Oct 25, 2010


If you follow African music, artists, films, fashion, or culture you will probably enjoy I AM THE NU BLACK's weekly posts that run the gambit of creativity through Africans all across the world. I found out about this London based cultural hub through Society HAE and have been following them ever since. At the time they were having an art contest, for which I missed the deadline. So I decided to hit up Gabi from Nu Black and she asked a few questions. Check it out here I mention a bunch of people I know, and a bunch of people I'd like to work with. Peace, love, and humble light. Shout out to Leo Docuyanan for the dope photo!

Oct 22, 2010

Friday Slaps

I can't really work w/o listening to music that slaps.Starting with DJ Muggs and Bambu-seperately these cats put out out so much heat!!!But together?wow. Ghost Poet Seu Jorge and Almaz-Cirandar

Oct 21, 2010

Photos from LIFE is LIVING fest-West Oakland

The Life Is Living Fest happened about two weeks ago and I'm just starting to get all the photos together, but here are a few of me and the homies (Yoshi, Bounce, Shaun Burner, Jesse Hernandez, Nancy Hernandez, Keena Romano, Franklin Cartagena, Brian Augsburger, Pierre Knox, and Eli Fantuzzi). This event was a collaborative effort between many artists, activists, and organizations with the goal of seeing activism, poverty, or health as "connected" things.And if you are in Chicago, Houston, NYC, or the Bay Area I urge you to go check it out. There was a Graffiti Battle, Hella Bicycles, Dance performances, spoken word, huge open space and a park for the babies, a skate board competition, live music, vendors, and tons of positive messages for the "hood" such as the one you see me holding in the photo.

Photo Credits: Malia Connor(OooMami Flicks), Michael Cordero, One 3 Snapshot, and Mike Tyau

Oct 20, 2010

"Drink Me" Mag Illustration

This is a piece for Drink Me Magazine about wild yeast in beers. I don't drink beer, or even drink that much but this magazine had some interesting pieces about ancient moonshines of Mexico. So, I hit up their art director Mr. Lance Jackson(who's illustration on the cover caught my attention), and he guided me through the process. Check it out. I know some of you are wondering why I'm doing this. Well, stay tuned and you will see.Diabolical!

Oct 19, 2010

Picking fruit Postcard

Achhheeem, another piece of the diabolical plan, soon to be announced officially. But for now, a peak at it. Meant as a promotional tool for artists, post cards are sent out to Art Directors, blah, blah,blah. The only tried and true appreciators I have of my art are my family, my crew, and you. Put this on the refrigerator in your restaurant, conference room, or home. If you know NO ONE with a refrigerator, at least let me know what it makes you think of.

Oct 15, 2010

Cranky Boots Board

Working on these hand written titles for some hand made gourmet popsicles..by Crank Boots Pops

In the trunk-Muphoric Sounds 9

While doing my normal Muphoric research for a song, I realized just how much work Stevie has done in his career. The man worked with so many incredible musicians, and racked up so many awards it almost unbelievable. Do you remember the song "Sylvia"? Listen on

Muphoric Sounds

Oct 14, 2010

Im on a wall!

The homies Ms Mensen and Crystal Clarity of New Jersey/ Brooklyn painted me and my boy on a mural in Brooklyn!!! Crazy, right? You wanna see more fotos of the entire mural? Hit up Mensen or Clarity, they are some of the most incredible muralists I've ever had the pleasure to know, work, kick it with.Love yall!

Oct 11, 2010

Lyricist from Bklyn

I painted this nearly 10 years ago. Although life is filled with contradictions, I have hella (a lot of) respect for this MC. The first 2 people who comment on this post with the title of one of his songs or even a name of one of his crew mates will win a hand drawn portrait (like this).

Oct 5, 2010

Oct 1, 2010

Speed painting for your Cocina

Just did this earlier this morning.Quick 2 hour piece. It will be here on my Etsy page. There's a diabolical plan related to it as well, email me for more diabolical information.

Tanehisi Coates-Mosaic Magazine 24

Last year I did a cover for MOSAIC Magazine and just recently looked back at all the drawings. The person on the cover is writer/author Tanehisi Coates, a very intelligent brother who writes from the heart. It came out pretty fresh and I wanted to show the process, so here you go. If you like it, please bug Ron from Mosaic for copies for your school, office, work,etc.This issue also contained an interview with writer Junot Diaz, and my first published piece about the comic "Brotherman" by Dawud Anyabwile.