Photos from Richmond's "Multicultural Bookstore"


Photo by Brianna Casanares

This past week I read at the Multicultural Children's Bookstore in Richmond California. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. This store has the most diverse selection of picture books in the Bay Area. There are many other stores that do a great job as well. 

Photo by Daniel Zarazua

They currently carry "Furqan's First Flat Top" and "Alejandria Fights Back". Please stop by their store though if youre in the North Bay as a destination for gifts, a place that can order books for you, or as a wealth of knowledge. The owner's name is Tamara Shiloh.

Photo by Brianna Casanares

One more of me rocking my Bridges Not Walls shirt by Kiwi :). I've been reading in classrooms and libraries for a decade now as a kids book author and illustrator!

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Meet the Artist 2022


Hard to fit your entire being into an illustration. But I tried to put in a few things , today. Tomorrow might be different. But if you're not aware of it, this is an art challenge called "Meet the artist"! Check out "Art Vs Artist" which is another art challenge I did more than once. 

What I've seen in these "meet the artist" pieces is a self portrait, your likes and dislikes, name, age, height, background, and what are some of the things you carry with you. I added a few other things but followed that for the most part. Have you done this challenge? Comment below w/ a link of yours or tag me!

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Inspiration board 41


Ok, here's some recently inspiring stuff. Left to right, top to bottom. I make this as much to share with you as I make as a reminder to myself:

1. The illustration of Maike Plenzke
2. Taking Children by Laura Briggs-non fiction book
3. Esperanza Spalding- Songrights Apothecary and her recent albums
4. Jerome Masi - Artist/Illustrator
5. Brown Ambition Podcast-Financial literacy
6. The Cot in the Living Room- Picture bk about community/mutual aid
7. Light & Magic- ILM documentary series (special FX)
8. Art of Ami Thompson
9.Wendell & Wild-upcoming stop motion film (Peele/ Selick)
10. Art of Derek Laufman
11. New Kid- Graphic novel by Jerry Craft
12. Stuart NG Bookstore- specializes in "Art books"
13. Art of Leo Espinosa-illustration
15. Squid Game TV Series
16. Art of Chris Sickels/Red Nose Studios

Please check out the links and support these folks, things, etc.

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What's this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life's trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I've been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
Who am I? My name is Rob and I'm an artist working in kid lit, public art, and other disciplines. Go to my website, or follow me on IG or YouTube.


Housing Video - Private LLCs buying up homes


In cities across the US there are organizations dedicated to housing rights and housing justice for this reason. People's homes are bought up, flipped in masse across the US and this should be fought by everyday working people. This is one of the real reasons we see homelessness on the rise and working people cannot afford to buy their own home. 

Podcasts about this


NEW!- Art of Rob is in the shop


Fam, the book is finally in the shop and the majority of the books have gone out to the backers. If you missed the kickstarter campaign now you can cop a book. 

Here's the link: ART of ROB

In case you missed it, this is the kickstarter campaign from 2021!


My Book in this VICE article


Here we go again, it seems that people just being who they are if that happens to be Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Trans, or gender non conforming seems to really piss White Christian families off. If not enrage them, it really fucking scares them. Check out this article about this town and how they handled books featuring queer children and Queer librarians trying to broaden the minds of local children and families. It was not cool how they essentially forced these librarians to quit. My book with. Laurin Mayeno happens to be the image featured here but really there are so many kids books featuring Black folks, people of color, queer or gender fluid characters that really scare just by existing. Smh

After reading a few more articles it seems that the heart of this issue is that they attacked queer librarians and made them (the key holders of a variety of information, stories, and resources) feel unwelcome; not only in their job but in their town.

Check out this good news pertaining to the book though: Gender Nation 

Sketchbook pg 2 - Ramona & Hong Kong


This is a page from a 2014 sketchbook. The entire book had toned paper and I used ink, colored pencil, and gouache for this page. On the left is Move activist Ramona Africa from Phillly and an umbrella representing the protests in Hong Kong. Wanna see more from this sketchbook?  Check out my sketchbook tour below.

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Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio trailer


Really excited for this new stop motion feature. I love Guillermo Del Toro's work so this should be scary and magical. The last Stop Motion story I featured was the teaser for Wendell & Wild a film by Henry Selick and Jordan Peele.


Sketches 3


This is a sketch for a portrait of graffiti artist Spie

Sup with it fam, its been awhile since I shared some sketches from my process. I share process art a lot with different projects but sometimes I just love looking back at the sketches I made before painting some of my personal or client work. Sometimes the sketches are better than the final. Something about the energy in them.

This was for East Oakland's "Street Level Health"

Chapter 510 (organization) sketch

Sketch from the book Sam! Published by Penny Candy Books

Curry sketch - Warriors

Wide sketch for "Asian Art Museum" in SF

For BLK History month 2021 - Little Richard

This is a sketch for "Orange Barrel Media" AD in Ohio

Here's a self portrait I did many years ago

Sketch Postcard for "Sunrise Movement"

Sketch for Zumbi (Zion-I) RIP

Here's a sketch from "Alejandria Fights Back" pub by Feminist press

Thanks for checking out the sketches. If you notice the majority of my sketches are on paper with pencil. In the last few years I have been using an I-pad pro increasingly to speed up the sketch process and move things around, so you'll be seeing more of those sketches. If you dig these check out my sketchbook tour 

Here's the last sketches post I made in 2018


Sam! Cover Art Tools

Hey readers. My name is Rob and I'm a kids book author and illustrator. This is a throwback to the cover design for the book "Sam!" written by poet/parent Dani Gabriel, published by Penny Candy Books, and illustrated by me.

Here are the initial sketches I came up with. One with a scene from the book, and two new ones. 

They chose the 1st idea and this being a relatively quick process I went straight to a refined sketch of that which you see here. For the sketch I typically use a non photo blue pencil, a ruler, a #2 pencil, and an 11" x 17" piece of paper so I can draw the back together as a layout.  

Once everyone signed off on this I use my light box to trace the sketch using a Prismacolor black pencil.


 Then I add color using a large flat brush to lay down a wash first then I build up the color slowly from light to dark using the medium flat, the round, and the fine liner . 

I use a bunch of watercolor brands to find the right colors. These are some of them.

When you paint with acrylic or gouache you can layer light over dark, but with watercolor its much harder so you must use light colors first, then darks. This is what. the painting looks like once I've finished. If you get a chance, read the book. Share it with families and check out some of the other books Penny Candy publishes HERE.

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