This is an typographic painting I made awhile ago as a sticker first and now as a full fledged painting. POC stands for "people or person of color" and POV stands for "point of view". So it means people of color point of view. I painted this on cold press watercolor paper with gouache paint. This is all painted and drawn by by hand. 

Why? In popular media and history the POV of people of color has often been left out, ignored , forgotten, misquoted, misrepresented, or overshadowed. This initially was created to help librarians label books by authors of color but I believe it can apply in academic, professional, or home environments. Not only that, but I believe it can lead to some tough conversations about race, identity, and white supremacy.

Mo Amer - Hilarious comedian

Mo Amer- Palestinian, Houstonian, Jordanian, who speaks Spanish, English, and Arabic.

Inspiration board 31

Hey sometimes its podcasts, sometimes its a person i met. This is my 3-4 times per year collage of inspiring things and people. Some you'll recognize right off the bat. Some, I hope will be new to you. These things keep me inspired to keep creating.

From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Thee Lakesiders-oldies LA Soul group, 2.The Etherington Brothers-great storytellers 3. Klassy-LA Rapper/Mama 4. Andrea Smith-illustrator w/ amazing vendor set up 5. SF Etsy Holiday Emporium-inspiring to experience indy power 6. San Nukas-A portrait of Moses Powell 7. Quackers-Liz Wong Picture book 8. Spider Verse-dope film 9. My daughter's arrival this year has been amazing and awe inspiring 10. Teymori-house producer/musician 11. Stephanie Bueno-Lowrider/Photographer 12. Diedra & Laney-great film 13. Captain Fantastic-incredible film 14. Greywater systems for homes 15. Art of James Turell 16. We Out Here- British Jazz LP

There are so many more, but I'll have to save them til the next time. In the meantime, keep creating and check out some of these creative folks/endeavors. To see previous boards follow the tag on this blog: inspiring stuff. For example, here is board 30 and 29


BCAF 2019 - Black & Brown Comix and Arts Fest - SF

Hey yall, I'm excited to be attending the BCAF 2019 Fest for the third time and exhibiting as an artist for the first time. Please join me in what is one of the only west coast "Black & Brown Comix" events besides the Latinx Comics Expo and the Oakland Black Comics show. There will be panels by comics creators, a library day for the kids, and an expo where dozens of creators will be selling their books and art. Come find me at the expo!

MORE INFO HERE Here are some videos of past panel discussions:


Story time print 3

Happy new year y'all. This is the third print in the series of "story time" pieces. Why do them? To make art that encourages young people to read. You can see the other prints here on the blog.
I'm passionate about literacy and I hope that this artwork will make it into a classroom, library, organization, day care, or home near you. The subject of this piece is a young father of color and his child reading. Thats it.

Purchase here.


Bakosō - NEW Film by Fantauzzi Bros

Yo, check this film out. Made by a Boricua about African roots in Cuba. This brother Eli has made films about music in countries all over the world and is a Bay Area representative! Its at 30 backers, can we get it to 50 by Friday?
LINK to support
Feel free to share


Daddy Thoughts 17 - Brand new daughter

"Fresh from god's eye" -Ursula Rucker

I've always loved that line. I'm not religious and do not subscribe to any faith. I'm not even sure if I believe in a god, but I have definitely called upon someone or something before....

 Well, in parenting news. In addition to being the father of a 14 year old boy I now have a brand new baby girl. She is smiley, glorious, beautiful, soft, cuddly, and a piece of my heart breathing. My wife gave birth to her in September and we have both been just adjusting to our daughter's every need. That means a lot less sleep of course and the slow down of the grind and hustle to really take time to smell her hands, hold them, and marvel at her presence. She indeed has a presence.

One question I have gotten a lot since she was born is if it is different from when my son was born. Of course it is. I mean, I feel the same and I feel very different. I was a baby when my son was born. My son's mother and I split up when he was 3 and some how managed to co-parent this child since then. Not without hiccups, disagreements, or challenges at all. But he's ok. My wife and I started our relationship over 6 years ago, got married 3 years ago, and now we have this beautiful little girl to be thankful for. We wished for her, wanted her, and prayed that she reach us safely. I feel so blessed that my wife and my daughter are safe and healthy. Baby girl is talking and cooing a lot. She is discovering things beyond a few feet in front of her and she is figuring out how to use her hands. She is amazing and it was extremely sweet to have her big brother meet and hold her (see photo).

A couple of thoughts with this one. Each child has a presence, and is so different. There are things I forgot about, and some things that are coming back to me very easily. One thing is for sure, I am so proud and happy to be her Daddy. I look forward to raising her with her Mama and introducing her to her family and community. I dislike the mountain of girls clothes with pink and having to have a bow or something pink for people to know she is a girl. Also, I wonder if that gender is what she will grow up to be. I can't wait to take her to the park and run around. Me and my son did that all the time and I loved it!

That's it for now.


Teymori EP - Inspiring music

This whole EP is crazy! Definitely feeling it.

Reading at RYSE -Richmond, Ca

If you are in the Richmond Area, come through. I'll be reading and chopping it up with families. 


Sketches 2

Here is another dump of sketches from client, personal, and project work. Some of it seen before and some never published or used. I like the sketches because sometimes the under drawing is better than the painting. And it shows the thinking that goes into the final lines.
Angel from stand and deliver

Legendary DJ's 

Client piece around access to college

Client piece around access and youth of color

Client piece around access and youth of color

Drawing that was a cover concept for the picture bk I am Sausal Creek written by Melissa Reyes

Changing out a 1200 technics headshell

Drawing from the picture book "Furqan's First Flat Top"

Client piece around Families of color, access to a more equitable state

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project

Erica Huggins of the Black Panther Party

Tarika Lewis of the Black Panther Party

MC Activist Bambu of Native Guns, The Bar, and Beatrock Music

Client work for a short about African American migration north

Drawing of Russell from Up
Drawing from the picture bk "I am Sausal Creek" written by Melissa Reyes

See the first sketch dump here