Jun 29, 2009

Sew Seoulful Zine now available at Pegasus Books in Berkeley,Ca

Peace the homie Ian overt Pegasus was nice enough to let a brother get the zine up in the store.Thanks Ian! If you havent been to Pegasus' Books in the Btown, go check them out. They have a very laid back book store with benches and chairs for reading. Besides the love for underground and independent culture, wonderful old LP covers, old dvds, vintage books, they also have a very good childrens section that I had pull my son away from as we jetted to run more errands around the city. Look for more updates on the progress of SS.Vol.2 "Sew Seoulful".Step by step! And go check out Ian's artwork at themilkmachine.com . Im feeling the Farmer cow print Ian!

Jun 18, 2009

Left Turn Magazine Cover for Issue #33

Ok, folks if you see this magazine please pick it up and thumb through it. In the past two years I almost completely blocked out all media except for subway ads and email advertisements. I wasn't trying to be artsy about it, I just wanted to find my answers instead of having the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner of lies fed to me. But, here is a small example of normal people working to find answers, sharing them with you.This issue has a lot to do with social justice movements in El Salvador, Venezuela, and Mexico.So much to learn! Peep the small joint about my crew, the legendary and dues paying "Trust Your Struggle" Collective. The cover was challenging to do though, i like how it turned out.Cant wait to see this on news stands. All my bay area folksers holler, i'm back for the summer.

Dig this? Check out this illustration for Mosaic Magazine cover feat Ta-Nehisi Coates

Jun 11, 2009

Sew Seoulful at "Desert Island" in Brooklyn, NY


SS Vol.2 Sew Seoulful now available at "Desert Island" in Brooklyn, NY (the sign is a bit on the low, covert, esoteric side, but for real, this is the store.Just knock on the door)

The homie Mincho Vega(Borish) from TYS took me to this store a month ago or so and I hollered at the owner to see if I could get the zine up in there, and we'll its there. So if youre in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Metropolitan go check out "Desert Island" they have agang of comics, zines, art books, and other random artsy stuff. Check them out NY folkers.

Desert Island
540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211

Jun 8, 2009

Jun 4, 2009

So International

Ok, so for those folks who are thinking internationally, you can now get a Google translator for youre blog so that people from hellllla different places can read youre words and your blog. Dope right?! YES! I personally would like to connect with more artists internationally so that we can have an exchange of knowledge, styles, etc. But I have to remind myself not to write in so much slang because when I peepd the italian translation of my words it had trouble with words like "homie", "hella", and I dont even want to think about " Yadadaimean!".
The translator is on my page, click on it and find yours. Muchas Gracias a http://lifesystemdata.blogspot.com/ porque yo encontro en tu pagina homie!

Jun 3, 2009

Bambu from "Native Guns"-Get Crooks & Rooks on Mtv!

Not that Mtv is the be all to end all, but Bambu is fucking dope and he and errybody he down with( Kiwi, Dodat(what up Davin!), Krish, Dj Phatrick) deserve to be seen by hella more people. So peep his video and hit him up on myspace....www.myspace.com/bambumusic

The folks who shot this hooked it up major-ly because this is one of the best videos I seent since " No need for alarm"!

Quick history:Ive been hearing about Native Guns for a minute, especially Kiwi. Why? because they been putting in work for a while and paying your dues, putting in work,is how you do it. Anyway, then i heard they took a pause from the group and then I see Bambu got a solo joint out. Mann, this joint he had called Mao tse tung-i think with a chinese beat(Bambu is Philipino! All my Pinoys stand up!) was slapppp-tacular.I mean ten crates of mangoes! Bananas....from the "I scream bars for the children" LP. Then he came back with another sure shot "Exact Change" with this new "Crooks & Rooks" joint, and from listening to the sampler with Zion-I, maaaaannnn. The homie is doing his job, which is why im telling you about it to support that work. Check him out.
Im a holler at you soon bout that illust Bam, stay up homie!
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
TYSC, Come Bien