Jan 29, 2013

Int'l pop Up- Oakland (First Friday)

If you're in the Bay Area, come through. I'll be there showing something new and some old goodies.

 Friday February 1st 2025 Telegraph Ave. Oakland California
The Riseup Gallery & Pueblo Nuevo present: Aeon (Colombia) Carly Ivan Garcia (Bay Area) Cekis (Chile) Cern (NYC) Crystal Galindo (California) Darko (Philipines) Dignidad Rebelde (Oakland) Don Rimx (Puerto Rico) Gozilah (Japan) Letter D (Mexico) Marthalicia Matarrita (NY) Miguel Bounce Perez Nena Soulfly (LA/Puerto Rico) Piya Constantino (PI) Robert Trujillo (Oakland) Shaun Burner (Sac) Treatunice (Oakland) Trent Liddicoat (Sac) & more

Jan 24, 2013

Character 39- Zombi Kid (656 Zombi Book)

Last year I was super excited to be included in the design of my own Zombi kid for The Zombi Kid Art Book. Zombi Kid is a comic book character created by Dominique Arce, Oliver Arce and the pushed forward by the entire 656 Comics team. It is an awesome character with a strong design and whenever i have shown people my version of it they usually ask where its from and i tell them, 656 Comics!
The team from Ciudad Juarez (which I visited almost two years ago) created an entire artbook of interpretations, comics pages, collaborations, character designs, and more. i'm not sure when they will be selling the physical copy of the book, but you can see the digital version now. Please spread the word to other comics lovers, 656 is on a move! DIGITAL Book link

Short Story 15- Ramen Shop

On 41st. and Broadway in Oaktown California several people visited the new Ramen shop. "How was it?" Ms Huan Le asked, smiling. "Incredible! Oh my god sis, the best I've ever tasted!" With his hands up the man said "I'm so glad I brought my niece here. She's been talking about going to eat some ramen noodles for the last two weeks." As Mr Washington turned to Ms Huan Le, Macy a precocious 6 year old raised her hand in agreement. She slurped and continued to slurp, for she could eat an entire adult sized bowl her self and didnt say a word.
Yo, took quite a while to finish this short. Not because of how difficult, just because of so many things going at once. I did it in watercolor first, but decided to redo it digitally. Check out some of the process shots as I experimented with brushes, texture, and a Wacom tablet (thank u Boo). It's rough, but Im done with it for now. Let me know what you think. This image is based on a real idea, real people, and something to come very soon.

Jan 16, 2013

Unique Ladies- Documentary

The Unique Ladies Trailer from Gloria Morán on Vimeo.

Characters 37 & 38- Lowridin Momma and Daughter

So, one of the new things you will be seeing more of from me this year, in addition to my childrens book work and short stories, is more character designs. But not just one view, im working on my skills in this arena, so you'll be seeing much more. Check out some of the artwork leading up to Short Story 10 above. Also, women who build and ride lows DO exist! Shout out to Joy Liu, who helped me make the layout so fresh and so clean....

Handstyles 2- Teach your Sons

This was brought on by a sickness perpetuated in not only the US, but worldwide. That sickeness goes by many names, but i wont get into that. More action. Women are doing hella work to speak out, lets fathers teach our sons and any young boys we come across how to be men, not maniacs and assholes. This piece is under Creative Commons, feel free to use this for any "Non Commerical" purposes. You corporations and Bitin' ass tshirt companies..dont touch (waving my finger). Any activists out there ralying campaigns around the issue, feel free to use it! Rape is unacceptable anywhere, anytime, anyday.

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New Moon Magazine

Heres a peek at the cover, interior illustrations, etc from the new issue of "New Moon Magazine". I've seen this magazine on the shelves of my local library many times and I wanted to know what they were about, so I picked it up and thumbed through it. I liked it so i sent the art director my stuff, and there you go.

At first glance, i was glad to see that they cover a variety of subjects for young girls. And the girls they profile or highlight are usually from a diverse background which is important to me. This new issue has some good pieces about kids dealing with divorce, stories, and talking about puberty. Yeah, im not ready for my kid to hit that yet. But, it cant hurt for me to do some homework ahead of time, right?

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