Mar 21, 2018

Furqan UPDATE 23 - New stores 2018

Ok, so what follows is a bunch of brick and mortar actual physical stores from California to London. What I would like you to do is to visit them if they are near you. Buy my book there and buy other books from them. Support small businesses rather than the huge corporations. If they don't have a book you want, they can get it for you. Support these also because they have different specialties and tastes, which means you'll find things you weren't looking for when you shop. If you're an author or illustrator, contact them too.

1. Blue Willow Bookshop - Houston TX

2. Book Passage - Corte Madera/ Marin -CA

3. Diesel Bookstore - Larkspur CA

4. East Bay Booksellers - Rockridge CA

5. Green Apple books - San Francisco CA

6. Land Gallery/ Buy Olympia - Portland OR

8. New Beacon Books - London UK (Black Owned)

9. Petunia's Place - Fresno CA

10. Skylight Books - Los Angeles CA

11. Spectator Books - Piedmont/Oakland CA

If you know an independent bookstore that should have the book, request it there or give the owners my email. Its is

Mar 17, 2018

More Bad Ass Women - Women's History month

Since I am making the decision to finish up some work that is on my plate that needs to be done, and I needed to take a break from my series "Who is She?" focusing on women's history month figures I wanted to post some of my favorite ladies who I've drawn over the past two years or so. I'll be back with more. Please celebrate and share art about women in the past and present who are making history. Our boys and girls need to see it.

Top to bottom, left to right (Inktober, BLK History month, Asian American heritage month, and Women's History Month): 1. Elizabeth Catlett-Artist, 2. Sara Khosjamal Fekri- Martial Artist 3. Sandra Equihua -Animator/Character Designer 4. Bessie Coleman- Pilot 5. Idayls Ortiz - Judo Olympian 6. Roxanne Shante- Pioneering MC 7. Iris Chang - Writer 8. Merata Mita - Maori Filmmaker 9. Lisa Lee- Pioneering MC 10. Chhaya Chhoum- Organizer 11. Shine Louise Houston- Porn Filmmaker 12. Ava DuVernay- Filmmaker 13. Jackie Ormes - Cartoonist 14. Harmony Santana 15. Debbie Tewa- Solar Electrician 16. Peggy Oki- Skater/Surfer

Mar 16, 2018

News! - Represented by Marietta from Gallt & Zacker

Fam I have the pleasure of announcing that I am now represented by Marietta Zacker from Gallt & Zacker literary agency. A huge thx to all the librarians, teachers, parents, bk store owners, fellow authors, illustrators, & bk lovers 4 helping me continue to tell stories. Excited to work with Marietta and to continue telling stories, reaching a wider audience. Excited to reach wider audiences AND to continue helping more people of color and queer voices tell their stories Independently. And BIG thanks goes to Aida Salazar for nudging the agent and reminding her of my name, thank you!

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

Bookmark 2 - READ

This is an image I illustrated recently, specifically as a bookmark. It features a young black boy reading The title is simple. Once again, READ!

Mar 15, 2018

Maestra Piece Mural Book - Historic SF Mission Mural

You ever visited the Mission District and marveled at the murals? Me too, in fact I grew up on them while walking to my mom's job at SF General Hospital. And one of the most brilliant pieces was painted on the "Women's Building" painted by one of my mentors and biggest mural teachers (SFSU and life) Juana Alicia. In case you didn't know, Juana and the whole crew along with HeyDay Books is making a book about the Maestra Piece which will include writing by activist Angela Davis. Please share this widely. They should be at 10K by the weekend if everyone throws down.

LINK to support the campaign

LINK to more info about the mural

LINK to info about Heyday Books

Mar 5, 2018

(Video) samples from 93 Til Infinity

The whole series is dope, so grab a chair and listen to the many artists who influenced your favorite albums.

Mar 3, 2018

Postcard set - Black History Month

Check out this postcard set featuring women from last year's Black is Beautiful series. To get a set GO HERE.

Black Thought - Inspiring

We who have been listening to the Roots since whenever always knew Thought could and does do this often. But its really nice for a new generation who appreciates trap, mumble rap, and these types of bars to hear it. This is way old in internet time, but for those who havent heard it yet peep Black Thought (Roots Crew) spit bars for minutes on top of minutes.