Chris Sickels -Red Nose Studios


Chris is a dope artist who I admire. He straddles the world between animation, sculpture, and illustration. This a short interview with him and a magazine called Alta.

Check out the video and his website here.

Support AAPI owned Bookstores


Fam, will all this talk of stoping Asian Hate, what I'd like to do is implore you to support these Aapi owned bookstores in the US and beyond. Most of them are in actual brick and mortar locations but some are online. See the Libro.fm list for those.

These lists were compiled by We Need Diverse Books, KiBooka, the Asian Author Alliance, and Libro.fm. Big shout out to them for taking the time to make these because I bet there are more out there. If you haven't supported a n organization that supports Aapi through advocacy and organizing then hit up these bookstores. They will have an amazing selection of Aapi stories to share as gifts, to learn from, etc. And they can order other books.

People are still out here attacking AAPI women and elders and I need you as a reader to get involved in some way either by supporting aapi businesses or backing organizations. Peace!


Kindred Journey 38 - Priya Handa

Bay Area born and bred I can tell Priya Handa is one of those life long artists, a scorpio, lover of good music, ice cream, and justice. As a muralist she has worked with Precita Eyes in SF, the Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP), Twin Walls Crew, the Zapatistas, Trust Your Struggle Collective, and the Bay Area Mural Festival. She has painted nationally and internationally traveling as far as Mexico and Palestine. She is a tattoo artist and an illustrator who works both big and small, aerosol, ink, acrylic, watercolor, and needle. She is an activist making work supporting Black Lives, Sex workers, Farmers in India, the Navajo nation, the military complex, and police brutality. And she is a child of South Asian immigrants (Punjab in India).

The first time I met Priya she had paint/gear in her hands and she came through as we (TYS) were working on a wall for Reem's California in Oakland in 2017 just to help. The last time I saw her she brought a painting she knocked out for elder Emory Douglas of his art for the "Love and Protect: Chinatown Black & Asian solidarity mural project". Both times her skill, humbleness, and generosity spoke for itself. Although I'm still getting to know her I implore you to follow and support her work now. She's a hard working rising star and deserves all the shine.  Follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/eightbirdz/

Sources: https://crpbayarea.org/meet-the-muralist-priya-handa/, http://www.puttpunjabi.com, Asian American Women Artists Association

Did you catch the piece of Maya Lin?

Last year I focused on Aapi musicians and this year I'm focusing on artists. If you're new to this, "Kindred Journey" is a serious of paintings I've done of prominent and lesser known Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders since 2016. You can find a gallery of all past paintings here.

Fellow artists! May is #asianamericanheritagemonth and I invite you to paint, collage, or draw amazing folks for the month of May. Well known folks of course, but def the lesser known people, places, movements, organizations, etc. I limit my color palette to 💜💚, I use watercolor, do 12-24 posts, and I try to share a short bio of ea subject. I Use the hashtag #apahm #asianamericanheritagemonth and I call my series #kindredjourney but get down for yours, name it whatever u like, and share so errybody can learn more abt our folks-especially NOW!
💚To my everyday folks -feel free to join by sharing photos or art abt folks too, just make sure to credit the creators of the images and ask permission wherever possible before posting.
💜Last yr my focus was on musicians. This yr it will be on artists. What specific area of #aapi history do u love? Djs, South Asians, activists, special fx artists, blasians, entrepreneurs, actors, wrestlers? Get busy!


Art for OPL Summer reading


Hey, the Oakland Public Library just unveiled some of whats in store for this summer's reading program and I got to do some illustrations for it. Check out the website here to see it and some of the opportunities to win prizes for not only reading but watching films, and doing other cool stuff.

Shout out to Matt Berson and Thomas Downs for the great designs.

Did you catch the portraits I've done for Chapter 510 in conjunction w/ the library? See that here.

Here are some of the paintings again.


Bakosó -debuts on PBS!


Fam, I'm so excited to share my brothers Eli and Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi's film "Bakosó" will debut this short film on Monday on PBS and want you to watch it. This is a film about the blend of African and Cuban music to create a new style of music and dance called "Bakosó". The team behind this film have done films about hip hop and music internationally for over a decade in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Ghana. Tune in and share with friends.

You can read an article about the film here: https://theoutline.com/

And here is the trailer: