Nov 30, 2021

Beyond The Diaspora - Macla SJ

Peace fam, I will have some of my illustrations and paintings in this exhibit celebrating the African Diaspora in Latinx culture. Please check it out if you're in the South BAY! 

This is the last exhibit I had some artwork in:

My Homies are my Heroes by Nancy Hernandez (TYS

Thank you!!!


For all the homies and fam that thru down, shared, or sent words of encouragement-thank you! Time to chill. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ shout out to my wifey @thejoyliu for the ill book design and listening to me blab abt it! Thank you all so much!! Stay tuned......

Campaign link 

Did you catch my 2nd sketchbook tour?

Nov 29, 2021

20 Hours left! - Art of Rob Kickstarter!


In case u were holding out until the last minute, I just wanted to let you know that you have 20 hours left to back the "ART of ROB" Kickstarter campaign before it ends tonight. So please go throw down if you were meaning to. Not sure if we'll hit the third stretch goal, but we hit two already!

These two goals remain:

Nov 23, 2021

Podcast interview: w/NOT REAL ART


Whats up fam, I got a chance to be a guest on the "Not Real Art" podcast w/ my TYS sister Erin Yoshi. I wish I could embed it directly here, but please check out this LINK to listen

This show was recorded last month and I talk a bit about kids books, illustration, of course the "Art of Rob" campaign on kickstarter, and our crew "Trust Your Struggle". If you're not up on this podcast please give them a listen, Man One and Sourdough have been doing it for a minute and they just brought Erin Yoshi on as an official co-host. Here are some of the folks she's interviewed that I admire!

If you would like to hear or see more media features please check out my press page here.

Nov 21, 2021

Video: Sketch book tour 2


Sup with it fam, here is my 2nd sketchbook tour. The first one I uploaded was at the beginning of the year. And this is a more recent sketchbook. Check it out. It's fun to share sketches and process art with you all. I love seeing sketchbooks too and have kept them since I was a kid. Know of any cool sketchbook tours? Hit me up. 

Sketchbook tour 2: LINK

If you haven't yet seen my kickstarter featuring my art, this is a preview of some of the art that would be in there. It reached its goal and stretch goals are up. The link for the campaign is here: ART of ROB

Nov 20, 2021

5th Annual Social Justice Children's Bk Holiday Fair"


Hey fam, I'm excited to bring you the 5th annual "Social Justice Children's Book Holiday Fair". Every year a small team of volunteers get together and throw this event to connect you with kids book makers of many stripes. We focus on Bipoc, Lgbtq, and Social Justice minded creators and their books. Although covid is still real af, we will gather in B-Town (Berkeley, CA) masked and outdoors. So, come through, get some books, meet the creators, and spread love.

Date: Dec 5th
Time: 11am-2pm
Location: Teance
Who: Laura Atkins, Ann Berlak, Angela Dalton, Hayley Diep, Alejandra Domenzain, Girls Garage, Michael Genhart, Jill Guerra, Laneha House, Kamaria Lofton, NJ Mvondo/Multiculturalism Rocks, Innosanto Nagara, Christina Newhard, Meenal Patel, James Shields, Robert Liu-Trujillo, Justine Villanueva, PM Press, and more!
What: Not your average book fair 
Why? : Parents, kids, teachers, librarians, bk store owners, etc are hungry for these books and want to meet the people behind them.

Facebook LINK
Eventbrite LINK

If you're in the Bay Area, come through. If not, tell a friend who is in the Bay!

Video: Here's the link from last years virtual event w/ Mr Limata and Lydia Yamaguchi
Photos: Here are some photos from the past 5 years

Nov 18, 2021

Podcast Interview w/ Solo Nerd Bird

 If you have a chance, check out the Solo Nerd Bird podcast (Baltimore) where KS does revues of games, films, and interviews w/ creatives. I'm excited to be featured on the podcast where I talk about my work and my kickstarter campaign. Tune in below.... LINK

If you want to see past press Ive done go here. And if you would like to throw down on the kickstarter here is the link. Thank you 

Nov 14, 2021

Video: Thank YOU!

 BIG thank you to all of you who have sent encouraging words, shared the campaign, and contributed. I'm doing this w/o a publisher or some big company but with a lot of love and support from you so thanks!! If you have already seen my campaign for my art book please check it out, read the updates, share it, and back it. Ending soon on Nov 30th!

Campaign LINK

Campaign updates:

-Whats an art book? Who cares?

-Stretch Goals

-Lemme tell u abt this photo

Nov 9, 2021

Kickstarter Update - Lemme tell you about this picture


Let me tell you about this picture. This was in Nicole Martinez’s class at Cesar Chavez Elementary in Sacramento (2015) and it was taken shortly after the release of “I am Sausal Creek/ Yo Soy el Arroyo Sausal” written by author, healer, and former educator Melissa Reyes ( translated by Cinthya Munoz, pub by Nomadic Press). Melissa was and is awesome with kids. She wrote a story that told ecological and local history through the voice of a creek because it didn't exist. And she did it so it could be read in English or Spanish. Her story has captivated many children and families. Matter of fact, people still tell me that they love the story.

What does this have to do with “Art of Rob” or art books? When we (authors/illustrators) were invited to read I asked Melissa and Ms Martinez if I could share some of my artwork process with the kids and I’ve been doing that since then. The kids responded to it and after the initial ego boost of children saying wow to my drawings I thought of how important it is to see Black and Brown authors or illustrators come to your school and talk about their create paths. I thought about how important it is to encourage them to be creative by showing them our process. This book is about representation and encouragement.

Ever since then I have shared my sketchbook, picture books, and some process paintings and more often than not the kids are super juiced to see them. I always wanted a way to take some of that excitement and give it to them so they could take it home. If you’ve supported this campaign you are fulfilling that dream for me and helping to encourage new artists; I hope. Fingers crossed.

Whether you get Art of Rob or not, please invite BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) creatives to speak to kids in schools and libraries. That way children of color can see a reflection of themselves and other kids can see just how many types of people make stories. Also, please encourage children of all kinds, but especially children of color to explore the arts. I started doing children's books to make stories that reflected the world I see, my family, friends, and neighborhood. I didn't realize just how welcoming the teachers, librarians, bookstore owners, literacy workers, and children would be. That's it.

If you want to see an interview I did this past month with the Nerds of Color, go here. And if you haven't shared this campaign with someone yet please do. We're close to unlocking a new stretch goal, which means more pgs of art added to the book!

Previous post about Stretch Goals!

Nov 6, 2021

Kickstarter Update: Stretch Goals


If you're interested, I just made some stretch goals for this Art of Rob book campaign. One of which has already been unlocked. Check the rest out and spread the word if you want to make the book bigger. THANK YOU in advance and stay tuned.

Nov 2, 2021

Kickstarter 100% Funded! Thank You!!!


Fam, we're 100 % funded and in 3 days y'all. Thank you all for sharing, backing, and for spreading the word. I'm going to do a post about stretch goals soon but for now I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!

In case you missed it, here is the link to the project!

Kickstarter Update: Whats an Art Book and who cares?


Wow, its only day 3 and my Kickstarter is almost 80 % funded! Amazing! Thank you all. Here's a bit of info to share....

What is an art book? Who cares? An art book is a tool, an escape, a resource, a push, a friend, its anything you want it to be. Of course we’re talking about paper, binding, pictures, words, etc. But it's also a way to grab attention and get kids to take a break from the screens when you need them to. You can put them on the kitchen table, on your bookshelf, home library, or in a classroom. If you can’t buy them, you can check them out at your local library. But why? Art books are a great way to encourage young creatives! There are lots of different types of art books. Here are a few:

1. Photography: "Reflections in Black by Deborah Willis"

Its a book cataloguing Black photographers from 1840-2000. It has essays, memories, think pieces, and tons and tons of photographs. Black & white, color, experimental, and more. #photography

2. Animation: "Into the Spiderverse"

This is an art of book. Whats that? Well many feature and animated films have art departments that develop the look and feel of a film from the way actors act, to the designs of their clothing. An art of book for a film that you like can expand your understanding of how it was made and who did it. This book features many departments of the film making process. #animation

3. Murals: "Maestrapiece: San Francisco’s Monumental Feminist Mural".

This book celebrates the herstory of a really huge mural painted in the Mission District of San Francisco on one of the first buildings ever dedicated to the lives of women; The Women’s Building. The book is full of old and new images, memories, and writings about how this crew of bad assess women painted this mural and why it means so much. #murals

4. Graffiti: "Piecebook the secret drawings of graffiti writers" by Sacha Jenkins and Chino BYI.

This is an ill book featuring some writing but mostly sketchbook drawings of pieces, characters, throw ups, and more by graffiti writers from the 70s to the 80s I believe. For any kid who was interested in Graffiti or street art this is a must have because it shows you a world that you wouldn’t get to see unless you were a part of the culture. #graffiti

5. Fashion: "The Sourcebook of Fashion Design".

This is a dope book featuring how to’s , writing, and tones of photographs of sketches, designs, fabric, outfits, and garments from the designer fashion industry. And I mention this because you might have a kid who loves fashion. Get them some fashion designer books! #fashiondesign

6. Architecture: The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

This book features beautiful images of buildings of the future and some that echo the past. It spans the globe and features captions and short written pieces about the buildings. Got a kid in your life who loves architecture? #architecture

7. US History: "Celebrate People’s History" by Josh MacPhee

is a book of poster art. The art in this book features work by movement artists, groups, and more. The subject matter ranges from individual figures to historic events, places, and groups. And it talks about labor, laws, social justice, ethnic studies, and more. Because each poster has a very short reference it leaves it up to the viewer to look up what strikes them as interesting. #UShistory

8. Makers/ Builders: "Girls Garage" by Emily Pilloton

is an awesome resource for girls about how to build things. It features history, facts, and an encyclopedia about tools and lots of DIY tips on projects. One of the coolest things in it are profiles about women young and old who have built shit!! #builders

9. And lastly, I threw my book in there to illustrate the point that there are lots of different types of art books and mine is one of them. An artist sketchbook with character designs and other things. Thank you for supporting my kickstarter to make this art book a reality. Not only for me but hopefully for some young students out there.

If you're looking for any of these books please go to your local bookstore or library and ask them about these art books!!!

Also did you see this VIDEO?

Nov 1, 2021

Stuff I've been listening to - 19 (UK artists)


Greentea Peng - Dingaling (2021)

It feels like I've been listening to a lot of UK(British) artists lately from a few genres but mostly hip hop and soul. Here are a few of those artists. Hearing how they do their own thing and flip soul, hip hop, jazz, or house really trips me out sometimes. One of my biggest wishes is for more US based MCs, vocalists, and producers to collaborate with them. Got some folks I should hear? Leave a comment!

Yusef Dayes & Tom Misch - Storm before the calm (2020)

Cleo Sol - Sweet Blue (2019)

Little Simz-Backseat  (2016)

Eric Lau-Masamba (2017)

Kokoroko- Carry me home (2021)

Nayana IZ - TNT (2020)

Sault - Little boy (2020)

Andrew Ashong - Never dreamed (2013)

I wish I could tell you where everyone is from but I do not always know. And I'm trying to include artists from the past 5-10 years mostly. If we were going back in time I would include artists like Soul 2 Soul, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Loose Ends, or Sade.

Omar - I want it to be (2016)

Zilo - Show me whats mine (2021)

Blue Lab Beats - Memories (2019)

Hawk House - Chill pill (2014)

Hollie Cook - That very night (2011)

Shout out to Osunlade, Gilles Peterson, Vanessa Warren, Thinkbeat Radio, and the Colors YouTube channel for some of the gems!

The previous "Stuff I've been listening to" was about HOUSE music

Stuff I've been listening to- SOUL music

Stuff I've been listening to- JAZZ