Inspiration board 28

This is my quarterly inspiration board. Been doing it for years now. Just music, books, film, games, etc that are inspiring. From left to right/ top to bottom: Ankara blvd-black owned shoes company, Defend Puerto Rico-multimedia proj, Soldiers w/out Swords-Black media Documentary, Jen Wang-illustrator/comics artist, Blacksad-Incredible graphic novel, Tundae-LA photographer, Gabriel Soareszz-illustrator, Inside-creepy/cool video game, Charlotte Dos Santos-Cleo LP, Red Cap Cards-greeting card company, Molly Egan-illustrator, Crom Cristian Ortiz-illustrator, Atlanta-tv show, Revision Path-podcast abt Black designers, The Stoop-podcast abt African/Afro Amer topics, and Kendra Foster LP

this is board 27

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