Inspiration board 34

Here goes the newest Inspiration board, from left to right and top to bottom:
1. Legions of Boom-Book about Filipino Sound systems by Oliver Wang 2. Photography by Tundae Mena 3. Hoods To Woods Foundation by Brian Papaw (Snow boarding) 4. Illustration of Sam Bosma 5. Jedi Fallen Order-Played this game w/ my son 6. Uncle Jamm's Army-Pioneering LA Sound system 7. Jack & Agyu-Trilingual Filipina Amer picture book 8. Patta- Amsterdam based clothing store /brand 9. Vox Media-Great investigative journalism 10. The Repair Shop-Netflix Show 11. Alex Mali-Brooklyn Songstress 12. Ayentee-New songs every monday 13. Illustration of Brian Biggs 14. Modular/Prefab homes 15. Sesame Street-celebrating 50 years! 16. Business of Hype Podcast w/ Jeff Staple.

Would you like to see the previous Inspiration board? Heres the LINK
Stay inspired!

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