Inspiration board - 25

1. Solidarity between Black and Indigenous folks around water rights 2. Alwasta by Oddisee- a dope EP 3. Graffiti hand styles by Canser 4. Kauai's Nopali Coast 5. Fantasy Sports 1 by Sam Bosma 6. Lowkey- an ill producer from LA's beat scene 7. We Read Too-an app for finding diverse books 8. Atlanta's citizen's trust bank-a Black owned bank, a symbol of financial power 9. Illustration of Richie Pope 10. Mary Grandpre - illustrator  of Harry Potter and many other books 11. Wong Fu-An Asian American film production company 12. The Divine-a graphic novel illustrated by Tomer Hanuka 13. Photo by Roy DeCarava 14. Scenic painting by AJ Casson 15. An educational report by Vox on white washing of Asians in US films 16. Scenic painting by Adam Noonan.

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