Jerry Lawson - Google Doodle + game


This is really cool to see this man starting to get his dues and recognition. Props to Google for this one and much love to Jerry's kids Karen and Anderson for continuing to build on their fathers legacy so kids of all kinds can be inspired. More background on Jerry.

Dig this? Check out this painting of Jerry I did


Sketchbook pg 4


Here's a page from my 2021 sketchbook. In between working for others and dreaming up my own books or projects I keep these sketchbooks to practice. Some of this page came out as a cool experiment and some was just play. 

Here's a video tour of this sketchbook. Enjoy. 

What's a sketchbook page? A sketchbook is a great place to play, experiment, and practice. Been keeping one with me in one form or another for over 25 years. Some books are just for letters, some are for landscapes, some for writing down ideas, some for client work, and sometimes I mix them all up. 

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Video: Oakland Creates Interview


Here's the first part of an interview I did with Oakland Creates founder Avy Jetter. Check it out and come to the Oakland Creates Art, Comics, and Zine show in Oakland this weekend!

Oakland Creates Art, Comics and Zine Fest began as a vision about bringing folks together through art and giving them an opportunity to present their best selves, learn how to make a living while both interacting and serving their community with positive action. A vision to help empower folks to learn about themselves and develop themselves in multiple areas of the lives whether it’s education, healing, leadership or fulfilling their own art vision.

Oakland Creates prioritizes women of color, Queer, Disabled, Black artists and or any underrepresented artists whether they be new or emerging artists just starting out or artists that just have not been given proper promotion or marketing. Oakland Creates holds space and gives opportunities to amazing creative folk who have something awesome to say to the world and our local community. Oakland Creates celebrates storytelling and positive engagement. Let’s keep the conversation going. Because if we don’t tell our own stories, then who will?

Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Where: OakStop 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA

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Ethnic Studies in Every School 2- Purple


Just painted this new joint before the San Jose Made show and LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out. I get in a rut sometimes and returning to this subject matter and composition really helped me do my thing and get loose. Check out some of the process art for this one below.

If you'd like a print of this bad boy, please visit my shop at THIS LINK

What is Ethnic Studies? Short version is that US history is Eurocentric and throughout time either mis-characterized, ignored, or completely barred stories and history from African American, Native American, Latinxs, and Asian Americans. I throw in Middle Eastern families as well. In the late 60s San Francisco State University (my 1st college) and then UC Berkeley were the first schools in the US to create college departments that housed teachers and courses dedicated to some of this knowledge. And to be frank, it is not just about a diverse we are the world photo. It's a bout understanding systems, power, challenging that, and changing the narrative. And that is why some are terrified of it.

Did you like this? Check out the previous "Ethnic Studies In Every School" painting I did (2019). Oh, and have you ever heard of Dolores Huerta? The Contract Buyers League? What about Marie Butchie Tom?

photo credit: My Momma!


Chapter 510-Sense of Belonging


This past fall I did some quick drawings for Oakland's "Chapter 510" who are always doing work around empowering young writers, readers, and thinkers. These are a few of the portraits of some young people for their collective poem called "A Sense of Belonging". More info about the project here.

Dig this? Check out this portrait I did of Leila for Chapter 510 and Oakland Public Library.
Or the illustrations for ACLU x Central Valley Report


My Dad the Bounty Hunter-Trailer


Nuff respect to Everett Downing who directed this upcoming animated series. Everett has been working in the biz as an animator, story artist, and director for over 25 years. See his experience here and watch the trailer for this upcoming show!

Dig this? Check out this interview he did w/ the Black Woman Animator or this painting of Brenda Banks


Latinx Owned Bookstores


There are over 40 Latinx owned bookstores within the United States and Puerto Rico on this list. Please check it out and support these stores if there's one near you. 

Dig this? Check out this bookstore called LibroMobile in Santa Ana or this drawing of Dolores Huerta

Libro Mobile - Video


Libro Mobile is one of very few Latinx owned bookstores I reached out to when "Furqan's First Flat Top" debuted and they graciously carried my book. As the only Latina owned bookstore in Orange County, they serve a crucial role in providing community and knowledge. Please watch the video, follow them on IG, and contribute to their campaign if you can

Dig this: Libro Mobile 2018,  The Latinx Comics Arts Festival in Modesto


Children's Portrait 73 - Malayah


Here's a portrait I painted recently of this cutie named Malayah, commissioned by her Papa for Mama. Funny story, i actually met this child at a kids book reading I was doing right before I painted her :)

What are these? These are children's portraits I paint custom for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, care givers, families and more. I've been painting them for nearly a decade. They're fun to paint and unique ways of giving someone a gift. Although the majority of these are of children and families, I paint young adults and adults too.


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Video-Oakland Creates interview (snippet)


Yo, heres a snippet of a longer interview I did with Oakland Creates founder Avy Jetter! Stay tuned for the whole ting soon and come to the Oakland Creates Art, Comics, and Zine fests happening Dec 4th in Oakland Ca.

Link for more INFO

Dig this? Check out this video describing the event