Apr 1, 2016

Inspiration Board 24

1. Beejus-Musician from West Oakland 2. Pete Chan-visual development artist 3.Cloth from Bhutan, part of my experience at Asian Art Museum SF 4. Traveling/Trips w/ family 5. My wife prepping for her pop up 6. Anderson Paak w/ Schoolboy Q-Am I wrong? 7. Jamel Shabazz again-A time before crack 8. Chabe Escalante-Illustrator/Character designer 9. We are King-The Greatest 10. Blaxicans of LA (Nadia) 11. If You Build it-Documentary 12. Black History Month-so much cool research (Keith Elam/Guru)  13. My son and my brother Levi-learning about video games 14. Astrophysicist 15. My son again-being silly 16. Sanjay's Super Team-pixar film by artist Sanjay Patel

Every three or four months I make a board of inspiring books, films, songs, musicians, cultural events, really anything that inspires me. These are some of my most latest inspirations. Follow the tag for more from the past.

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