Sep 18, 2017

Inspiration board 28

This is my quarterly inspiration board. Been doing it for years now. Just music, books, film, games, etc that are inspiring. From left to right/ top to bottom: Ankara blvd-black owned shoes company, Defend Puerto Rico-multimedia proj, Soldiers w/out Swords-Black media Documentary, Jen Wang-illustrator/comics artist, Blacksad-Incredible graphic novel, Tundae-LA photographer, Gabriel Soareszz-illustrator, Inside-creepy/cool video game, Charlotte Dos Santos-Cleo LP, Red Cap Cards-greeting card company, Molly Egan-illustrator, Crom Cristian Ortiz-illustrator, Atlanta-tv show, Revision Path-podcast abt Black designers, The Stoop-podcast abt African/Afro Amer topics, and Kendra Foster LP

this is board 27

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