Inspiration board 29

Ongoing series of inspiration that keeps me going, creating, living, and moving forward. Click the label "Inspiration board" to see more. Ok, starting from the top and going left to right, top to bottom:
1. Low Rider Roll Models-love this series 2. Hiroshi Yoshida- wood block print! 3. DJ Harrison-dj, musician, producer 4. Hack the hood-just worked w/them.Love what they do 5. Feathers- great graphic novel for kids 6. How I built this-Great podcast about business 7. Kim English-incredible painter 8. Til Infinity-documentary on The Souls of Mischief 9. Allmos- LP by Allan Cole (Stuyvesants) 10. Fathers Incorporated- An org about empowering dads of color 11. Uncivil-Podcast debunking civil war myths 12. A Rocky start- a kids bk by Anthony Tucker 13. Bao Pham- Illustrator 14. Crown-A great children's bk about hair 15. Bao Phi-a great poet/author 16. The Black Press- a documentary about Black owned newspapers.

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