Character 81- Wednesday Addams-Hernandez

I never watched the original series but I love this scene from the 90s films. This is my Xicana version of Wednesday from the Addams-Hernandez family"


Some campaigns worth supporting

The homie Josh's art=Amazing
This is a film I did the logo and typography for and several illustrations This already reachd its goal, but doctors giving patients perscribed veggies and fruits? YES! N Steven Harris, an amazing comics artist out of NYC.


Soul Portrait 1- Andrew Ashong

Discovered Andrew through Gilles Peterson's show and have been listening ever since. Dig the brothers sound and he is the first in a new series of art and illustration featuring Soul musicians. So look out for Portraiture and Typography similar to the Jazz Series and very experimental.

Some of my favorite songs by Andrew so far are Flowers, Never dreamed, and Don't know why.

Character 80-Butterfly Kid

If you make fun of his wings, he'll punch you. You've been warned.

ESG- Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold (Band) on RBMA

Check out this groups lead on Red bull music academy
Love ESG, heard this piece I did on them for Muphoric Sounds ?


The internet's own boy-Inspiration

There are a lot of different things, issues, or points I can say about this documentary, but the most important thing would be that it is worth watching. It deals heavily with what you are using right now to read these words. The internet.


20 hours left! Bring back my Flat top

This is me, more than 15 years ago. I used to have my uncle fade my hair all the time. One of the stretch goals on the Furqan's First Flat Top is for me to cut my hair in a flat top again, and there are 20 hours left in the campaign.

Heres the link to the stretch goals
heres the link for the campaign