Zombi Kid campaign

Support this dope project, el Zombi Kid!!! 

Who: 656 Comics! 

Where: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico > The world 

What: An incredible new graphic novel (in spanish) about loss of loved ones, bringing them back from the after life, etc by an experienced crew of illustrators, writers, and designers who’ve brought over 10 comics to life and continue to be a creative force in their city on the border of Mexico and the U.S. Middle grade

Why: Because we need to read more incredible spanish sci-fi/fantasy/horror/funny comics. 

When: Their campaign ends in 56 days (posted May 10th, 2017) 

How: Sharing, sharing and more sharing

If you'll recall I visited 656 Comics a few years back to talk about art making and have worked with them in the past as a contributor to one of many comics they've produced. Check out this old video where they talk about who they make comics for.

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