Kindred Journey 8- D'Lo

I first heard of D about three years ago when my wife was working on his website. Then I saw a feature in Hyphen magazine. Just this past April I had the chance to see him perform live at a conference called "Re-Map" where he did a dope piece which he's performed several times about coming out to his parents and having an operation called top surgery. It was a dope piece and really blended a somber emotion with comedy. It touches on some of the complexity Asian Americans and all people go through with parents who are not familiar with or comfortable with LGBTQ identity. D was born in Queens NY to Sri-Lankan parents. Later he moved out to LA and has been there ever since. He has toured doing comedy and rhyming as an mc. He has also appeared in television series for HBO, Amazon, and Netflix. Definitely someone to keep your eye out for.
Sources: The Guardian UK, http://dlocokid.com/

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