Jun 21, 2010

Supernatural Exhbit-Brett Cook+TYS

At the opening for "Supernatural" from L-R(Miguel "Bounce" Perez, Myself, Erin Yoshi,Brett Cook, Scott La Rockwell, Evan Bisell,and Shaun Turner) Missing from the photo was Cece Carpio(TYS) and Plinio Hernandez who were also involved.

About three weeks ago we (TYS Collective) were knee deep in an immersed process oritented workshop with one of our Mentor's Brett Cook. In the time we spent we were exposed to forms of Yoga, Meditation, healthy eating/living habits, and show planning that were very different from our own. Brett invited us to be a part of a three week process of mindfulness which was centered around the process of documenting, being mindful. The show, with a large collaborative piece we created, is still up in SF at the Guerrero Gallery. Please go check it out if you can and support the homie Brett Cook! Much love and light Brett! The show has been getting quite a bit of press and rightfully so.Brett is one of the Illest artists I've ever seen or had the chance to work with. And with music, organic food, photo booth, activities for young and old, and tons of beautiful people at the opening, it was quite a site to see! Photo: Pablo Serrano, Sammy Owen, & Angelique Ilusorio

Jun 20, 2010

Brooklyn, over a year ago -SS.2 ZINE

Fresthetic Exhibit: Robert "Tres" Trujillo from Olubusola Ajayi on Vimeo.

This is footage of my first solo show, featuring black ink drawings and the second installment in my SS Zine series. "Sew Seoulful" SS .Volume two. It was documented and edited by Ms O.M. Ajayi who will be showing her debut film in Boston tommorrow. The show was held at Fresthetic in Brooklyn, NY. Since the show I've gotten the Zine into several stores in California and NY such as Desert Island(NY), Blue Stockings (NY), Bergen St. Comics(NY), Pegasus Books (CA), Rock Paper Scissors(CA), Pins and Needles (SF),and Fresthetic (NY) of course. I'm still trying to get it into some other spots, but I'm also starting to work on the 3rd Zine in the SS series. Stay tuned..

Jun 18, 2010

In the trunk 6-Muphoric Sounds

This is an odd one. Hopefully you can get with it. Tana Tani LP by State of Bengal vs Paban Das Baul. Its one of those songs I bought straight after hearing it, at Tower Records. Ahh, the days of record stores. If I counted the days I spent in record stores, I'd probably have the quivilant to my child's age. Anyway, check out my latest Muphoric contribution...


Jun 13, 2010

TYS West Coast Fundraiser+Video Promocion

For those reading this who don't know me. My name is Rob aka "Tres" and i am Muralist down with the Trust Your Struggle Collective(CA-NYC) as well as an Illustrator (Come Bien Books+Personal Projects), and my crew has been doing workshops, gallery installations, and murals for over seven years now. We've also been on Mural tours in Latin@ America and the United States. NOW, we're planning to go on another tour; this time to the Phillipine Islands. Why? To build global solidarity, understanding, cultural exchange, learn from each other,etc. I've been so busy the last few that I didnt even post up the flyer for our fundraiser before the event. But, peep this video my Anthony Navarro(TYS) made for the event, and the video Mikey Cordero (TYS) made as a fundraising tool. If you want to find out more about us.Please go to trustyourstruggle.org

SA PILIPINAS FUNDRAISER AT LA PENA JUNE 11, 2010 from pele pino on Vimeo.

TYS Sa Pilipinas Mural Tour 2010 from MVMT on Vimeo.

BIG love and props to ALL the beautiful people who came through to rock, volunteer, buy art, or just support. Stay tuned, we ain't done yet!

Jun 10, 2010

Anita Tijoux -Partir de Cero

Heres a lesson for you artists out there. Get your shit in on time. Because of juggling too many things, I was unable to get this in on time. So, not sure if it will fly internationally.But, she liked it! Anyways, peep the process below and please support Anita Tijoux.She is one of the illest MC's out there. You can check her out on Myspace or her personal site.

Jun 9, 2010

Odd portrait from the files

Been going through a lot of my art from the past two to three years and came across this one.Its too big for my scanner, but I thought i'd show you a tiny piece...I'm about to start selling some of these older drawings/paintings, holler if you are interested in an original....

Blast from the past

Still a favorite