Dec 21, 2020

Shop shutting down- Get it now!


Fam, it's been a long year. I will be taking a short break from selling merch (prints, books, stickers, packs, etc) in my shop tomorrow (December 22nd at 10 am pst). If you'd like to get something from me I'd suggest you get it now. 

Here's the LINK

Dec 16, 2020

Feature in Mother Mag


Yo, so this happened! I posted this on social media but wanted to mention it here. I am mentioned as one of 30 Black children's books illustrators. I am pretty juiced about this because it is nice to be acknowledged for your work every now and then. I know there are tons more illustrators out there and a bunch of cats I know who are super skilled. But, I accept this recognition and it feels good to share it. Thank you Mother Magazine. 
Please go to their site and read the post. It has a bunch of really talented veterans and new artists in it. Some of which I've actually met in real life. Like for real for real. Haha. 

You can check out other features or interviews here.

Dec 13, 2020

Waxpoetics - Inspiring look back

Yo, just got an email from Waxpoetics with a link to this short doc about the magazine. This shit is really a dope magazine if you love hip hop, funk, jazz, soul, electronic music, etc. At the time when WP came out I bought the first or second issue (Berkeley Ca 2001?) because it had some art from Style Wars on the cover (classic graff film). And when this video was filmed I was actually living in NYC and contributed an illustration of 9th Wonder to the Hip Hop issue. Peep that here.

To see John Carlucccio's (Battle Sounds Doc) higher quality version of the video, go here.

In case you missed it, WP left the scene for awhile and now they're back. Not only with new magazines fresh off a kickstarter, but also with new videos. Peep this one about Chicago DJs and musicians.
Curtis Mayfield, Ron Trent, Crate Diggers record fair.

Dec 10, 2020

Video: SOL Con Panel


Here's a video recording of a panel discussion I did which was fun featuring artists from Ohio and other places across the US for the annual SOL-CON. Shout out to Katlin Marisol Sweeney for moderating!

Video: Graphic recording for Alameda County

Got a chance to do some graphic recording for Alameda county this past month which was a fun break from much longer projects. This is a video explaining some of the basics about covid meant for Alameda county students I believe. 

In case you missed it, here's my post about how to work with me. Graphic recording is one of those ways.


Dec 9, 2020

4th Annual "Social Justice Children's Book Holiday Fair"


These are just some of the people organizing and/or reading at the 2020 virtual
"Social Justice Children's Book Holiday Fair"


We're finalizing Saturday's program and wanted to give you a quick peek at a few of the incredible people who'll be joining us this year:

Jesse Byrd – author of Sunny Days and Real Jungle Tales

Grace Carroll – author of Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations and The First Ten Days

Michael Genhart - author of Accordionly and Rainbow: A First Book of Pride

Jill Guerra – author of When I Breathe Deeply and Long Hair Don't Care

Lourdes Rivas – author of They Call Me Mix

Meera Sriram – author of A Gift for Amma and The Yellow Suitcase

Justine Villanueva – author of Jack and Agyu and Mama Mama Do You Know What I Like

Dr. Khalid White – author of Little Brother, Hermanita

More to come! 

Did you see the panel discussion some of the organizer recorded? Peep it HERE

Video: Panel w/ Mr Limata (Soc Just Bk Childrens Bk fair)

Hey folks here's a panel video leading up to the 4th annual Social Justice Children's Book Holiday Fair!
Here Me, Laura Atkins, and Innosanto Nagara discuss how the fair started and why this year is important with educator and storyteller Mr Limata (Follow him on FB, IG, or YT).

Check out the video and heres the facebook invite for the event coming this Saturday Dec 12th at 10:30am!


Dec 8, 2020

Portrait by Zlickkids!


Yoo, this is freaking cool. My sister Cece Carpio's niece drew me and my bro Bounce! You can follow here IG here 

Dec 1, 2020

Recognize 2- Fresh


Type by Maurice Cherry

Super excited to share this new collaborative piece with you. It comes to you via designer and podcast host Maurice Cherry of "Revision Path". Here's the mission:

"Recognize" is a design anthology that features essays and commentary from indigenous people and people of color - the next generation of emerging design voices.

The first piece is an accompaniment to Maurice's introduction:

The second goes with Khalil Crawford's piece called Diasporic Design: A straight ahead approach
And the final essay is by Regine Gilbert and is about keeping your design fresh!

Did you see the first edition of Recognize? Here's the LINK