Jan 31, 2022

Black History Month Art Challenge 2022


Yo, it's Black history month and that means it's time for an art challenge. Normally I call it #BlackIsBeautiful but this year I'm teaming up w/ Fred Noland (Cartoonist/ Dad/ Cyclist) ads we're using the following #28daysarenotenough (created by Joel Cristian Gill) and #BlackHistoryMonthArt . 

Got a group of students who you want to engage? Please share this with them and let's get busy sharing Black folks, groups, orgs, locations, etc who should be essential to our understanding of Black excellence. Here's a graphic w/ some rules. Download it, screenshot it, share, etc.

And during the month, please share other artists of any stripe making art for Black history month w/ us and your social media friends! We definitely will and we want to see it all! Keep an eye out for Avy Jetter, David Heredia, Miguel C Hernandez, and Tiffany Golden!

Q: Wanna see some I've painted in the past? Here ya go.

Video: B is for Black Brilliance

This is cool for two reasons. First it is an organization dedicated to uplifting positive images of Black folks using multimedia including kids books. And two, I got to collaborate with designer Cheyanne Rhodes and founder of B is For black Brilliance Shawna Wells. Some of my artwork is in this video! Ok, please follow them on IG, check out their store, and follow along as they share Blk folks for "Black Brilliance Month". Shout to Amy Sonnie for the connect!  

Here is the video they created using my work:

Dig this? Check out the artwork I did for the Latino Community Foundation 

Jan 29, 2022

Latino Community Foundation


This past holiday season I did some artwork for the Latino Community Foundation to support their effort to get more Latinxs vaccinated. When it comes to this, I understand why hella people don't want to be vaccinated. I get why people do not trust it. I for one am very critical of our government, our society, and political system. However, this is a measure of survival for me and I am vaccinated. So, when they reached out about doing these I was excited to support. 

Please check out the work that the foundation does here and their IG here

Here are some examples of artwork I've done for other organizations or groups:

Video: Furqan's First read en Español


Hey folks, I realized it had been more than a year since I uploaded an English reading of my book. So here is a Spanish reading of "Furqan's First Flat Top/ El Primer Corte de Mesita de Furqan". Enjoy and feel free to share with Spanish teachers, bilingual students, etc. 

Where to purchase the book: My Shop

If you need more than 5 copies please email me at info@robdontstop.com

Jan 28, 2022

Podcast Interview: Sticker Giant!


Yo, this is a recent interview for Sticker Giant, a vendor who I work with frequently to produce some of my stickers like these:

Self care sticker sheet which has gotten a lot of love over the past year and a half!

Pause from a recent series!

"Blasian" from this sticker pack!!

In this interview we talk about why I do what I do and a little bit about the many stickers I make. If you like this interview you can peep this one I did from the Not Real Art Podcast w/ my sis Erin Yoshi

Jan 20, 2022

Step Forward Gold Sticker


Man many moons ago I did this painting and a whole series of pieces I called "positive wall affirmations". It was a great creative exercise for me since I do a ton of figurative/ portrait work. It's fun to play with lettering since thats how I got my start. But for folks who couldn't buy an original painting, I decided to approach some of those same positive sentiments as stickers. And so far so good.

Cop one here

The last one in the series was "Pause"

Jan 19, 2022

Character 161 - Spikey


Ready for school and ready to kick ass! Here's a new character drawing/painting. If you missed the previous character check her out here:

Here's he last Character Collage

Time lapse of the ptg

Jan 15, 2022

Storytime prints (Set of 4) updated


I released this print set in 2019, and I'm just updated it and re-sharing it. Check it out for your classroom, library, organization, or home. Why did I do these? I made these to illustrate children of color reading or being read to to foster an environment that is welcoming and encourages reading for fun.

Cop it HERE

If you missed my set of prints that say READ, check them out here.

Jan 14, 2022

Gratitude - Lunar Heights


The words, feel, vibe, and subject matter are resonating big w/me today. These cats have been rocking for at least 15 years and one of them was a teacher to my son in Oakland. Big respect to Spear of the Nation and Jerneye!

To cop music from them: lunarheights.bandcamp.com/

In case you missed it, here is some recent music I was feeling from the UK.

Jan 13, 2022

Video: National Sticker Day 2022


Here are some of the stickers I've made over the past year or two. They focus on affirmations, taking care of ourselves, and affirming cultural pride. If you haven't looked at my shop recently check it out here.

Jan 5, 2022

Video: Book trailer - Alejandria Fights back!


If you missed it this is the book trailer for Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria which came out last summer. This is a book published by Feminist Press in NYC and written by Leticia Hernandez-Linares and the Rise Home Stories Project; and illustrated by me. 

Please watch the trailer and check out the other projects from this team such as a video game, animated short, podcast, and more HERE

If you're an educator and you'd like to get a copy of the book there are limited free copies here.

Jan 3, 2022

Winter Playlist -by TYS Collective


It's that time of the season again, a new playlist from the TYS Collective. Feliz año nuevo to you all. Here's a playlist from the Trust Your Struggle Collective (Hip hop, funk, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, and more). 

To listen go here: LINK

While you're there check out a post about some of the people we lost over the past year. if you're not following my crew on IG, here's the link. You might get some exclusives from the TYS Newsletter though....