Mar 25, 2015

3 miles- This American Life

This story reveals so much about what drives Capitalism and Racism, the frustration, the self introspection or believing what people with negative thoughts tell you, and those who go through so much yet still rise. Click on the link if you cannot listen to the audio here.

Mar 23, 2015

Character 89- Hover craft

Campaigns worth supporting- Dance, Animation, Film

I cant speak highly enough about the impact Brotherman Comics has had on me seeing my future in illustration and providing a positive reflection. Please share and support.
I had the chance to meet Joti Singh and her husband Bongo recently at a ceremony and was amazed not only by the relationship between husband and wife, but the skill and artistry they both shared with the ceremony's participants. Please attend the show they are throwing in the Bay Area and support.
Support his project using this link. I don't know the director but I have seen his name via The African American Animators of the Past & Present site and this looks amazing. If we talk about wanting to see more diverse characters in animation, lets support this!
I haven't met the film makers, but a friend of the team sent this to me and it looks scary! In a good way. Support independent film.

Mar 19, 2015

Billboard Illustration-Street Level Health

This is the final painting of workers for the Oakland Workers Collective. This is a project involving workers from various walks of life for "Street Level Health Project" in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. For this project I met w/jornaleros (workers) from so many different countries and backgrounds. Myself along w/ several students from UC Berkeley sat and listened to stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being day laborers or domestic workers in Oakland California. Because there are so many challenges workers face on the job and obtaining jobs, Street Level Health created the Oakland Workers Collective to support these folks so they are not disrespected, cheated, abused, or ignored by local employers on the job; Whether that job is in construction, home renovations, home cleaning, child care, etc. Some of the support that the collective provides includes medical care both physical and mental, legal representation, assistance getting quality gigs, and the support of an organization that stands up for its family. 

I wrote down a lot of things while I listened and talked to the workers, both men and women. They gave a lot of ideas but above all, they want to be recognized for the diverse backgrounds from which they come from. They want to show their dignity as workers, and they want to work for and collaborate with honest & respectful employers. I'm not sure if the image serves that purpose but it was an honor to meet with the workers and to illustrate one small fraction of their story. Folks came very far, from Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Peru, and south East Asian countires like Cambodia, Laos,etc. Remember this the next time you see a group of workers on the street, at the park, or in offices. Salute! And Respect!representation, and the reputation of an org that stands up for its family. 

Shout out to @cinthya_oyolohtli for the connect 

Mar 13, 2015

Soul Portrait 6- Eddie Kendricks

The songs that brought me to Eddie's solo work were "Intimate Friends" , "Date w/the Rain", and "Girl, you need a change of mind". But I love some of the original Temptations songs like "Get Ready" and "Can't get next to you" as well"!

Dig this? Check out this portrait of Rainy Milo

Mar 9, 2015

Joel Christian Gill-untold stories

this is an amazing story about untold stories of African Americans and the hashtag #28daysarenotenough


Mar 3, 2015

Setting 5

Some of you Oaklander's know this place, yeah?

Five & Dime (Art + Food) come eat!

March 13th from 8-11pm

Next week if you are in the Bay Area and you are a food/art lover you are invited to come break bread with myself and Chef Amanda Yee.  She's cooking up an amazing meal and I will be talking about illustration and storytelling. Five & Dime supper club is described as

"Our Supper Club is about re-creating & reinterpreting the in-home dinner experience which we all know & love---minus that one crazy uncle who comes around the holidays. At Five and Dime, dinner is about the exchange of creativity, excellent conversation, & a chance to meet & build relationships in an easy going atmosphere. Here at our table, strangers become known and good music graces your ear, while you dine on Chef Amanda Yee's fearless & tempting culinary creations. 

This experience lasts from 7-9pm, and is a combination of meditation, eating, and art. We offer space for the participant to meet with other Bay Area Artists over a shared meal, generate and share ideas, and engage in critical dialogue.


Mar 1, 2015