Sep 4, 2023

Thank you! Transitioning to


Hey fam,  I am transitioning out of this blog. It has been a nice run from 2007 to 2023-thats 16 years of blogging. Hella appreciate you all for viewing, sharing, commenting, etc. I am not deleting the blog for now, but you can find all the old post and more new stuff on my new blog at

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Jul 25, 2023

My new book "Fresh Juice/ Jugo Fresco" is out!


Photo by Maya Gonzalez of me reading at the book release for Fresh Juice/ Jugo Fresco in Oakland. 

Fam the day has come. After over a decade in the making this story is out there. I started working on this story back in 2008, put it down, and came back to it in 2018. Request it at your local public library, school, doctor's office, and cop it for your home. 

Shout out to editor Laura Atkins who first helped me get it ready for pitch, Cheryl Klein and Kandace Coston at Lee & Low Books, art director Chad Beckerman, Lee and Low Staff, my agent Marietta Zacker and all of you who've helped to share the story.

Fam, I'm going to be phasing this blog out in favor of a new one on my site.

Jul 19, 2023

Erica Buddington is so DOPE


I first came across Erica Buddington through the many Black history videos she was doing on YouTube. As an artist who does Black, AAPI, and Women's history art I was immediately juiced to see how she was offering so much knowledge.

The Classroom Rebel podcast interview is dope and here is another interview she did w/ The Grio's Natasha S. Alford. Ok, follow Erica here on IG and her company Langston League!

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Jul 17, 2023

What is Pimp Culture? Podcast w/ Madlines, Ryan Nicole, & Coco Peila


DOPE conversation by MC's MADLines, Ryan Nicole, and Coco Peila talking about #pimpculture #misogny #hiphop and divisions within the Black community. Soooooo necessary coming from the Bay and Oakland specifically where we ll grew up with so much pimp culture which is a direct product of capitalism and passing on oppression. I've seen, heard, or experienced all three of these sisters perform and rock and they are not only super on point, but just dope artists. 

Dig this? Check out their websites: MADlines, Ryan Nicole, and Coco Peila

Jul 15, 2023

"Fresh Juice" bk release at Chapter 510 - July 22nd


Hey fam, my new book is coming out in a matter of weeks. If you're in the Bay Area I invite you to come to the book release where I'll read the book alongside local author DeMareon Gipson. DeMareon wrote a book called "Annalise's Cough".  Come get a copy of my book and DeMareon's, and visit the incredible organization that is Chapter 510 who've helped me grow as an artist and storyteller. 

Also, the first 50 people there will be able to get a free cup of healthy juice made by Oakland's own "Super Juiced".

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Jul 12, 2023

Amy Sherald - Everyday Icons


I really love seeing art processes and its great to see Amy get her props and some time to just work. I remember seeing her work via the Black Contemporary Art Tumblr and was super excited to see her be chosen for the Obama portrait. Go Amy!

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Jul 6, 2023

Character 170 - Sensei Fatima


Did a symmetry sketch of this young lady a few weeks back and decided to redraw her in photoshop. She reminds me of a young Lady Sensei. Anyway, fun.

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Jul 5, 2023

Linafornia - Beatmaker and composer


Been loving the work of Linafornia for a few years before I even knew who she was. This is a live set she did w/ an MC, but her work is amazing on its own. The Belizean LA raised musician is on her way!

Follow her work on IG

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Jul 2, 2023

Akonadi statement on Affirmative Action


This is a very short yet powerful statement on the latest ruling striking down affirmative action in the United States by the Supreme Court. Akonadi is an organization founded on philanthropy and racial justice. 

In 2013 I illustrated a poster for racial justice and still believe that if the majority of working people do not know the true history of how racism (white supremacy) has affected every single aspect of American society including law, food, healhcare, transportation, housing, and yes public and higher education. This latest ruling acts as if hundreds of years of exclusion in higher education has been made equal by a few decades of partial inclusion. This is not true. 

Dig this? Check out this poster I illustrated for the Akonadi Foundation in 2013

Jun 21, 2023

Sierra Health Foundation - Theory of Change

Finished this illustration for the "Sierra Health Foundation" as a joint collaboration with Design Action who did the layout and design. Each round of the artwork involved feedback from Design Action and the client.

Here's some process:

Rough sketch

Rough sketch 2

Color version

Final version before text was added

That's all she wrote. If you know of any young students trying to get started in illustration share this pdf with them.

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