Jan 29, 2010

Muphoric Sounds-In the trunk 3

Peace, I have been hearing Cal Tjader for ever. I knew this dude for his salsa and his latin jazz but had no idea he was so fresh. Homeboy has ridiculous achievements, tons of LPs. Any of his salsa lps are sure dance gems, but his more chill records, his standards, the strange fusions are filled with heavy, forested, lush sounds. Check out the short piece I wrote on "Aquarius" from his "Prophet LP. Word to my fellow tribe fans.


Jan 27, 2010

Ptg a Mural with TYS at La Pena

If i havent already told you, my crew is the Trust Your Struggle Collective and among many of the things we do, we paint murals. This past week we have been painting a mural at the Historic La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley Califaztlan. Check out these goodies of my piece, and go to our blog for more photos. Stay tuned for more.
Peep our homie Oree dancing at the gallery late night too.

Oree at La Peña dancing with Trust Your Struggle from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.

Jan 20, 2010


Piece yawl, been very busying getting back to parenthood out in Califaztlan (California). Here is a project I have been working with a very talented musician, producer, singer, song writer. Ms Amatus Sami has a long resume of dope tracks for other artists such as Res, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Ursula Rucker....but now shes getting prepared to release her own LP. Keep an eye on her. And check out the artwork I did recently for her, these are just a few of the ideas we were working on.More to come soon. Shes on myspace and this is her personal site.

Jan 12, 2010

My Dancing Lion

Ok, so you saw some of the original sketches for this piece, and the version I did on photoshop. Well, i was really feeling it so I redid it. A lot of my close homies have already seen this, so its nothing new. However, i am entering this piece into several competitions this year.Wish me luck. I feel it kicks ass, and most importantly, my son likes it. It was also in an art show in Brooklyn (Live to Change Something-Coup d' etat Broklyn) this winter of 09/10'. Holler.

Thanks goes out to Ms Mensen for the foto of me next to the piece.....

Here are some of the sketches I did before painting it.

Digging this? check out this short story from 2020 "First protest"

Jan 8, 2010

Character 3

The third joint in this series of character drawing. Just practicing, speaking, attempting do develop a language that is fluent.

Jan 7, 2010

Guide To Liberation

Peace yawl, just got this hot off the press. I was given the chance to participate in filming and shooting of the Guide To Liberation project this past Fall. I would like to describe it to you, but its best if you see the site and check out what the architect, Mr. Mikey 1 Sould has to say about it himself. Its going to be open to people worldwide, and is much more than a new line of clothing to wear......phrases like "Grow Community First" are coming to minds near you.


This is a sneak preview of a project I've been working on for the past year. Its turning out very nicely. The art is never as you expect it to be but I am greatful for the learning experience. Just a tease here for you though. The process and more coming soon.

Jan 3, 2010

The Orchestration

When and if I get the clearance for linking the artists who created the mix who this was created for (as a portfolio piece) I will for sure link it up here so you can slap (listen to) it. Haven't gotten any word yet though, so I thought I'd show you all where I'm at with it because I thought the letters came out fresh. Text is hella(very)fun!

Jan 2, 2010

oldie, but goodie

This was a peace I did for my first solo show back in May of 2009 at Fresthetic-Brooklyn, NY. It kind of embodies the title of my blog too.There is a video of this show coming very soon for folks who have never been to Fresthetic or Brooklyn.Thanks to the folks that came out to see that show, I felt the love. Feliz Ano Nuevo!