Shannan E Johnson - Screenwriter coach


I stumbled upon this channel that interviews filmmakers and people who work in the film industry. One of the people who immediately stuck out to me was Shannan E. Johnson for her to the point descriptions of story structure, outlining of story, and tips like this one about activity in a story. 

If you havent seen her Youtube channel or Instagram page please go check it out. I think her tips on story are helpful for comics, kids books, and any story really because they force you to think! She also teaches and consults with people. Check out her site:

The Professional Pen


Children's portrait 67 - M


Painted this little one last year but forgot to post it. Parents asked that the name not be shared but its a girl :)

What are these? These are children's portraits I paint custom for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, care givers, families and more. I've been painting them for nearly a decade. They're fun to paint and unique ways of giving someone a gift. Although the majority of these are of children and families, I paint young adults and adults too. 

If you like seeing these, here are a few others:
Children's Portrait 66- Karen's nephews
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Wendell & Wild sneak peak


I really love Henry Selick and Jordan Peele's work so i'm super excited to see this when it comes out. Big stop motion fan here.

Keep an eye on Kat's Boom Box for more info


Doom Cannon - Amalgamation


Just heard Giles Peterson play this cat and immediately thought "who is that?!". Doom Cannon!

Here is my last post about what I'm listening to: Remixes