Dec 28, 2009

New Years Eve-TYS rocks steady

Peace yawl, had to put this up because me and the folks will be throwing down some ill shit, should be good vibes, music, love, and creativity.Heres the math:

Three rooms of cumbias, classic salsa, afro-beat, funk,
& dance classics to bless you into the new year!

Joe Quixx Oakland Faders
Joe Franko Unicornio Records
Wonway Posibul Distortion 2 Static/Thinkbeat
Sivan TRU Soul

Miguel Bounce Perez Latin Soul Brothers / TYS
Laura Victoria Salazar
Lorenzo Vasquez
Luis Marroquin U-N-I Collective
John Ramirez
Ashley K Arnold
Franklin Cartagena/F.E.O. KREW
Yoshi Trust Your Struggle Collective
Shaun Burner Trust Your Struggle Collective
Robert Trujillo Trust Your Struggle Collective
Ozzy "DOME" MagaƱa/F.E.O. KREW

Submission Art Space
2183 Mision Street @ 18th St. S.F.

$10 before 11pm
$15 after

$7 before 11pm w/ RSVP at

Muphoric Sounds-In the trunk 2

What it do yawl?! Well, sorry for the slump in posts, but I just packed my life up and moved back to the place where I was born and raised.The Bay Area. Im back and forth across the East Bay right now but Im finna (going to be) around for awhile. For myNYC folkers, I should be back before October next Fall for a special project.

In the meantime, check out this new post about a doope song that came from a dope LP and a dope musician.Mr. Sergent Garcia! And, in case you missed my last post-Im going to be posting short blogs about music on the one and only, fresher than fresh...Muphoric Sounds.

My section is called "In The Trunk", peep HERE

Dec 16, 2009

character 2

Una manzana estaba en mi mochila, and its been almost two weeks.this character stuff is fun.

Dec 15, 2009

L Magazine Feature

Peace yawl, a homie through a homie connection brings you a slight informational piece about come bien, my work and it mentions some of the contributors and pieces from Come Bien which is really cool. It reminds me however that Come Bien really needs a logo! Not my mug!Ugghhh. Anyways, peep the short article.Thanks to Andrea and Allie! If you are not familiar with Come Bien go check it out.To read the full article please go to:
L Magazine Blog

Dec 5, 2009

Character 1

I decided im finna (going to) start putting up a new character sketch every two weeks because I need to show the ancestors Im serious about this thing here. Plus I need to draw more sistas (women). Thoughts? This one is very Zees influenced.....

Dec 4, 2009

Patterson Heights Illustration-Felicia Pride

Peace yawl, got hella work to do, but I'm happy to be finish with this, its official for me because the author is major.Check out Ms. Felicia Pride, author of The Message, Patterson Heights, and many more. The detals of this I'll leave to conversation, but here you'll see what the original cover looked like, and the process to remix it and make it fresher. Big shouts out to Felicia for putting me up on so much game. Holr at her and see about her resume.

Song which describes my feeling today: The D.O.C. -Let the bass go!