Dec 16, 2021

Film Study 4 - Love Jones (1997)


Here's a film study of the film "Love Jones" by Theodore Witcher. As I learn a bit about storyboarding I am looking back to some of my old favorites for inspiration. And looking at how they were shot makes me understand filmmaking so much more. Here's the synopsis for Love Jones. I watched this film with my first girlfriend and loved it ever since then. Such a dope romantic film! All the actors and the crew did a fantastic job with this film. Here's the trailer.

Synopsis: A poet and a photographer take a chance on romance but find their ambitions and baggage could keep them from taking the relationship further. 

Did you miss the previous film study? Here it is: Whale Rider (2002)

If you love this film, check out this conversation w/the cast in 2019

Dec 9, 2021

Inspiring Artist - Gabby Zapata


I love Gabby Zapata's character work. I can't remember when I came across her but she has an incredible style, sense of color, and attitude in her work. It sings with life. Check out a few of these!

Gabby works in animation, comics, and illustration. You might have seen some of her work in films like The Legend of Tembo, Tangled, Alebrijes, and she is now a lead designer at Disney. She is from LA and both Mexican and Colombian!

If you haven't seen this before, it's a series of posts where I share and or highlight inspiring artists in a variety of fields relating to art (photography, film, animation, illustration, fine art). Check out a few of the previous ones:

La Bestia - Animated short


Dope short film by Ram TamezMarlijn Van Nuenen and Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt!

Dec 8, 2021

Jason Wilson -Inspiring words!


This was a really inspiring interview to listen to. In it this brother talks about healing, fatherhood, being a son, hurting, opening up to his emotions, and teaching young men of color to be open to their feelings. I realized I'd seen videos of him and his students in a dojo as he teaches martial arts. But, I'd forgotten about the emotional healing he teaches as well. Def worth a listen!

NCAC : Attack on books

 I signed this statement supporting the many books that have been banned by folks who do not want to talk about race, gender, or sexuality. As two of my books have been banned and I have grown up with the knowledge of ethnic studies I know what its like. Check out the statement from the National Coalition Against Censorship!

Heres an article about one of my books that was banned.


Dec 6, 2021

Self Evident Podcast - Artwork

Yo, did some artwork for this awesome podcast! If you haven't listened to it yet please check out the "Self Evident Podcast". Especially this episode about fruit which is a love language in Asian families.

Dec 2, 2021

Look, Listen, & Learn features "One of a Kind, Like Me"


Yo, me and Laurin Mayeno's book "One of a Kind, Like Me" is featured in this online TV series called "Look, Listen, & Learn" for kids created by Val Thompson-Matson. Please check it out, they have stuff about making music, visual art, exercise, and literacy!

More on the show:

Cop the book from me here.