Syd Mead - Inspiring

Much respect and rest in peace to the great artist Syd Mead. If you don't know his work by name you've probably seen it in films before. Just wanted to share some of his amazing work. Props!


Black Joy Parade 2020- Vendor!

Yo, what up. So this is the third annual Black Joy Parade. I missed the first one bit heard it was dope. I went last year to check it out and was amazed to see Black folks from so many places and walks of life. I'm talking about the righteous, the hood, the bougie, the spiritual, the creative, and so many more. 

What is it? It is a huge parade showing happiness and a day of performance, food, and vendors. Case in point, I will be a vendor there this year for the first time (Books, prints, artwork, and more). Come holler at me or tell your folks I'll be there. See you soon. Peep this video from last year by Town futurist!

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Reading at Hiero Day in Oakland
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Bookmark 8- Smile

Just printed this new bookmark. Its my 8th bookmark and the 3rd in a new series of them. If you'd like to get one or several GO HERE


Podcasts/Articles - Housing crisis/ discrimination

I keep getting angrier every time someone shares or posts another piece of this puzzle. Please read this Dope article by Pendarvis Harshaw about Oakland's "Moms 4 Housing", MLK, and housing. Then

Great show that hits home for me since I was born in Oakland and grew up in Berkeley and Oakland. Heres a link to East Bay Yesterday's site w/ more info and photos from this episode.

Another great show which Detroits city tactics which robbed Black families of their homes and wealth. Heres a link to Reveal's website.

I love this one because Maria keeps it real! WTF!!!!

This is super timely in SF, Oakland, and the whole bay!

Some historical background and humor about the history of housing discrimination in the US by the good folks at Codeswitch. Here's a link to their website.


Character 151 - Band saw

Jeanie and Judy. The things you could make with a good bandsaw.

Did you see the last few characters?
Character 150- How's it sound?
Character 149- Photo


Short story 26 - First Protest

Saturday morning. Uncle George told us we were wasting our time. "Hardly anyone shows up at them demonstrations!" he said. But I know hella people are gonna show out today. Jeanie never been to a protest before so Judy, my sister, and I are taking her. And we're gonna enjoy ourselves while doing it. Today might not change politicians minds but I hope Jeanie will see that she isn't the only one who don't support another foolish war. I can see the folks gathering up the street now.

Funny I was already planning to draw this short story. But being that the idiot POTUS is trying to declare war on a country that the US government has had its claws in for over half a century its fitting to post it now. Stay woke folks. History repeats itself and we've seen this show before.

Here's the last short story: Haenyeo

Some more close ups....


Inspiration board 34

Here goes the newest Inspiration board, from left to right and top to bottom:
1. Legions of Boom-Book about Filipino Sound systems by Oliver Wang 2. Photography by Tundae Mena 3. Hoods To Woods Foundation by Brian Papaw (Snow boarding) 4. Illustration of Sam Bosma 5. Jedi Fallen Order-Played this game w/ my son 6. Uncle Jamm's Army-Pioneering LA Sound system 7. Jack & Agyu-Trilingual Filipina Amer picture book 8. Patta- Amsterdam based clothing store /brand 9. Vox Media-Great investigative journalism 10. The Repair Shop-Netflix Show 11. Alex Mali-Brooklyn Songstress 12. Ayentee-New songs every monday 13. Illustration of Brian Biggs 14. Modular/Prefab homes 15. Sesame Street-celebrating 50 years! 16. Business of Hype Podcast w/ Jeff Staple.

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Daddy Thoughts 19- Twist and repeat

Happy New year to all you reading this and all my parents or caregivers of little ones. I regularly write 2-3 posts a year on parenting, fatherhood, co-parenting, mistakes, or triumphs. But last year was a blur of raising baby raising. My daughter is now over a year old and in childcare so I have a bit more time to get back to work. So here are a couple of observations going through the baby stages again.

Twist and bend!
I forgot how much you have to twist, turn, and bend to care for little people. Sometimes that is because they cannot move on their own and need your help to get that bottle, nipple, snack, or to burp. I started to remember that certain parts or sides of my body got a lot of use to hold my daughter and my son. When my son was born I actually started stretching regularly because my back got sore from picking him up or holding him. I'm better at it now, but I still feel it now with the new baby.

The other side of twisting and bending is the manipulation of your own body to catch them so they don't fall. It's the twist to get their shoes on or their diapers off. It's also the movement and turning to feed them. It's really funny to see them squirm and turn away when begin to do it. Then, its like bending and twisting to get them to eat. Some. Thing! How many of you are going through this or remember what it was like? I hope you and your body get some rest this year! If anything this teaches us to be flexible, no?

Repeat because kid is tuned out, eat chips for dinner, don't notice me, littlest effort as possible
Ok with my teen there are a different set of challenges and I would wager to say that this ranges from kid to kid and in no way represents teens. What's up with mine? He is excelling in school and shared a moment that made me proud. I'll come back to that.

Repeat, force,
Lately the challenge has been repeating myself and getting him to listen. I think this is a really tough time because with my teen he's big! But he's still a kid so I have to remind him to do things like be quiet so his sister can nap, close the bathroom door so she doesn't throw stuff into the toilet, etc. Beyond that its the normal stuff like washing dishes, greeting people, and the almighty screens. I have relaxed my rules on screens but I still feel like they still need guidance. It is so easy to spend an entire day staring at one as we as adults know this. It's also easy to forget about real life friends, nature, going to events, and socializing. And I feel like I have to keep trying to reinforce this. Even if it means I am not his favorite person because I made him go outside.

What else? I'm noticing just how much responsibility and pressure is placed on girls and young women versus the freedom to chill and just play that boys have. This is a broad generalization but I see things my mom or family let me do like waiting to make plans, not cooking, or not planning. Planning is such a big one. So, while I don't want to force him to do too much before he's ready I am encouraging him to make plans ahead of time and trying to teach him to cook because he'd eat an entire bag of chips for dinner if I let him.

One things for sure, big brother loves little sister and she is fascinated by him.

That's it. What parenting things are happening for you? Fails and triumphs welcome.
Daddy thoughts 18- Reset button