Oct 31, 2022

Children's Portrait 72- V


This is V who I also painted as one of the gift tier's for my "Art of Rob" book commissioned by her Mama. I don't have much of the process for painting this one but still dig how it came out.

What are these? These are children's portraits I paint custom for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, care givers, families and more. I've been painting them for nearly a decade. They're fun to paint and unique ways of giving someone a gift. Although the majority of these are of children and families, I paint young adults and adults too.


Wanna see some more portraits like these?
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Oct 30, 2022

Children's Portrait 71 - Cruz

Here's a portrait of my friend Nikki's son Cruz. Nikki was the first person to commission me to do a portrait of her daughter Mia way back in 2012. Check it out here.

What are these? These are children's portraits I paint custom for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, care givers, families and more. I've been painting them for nearly a decade. They're fun to paint and unique ways of giving someone a gift. Although the majority of these are of children and families, I paint young adults and adults too.


The last portrait I painted was of my god daughter Xinmei. And here are some collages of children's paintings too:

Oct 29, 2022

Children's Portrait 70 - Xinmei


I painted this portrait of my god daughter for her Mama and as one of the rewards for my Art of Rob kickstarter. She is elementary school age and a mix of Black, Asian, and Irish and shes beautiful inside and out:) Check out a few process shots below.

What are these? These are children's portraits I paint custom for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, care givers, families and more. I've been painting them for nearly a decade. They're fun to paint and unique ways of giving someone a gift. Although the majority of these are of children and families, I paint young adults and adults too.


If you like seeing these, here are a few others:
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Oct 27, 2022

Furqan's First -over 3k sold independently!!

Wow, I'm excited to announce that "Furqan's First Flat Top/ El Primer Corte de Mesita de Furqan" has officially sold out of its 2nd print run. That makes over 3000 books sold hand to hand, at events, or sent to folks all over the US and the world. 

Some day I'll do a video about what it took to do this independently without the help of a publisher or marketing team. At the time I decided to do it I was getting little to no love from the industry. I've since learned that this is partially what it means to be a beginning author/illustrator and that there is and was a huge problem with the diversity of kids books!

Here's the post I did about the book release at EastSide Arts Alliance w/ Kati Cepeda and Aya de Leon.  And the trailer for the book got over 5k views! Holy smokes.Never expected it to reach so many people but it has and folks are still learning about it today!

It all started with one or two books. Now I've worked on over 10 children's books as an illustrator and/or author with more on the way. Furqan is temporarily sold out but you can cop the latest book I illustrated for Jill Guerra "We Are Yoga/ Somos Yoga".

And if you missed my kickstarter you can cop my first book of art including 130 pages of sketch book art, character designs, tutorials, and more Art of Rob LINK.

Oct 24, 2022

Stuff I've Been Listening to 22 - (Instrumentals)


Wha gwan? I got hip to this group through my mom who loves "The New Birth". This group "The Nite Liters" is an off shoot or sub group of the New Birth and its the band I believe. Anyway, dig it. LINK . If you're new. Every year I share some music that I love from many genres. The core is Black music. Take a listen to these instrumentals and beats! The Nite Liters - KJee (Louisville, 1970)

Slept on this album. I dig this beat. Alchemist has so many bangers across his career. Link to listen
The Alchemist - No Window Tints (FETTI) (Los Angeles, 2018)

Don't know much about Peruvian Pysch or the hisory of cumbia, but I love this instrumental version of "Botecito" by Los Orientales de Paramonga. I wrote about this song back in 2014 here on the Muphoric Sounds blog.  
Los Orientales de Paramong- Botecito (Paramonga Peru, 1972)

This entire LP is headphones/ ride out music. One half of the Stuyvesants, brother Allmos made this dope album. Aromas is my favorite song off this. 
Allmos- Aromas Naturalle (Portland, 2017)

Kokoroko is an amazing band lead by trumpeter Sheila Maurice Grey from the UK and I love their mix of jazz, high life, funk, and everything in between. 
Kokoroko-Age of Ascent (United Kingdon, 2022)

Love this dude DJ Harrison. First heard him via Ivan Ave from Oslo. He's a multi-instrumentalist from Richmond Virginia and is also a member of Butcher Brown. His bandcamp is full of incredible beat tapes like this. Pen Eyes 9 is my favorite. 
DJ Harrison- Pen Eyes 9 (Richmond,VA, 2021)

This whole LP is fire. Jahari Massamba Unit is drummer/producer Karriem Riggins and producer Madlib. Merde is my favorite track from the album. 
Jahari Massamba Unite - Merde (Detroit/ Los Angeles, 2020)

Kiefer is such a dope musician. His work as a producer and jazz pianist is instantly recognizable when you hear it. Peep his catalogue. 
Kiefer - Superheo (Los Angeles, 2021)

This is a dope cut from vibraphonist and vocalist Roy Ayers. Produced for the 70s Blaxploitation flick Coffy starring Pam Grier. Fans of Hieroglyphics will recognize this one from Casual's first LP.
Roy Ayers - Brawlin Broads( Los Angeles, 1973)

I became familiar with "The Putbacks" through Hiatus Kaiyote and I dig the way they play alone and with other artists. This is my favorite track from this album. 
The Putbacks - Hold on (Melbourne, 2018)

I grew up listening to this band and I love Sade. If you go back and listen, the band included an instrumental song on most of the Sade albums including their solo Sweetback album. Siempre Hay Esperanza is dope but this is my favorite.

Sade - Mermaid (United Kingdom, 1992)

Georgia Anne Muldrow, the producer and vocalist has a ton of records under her belt including an album by Elzhi entirely produced by her, and several instrumental LPs such as Vweto 2. This is my favorite from that album. 
Georgia Anne Muldrow- Bass Attack Rap (Los Angeles, 2019)

If I were a producer I would add an 808 and some drums to this interlude produced by Lianne La Havas and Geo. Its my 2nd favorite track on this album. But as it stands, I would listen on repeat for days.
Lianne La Havas - Out of your mind (London, 2020)

That's it, there are so many more like this snippet from Oddisee's new material but thats it for today. If you like discovering new music check out some of these other posts I've made over the past few years. Remember, even though you may have a sweet spot for a specific era or period, there's always great music to be discovered and appreciated. Some of its old, and some is brand new! The best way to hear that new new is through your local favorite DJ. Playlists are great too, but hug a human through your speaker.

Stuff Ive been listening to 21: Raps

Stuff Ive been listening to 17: Soul

Stuff Ive been listening to 19: UK Artists

Stuff Ive been listening to 20: Remixes

EDIT: Added later

ESG (Emerald , Sapphire, & Gold) - UFO Classic rock/hip hop shit

Oct 23, 2022

READ print 6


New shit. This is a new print in my series of READ prints. Truthfully I'm experimenting with these and having fun doing it. If you dig this you can cop one 

here through my store

Here's the previous print (#5) and the set of the first 4

Oct 22, 2022

Video: Panel for Latinx Comic Arts Fest 2022


Hey folks, here is a panel discussion I did with J.M. Hunter (Ohio) and Henry Barajas (Arizona/LA) back in March of this year at the Latinx Comic Arts Fest in Modesto California. This was a great convo moderated by Kristen Parraz of Comadres y Comics (LA). This is the short description of the panel topic:

“Artivism: Comic Arts as Activism” features a discussion of how from the earliest superheroes fighting the “forces of evil” to historical accounts and graphic memoir, comics have virtually always been used to express discontent and call for change. Join us as panelists discuss how comics can work as a medium for social justice.

If you'd like to table at the next one in the Spring of 2023, Stay tuned to their website and their social media.

Dig this? Here are some photos from the Latino Comics Expo back in 2019

Oct 19, 2022

Cerise Castle -A History of Violence Podcast

 Just started listening to this new podcast called "A Tradition of Violence" by Cerise Castle about the gangs embedded in the LA County Sheriff's  department. 

Action: Listen to and share the show

I remember hearing about her back in 2021 and she had been reporting on this for several years making herself a target by LA Cops who like most police departments in the US serve wealthy elites and to keep everyday people in check so we don't revolt. Police have been murdering Black folks specifically for decades but until recently the public rarely knew unless it was caught on film. From NYPD to LA, cops are not the solution to safety yall, we are. All the billions that they get paid should be going to our public schools, public hospitals, jobs, and community based solutions that will actually make the communities they claim to protect safer. 

Much respect and props to Cerise for continuing the legacy of journalism that exposes evils like this that are foundational to the US government's system of control. Follow and protect her yall.

Check out this interview w/ journalist Cerise Castle where she speaks w/ the breakfast club

Oct 17, 2022

Money Out Loud- Berna Anat


I came across Berna on Instagram where she kills it with her financial hype woman advice, pointers, and celebrations. I, like so many did not grow up with financial literacy and I now know that is by design. But, I'm learning and I think the way Berna approaches finances and the fact that she made this to talk not only about the numbers but a person of color perspective makes this one to look out for.

Preorder this book for yourself, your high school classroom, or your bookstore HERE

Check out this interview she did with the Brown Ambition podcast

Here is her Instagram where you can find her hyping up your financial accomplishments and dropping game.

Dig this? check out this post about Berna, Farnoosh Torabi, and Ramona Ortega

Oct 14, 2022

We Are Cocina -Talk w/ Inforum SF


I only know about La Cocina-the fabulous organization that incubates, lifts up, and supports great chefs and helps them thrive as entrepreneurs through my wife Joy who once dramed of starting a ramen shop and my friend Reem Assil who opened up Reem's California in Oakland and SF. But, to hear three different chefs and the executive director talk about their new book and some of what makes them work as a community is just dope! 

Listen to the talk

Reem Assil, Veronica Salazar, Lamees Dabhour, Caleb Zigas w/ Justin Philipps

If you dig this, check out my video series called "My Favorite Art Books" where I talk about books like these HERE.

And please go get this book here and support the organization behind it. Shout out to Chronicle Books.

Oct 13, 2022

Inspiring Artist - Lorena Alvarez


I came across Lorena Alvarez work with her graphic novel "Nightlights" in 2016. Ever since then I have been eagerly awaiting any new work from the Colombiana. Originally from Bogotá she studied there and here in the states. 

One of the things I love most about her work besides its incredible sense of imagination, is her use of color. It is delicious to look at. Listen to this interview with her on the Children's Book Podcast.

OK, thats some of her illustration work which is both digital and traditional. You can follow her on IG here. Her portfolio is here, and you can cop her comics Hicotea and Nightlights at most book stores. She's worked on some other books too, but I don't know them as well.

If you liked this check out some of the other ladies I've shared:

Looking for more inspiration, here's my last Inspiration Board from August of 2022

Oct 12, 2022

RIP Tony Coleman - Hard Knock Radio


Man, I didn't know Tony personally but listening to some old interviews with him and reflecting on the interactions I had with him with movement work and at his shop,; he was always super kind dude. I didn't know he served time or even that he was from Frisco. But I remember seeing him in those meetings, those events supporting community through actions and words. Then later he opened up a bike shop in West Oakland on historic 7th street. I remember reintroducing myself to him and he said "I remember you and you son's mother". I think I was searching for a bike for my son at the time and came back years later during the pandemic to buy a used track bike. I told hella people about his shop because it was dope. Affordable, quality, used bikes for kids, adults, women, and I'm sad to hear about this brother's passing.

link to listen- date of dedicated show is October 11th, 2022

Listen to these audio clips from the Bay's "Hard Knock Radio" a station that definitely contributed to my consciousness and knowledge as a hip hop lover, artist, and supporter of progressive social justice movement. I see on Tony's funeral they requested folks wear red, gold, and white and I know exactly what that means since my own uncle born in SF 1964 just passed away and was a huge niner fan. Rest in peace to this brother and my condolences to his family.

Also, check out this interview he did with JR for Bayview Newspaper

Dig this? check out this piece about the cycling group L&M Tourers or activist Olive Morris 

Oct 1, 2022

Gardeners of Belonging Exhibition


Fam, I'm honored to tell you that I have been chosen as one of 7 artists to paint and design large 8' x 8' pieces honoring other creative, active, and giving folks. My choice? The People's Kitchen Collective! But why? What? Peep......

Gardeners of Belonging celebrates people who cultivate growth, flourishing, and belonging: like gardeners, they know that this work is both about tending plants and about tending the soil. The seven participating artists each selected a “gardener” from their life and created a portrait while sharing a dialogue about belonging. The art works were created for the 14th @lifeislivingfest in West Oakland and then moved to @ybca as part of the exhibition Brett Cook and Liz Lerman: Reflection and Action.

Featuring: Gardeners x Artists:
-Roberto Bedoya & Brett Cook
-Sister Peace & Erin Yoshi
-Miss Major & Evan Bissell
-People’s Kitchen Collective & Robert Trujillo
-Joan Osato & Nick James
-Jean Melesaine & Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza
-Amalia Mesa-Bains & Johanna Poethig

October 8 Life is Living
Lil Bobby Hutton Park
1651 Adeline St., Oakland CA

October 30th Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Come check it out! Dig this? Check out Brett Cook

Life is Living - Reading at 12:30pm


Yo, it's that time. The annual "Life is Living Festival" is upon us once again next week in Lil Bobby Hutton Park (DeFremery Park) in West Oakland. It's been back in person in all it's glory, so come through with that good vibe.

About the fest: The 2022 Life is Living Festival, presented by Youth Speaks is Saturday, October 8, 2022 at Lil Bobby Hutton Park in West Oakland (1651 Adeline St., West Oakland). Join us for activations from The Peoples Kitchen Collective, Town Park, Oakhella, ArtEsteem, the City of Oakland’s Cultural Affairs Commission, Dark Star Universe, BAOBOB, Edutainment for Equity, Emily Butterfly's Kid's Zone and more of your favorite local CBOs.

This multi-generational, multi-disciplinary festival celebrates and highlights everything that is beautiful about Oakland – the joy, diversity, adversity, and revolutionary spirit that vibrates through the streets of the city. Join us as we continue the legacy and tradition of celebrating The Town.

As with so many years, Emily Butterfly is welcoming children in the kids zone. I will be there reading at 12:30 alongside other authors and performers. For 14 years, the LIL Kids Zone has been creating a safe and nurturing space for young children and their families at the Life Is Living Festival. Produced and hosted byMs. Emily Butterfly (@ms.emilybutterfly) the Kids Zone welcomes the Jr. Art And Science Center, The Attitudinal Healing Collective, Social Justice Story Tent, Face Painting, Games, Snacks, and Story Tent.

This is the schedule for the Kids Zone:
10:30AM Kendo Martial Arts
11:00AM YGB
11:30AM Jill Guerra
12:00PM Alphabet Rockers
12:30PM Robert Trujillo
1:00PM Iwalani
1:30PM West Oakland Library
2:00PM Emily Butterfly
2:30PM Mr. Limata
3:00PM Iwalani

I will also be participating as a visual artist w/ a piece in Brett Cook's Gardeners of Belonging. It's a big painting and I'm honoring the. "People's Kitchen Collective". Among some of the other artists painting- Erin Yoshi, Evan Bissell, DJ Agana, Nick James, and Johanna Poethig.

For more information please visit LIFE IS LIVING

Dig this? Check out this video of Life is Living 2016