Children's Portrait 65 - Mari


Here's a portrait of little girl named Mari who I painted earlier this year. 

If you would like to commission a painting of a child or a family member go HERE. If you missed the previous portrait of Belen's whole Family, check it out.


Video: SFPL Reading


Hey fam, heres a video recording of myself and author Leticia Hernandez-Linares reading "Alejandria Fights Back!" 

If you want the teachers guide, coloring sheets, or resources about housing check out AlejandriaFightsBack.com

Art for CEJA report

Yo, I made the illustrations for this last year and its being released now. Shout out to my sister Tiffany Eng (California Environmental Justice Alliance) who brought me on for this, but more importantly works on issues of environmental racism, city planning, zoning, and more. The work she does revolving around studies and policy helps to change laws which then positively effects people. 

Especially working class folks and people of color. Environmentalism is often seen as a mountain, river, or forest issue. It's often seen as something white people work on. But, the effects of things like pollution and climate change effect all of us, especially those who live closest to factories and freeways.

If you want to read the summary of this report done by CEJA and see all of the illustrations, I invite you to download it and read it HERE.  There you will find more information and the full report as well. 

Check out the last illustration I did for the Sunshine Movement who also work on climate issues.


Character 160 - Judging


I saw a lady in front of a Chinese restaurant and made an imagined doodle of her.

If you missed the last character, here she is : Digger 

And here is the last collage of characters 


Inspiring Artist - Bisa Butler (born 1973)


Bisa Butler!!  The first time I heard of this artist was through MC Black Thought on his interview series last year when the pandemic started. I had been seeing her incredible work and thought it was oil or acrylic when I saw it. Come to find out she sews and collages these incredible images together. Wow, so dope. Doesn't matter what your discipline is, just peep her work and support because she's a living artist who is still pretty young.

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Again go to her site and check her out.

I love this woman's work and if you didn't catch the last inspiring artists check them out: