in 6 different languages.

Big shout out to Reshma from ACLU, Jidan, Suguey, and the whole MIV team!

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