Nov 30, 2009

Samax does portraits and Art for you

Yo, if you haven't peeped the artwork of the incredibly talented Samax Amen, please go check out his blog GHETTO MANGA, where you will find some of the illest news in comics, hip hop, and cutlura! Like the piece you see here? You can get one commissioned especially for the holidays by him...

Nov 29, 2009

Group Therapy-Eat and Draw

All fotos courtesy of Ms Mensen...

A few weeks ago me and some homies got together to chill, eat, and draw. I made lots of food, me and Clarity had a Tostones battle, and we just drew for nearly two days straight.It wasn't super intentional, just needed by all of us...the space to just create without really thinking or being restricted, piece after piece.A freestyle session if you will. Ever since I was 13 or 14 Ive been doing these with different crews, on the street, at school, in homes, sometimes even at parties.For you sketchbook junkies, you feel me right?

Role call of the artists:
Cece Carpio
Crystal Clarity
Ms. Mensen
Killer Zees
and Me...

Check out some of the flicks from those days.I put up my favorite piece I did( we all drew like 10-15 pieces), and some of the ones everyone else did.Enjoy and Holler if you're down to session.I'll bring the Guacamole. I know Joy and Tiff throw one every now and then....

Nov 27, 2009

Muphoric Sounds -In The Trunk

You know, I've always loved music. If you know me, you know I cannot go through a normal conversation with out referencing the latest "Kev Brown" or "Bambu" joint. But, its because music is just so inspiring and powerful that it has become a major life force, teacher, and comforter that whenever I work, whenever I play, when ever I need to think...I relate my actions to melodies. So, on whatever social networking site Im on I cant help but share new music. Some one I know noticed.And this leads me to a great honor I have been given.

Ladies and gents, I have been invited by the the editor over at Muphoric Sounds to be a musical contributor to their blog/online magazine.........Yes....Its True. This is beyond cool. It means that I have an official platform to share some gems with you in my physical and mental record collection that I believe you as my friends, family, and folks will enjoy, and hopefully look for.

I will be posting slaps(songs) on there every month yawl, so check back.I'll let you know when they go up. Shout out to Vanessa Warren, who put up with my run on sentences (I'm not a writer, but I love music!)and bickering to help me present something short and sweet for you the listener.

My segment is called "IN THE TRUNK". Enjoy!


Nov 24, 2009


Yo, this site is endless in terms of witty and intelligent commentary about the advertising world's body of work created by, referencing, or about Black folks or people of color. Theres tons and tons of inspirational work here as well about Graphic Designers, Art directors, and Illustrators. Case in point, the homie Craig over at KMBA featured me. What?!?! Yes.....Thanks Craig!
Peep it here

Nov 19, 2009

The Liberator

Real proud of this piece for The Liberator Magazine because I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone skill wise and I'm very honored to have my art featured on the cover of such a respectable, culturally relevant, and boundary pushing magazine such as the Liberator, which has been paying dues since 2002. The Water ripple effect is one I always wanted to try but never really felt ready for until now. The next step will be pulling this off with aerosol on a wall but for now, peep the process of how I arrived at the final illustration for this piece. The process shows the sketches, the color comps, the process of photo reference-where my crew mate Cece took many shots of me modeling the position I drew, the final sketch, one of my references, and the final piece. Big thanks to the homie Joseph Lamour who was art directing this. For those who live in the planet Brooklyn, this piece will be up at the Coup d' etat show from Nov. 21st, 2009 to February 28th, 2010. Definitely check out the article this illustration was created for and my homie Ilene Byers (IQ) who also has some featured illustration in this issue.One Love. -Rob

Nov 14, 2009

Coup d' etat Show-Nov. 21st

Peace all, I was invited to participate in this show with the Coup D' etat Crew from Brooklyn, and by the looks of the line up of close friends, heavy hitters, and just all around talented artists its bout to be real fresh. If you havent had the chance to meet any of the CDTBK crew than you must come through and meet them, chop it up (converse),etc. The show is called "LIVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING THROUGH ART".

I originally wanted to do a brand new piece, but alas it didnt happend. The piece that will be up is one im very proud of though, so come thru and check it out. Holr.And while youre at it, check out two of the artists from the line up: Ms. Ana Bravo from Salinas(CA) and the O.G.(veteran) Cekis from Santiago Chile.

I'll leave you with a music video that I think is quite creative but unrelated to this show. The dues payin, super fresh "Zion-I"....

Nov 8, 2009

In the Lab

Been in the lab! Working on quite a few things here and there related to music, print, and a coming art show. A bout a month ago I started this piece for my son because I promised I would send him something from NY. The first is the inked sketch from my book, the second is a color test I did in photoshop. I liked how it came out so I re-drew it in watercolor and submitted to a competition. We'll see how that goes.But for now, he likes it and is drawing me a "comic con storm troopers". I'm the luckiest dad in the world y este es mi hijo....The boat in this drawing is researched, I'll divulge more later. -Rob