Aug 28, 2019

Art Action - No To Public Charge

Art by Innosanto Nagara

Yo, check out the artwork these artists created to protest Trump's new "Public Charge Law" which basically says the onlky immigrants who can come to the US must be middle class or wealthy. Immigrants who need things like medical or other governments subsidies will not get to be citizens.

Check out more artwork from this action that took place in Oakland on Tuesday.

Aug 27, 2019

Bookmark 6 - Read Graphic Novels

Hey, just made some new bookmarks which I'll be getting printed up soon. Here is the first one. I wanted an image of a young Black boy reading a graphic novel. If you missed my last post about the importance of graphic novels check it out here. If you'd like to cop one of these new bookmarks go to this:


Here are 5 graphic novels I recommend for young readers:
Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani
Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi
Hicotea by Lorena Alvarez
The Dam Keeper by Tonko House
Lowriders in Space by Cathy Camper/Raul the 3rd

Aug 26, 2019

Hiero Day 2019

For all you hip hop fans, I will be at Hiero Day 2019. Bring your positive vibes, your teens, kids, partner, and friends. There will be the Town legends Hieroglyphics crew of course, alongside a long list of new musicians and OGs. Check the line up and get your tickets

I will be there alongside Akira's book club selling books, art prints, and book accessories. See you there! 

Aug 22, 2019

New Book in the works!

Soo, here's some good news. I began working on this story over a decade ago and I'm excited to bring it to you and the young readers in your life.  I wanna give a big shout out and thank you to my agent Marietta Zacker, editor Laura Atkins, my wife, and my kids book community for supporting me on this journey. Holler!

While you wait, go support Lee and Low Books now
check out the roster over at Gallt & Zacker

Aug 17, 2019

Muphoric Sounds Throwback

For those of you unaware, I love music. A lot. I started buying my own tapes at 9 or 10, then at age 14 I moved on to vinyl. These days I don't buy that music but I still listen to new cats. For more than 8 years I wrote short pieces for a music blog started by Vanessa Warren called Muphoric Sounds. I started two columns; "In the trunk" about old records of every genre and "Press Rewind" about instrumental beats. If you started checking out my work recently and dig music, go check out some of the pieces I wrote.

Here are four:

Los Orientales De Paramonga- Botecito Cumbia
Funkdoobiest/ Buckwild- Rock On remix Hip hop
Marcos Valle-Nao tem nada nao Funk
Curtis Mayfield-Kung Fu Funk

Occasionally I wrote about stuff I liked that was new at the time too, like this.

Keepers of The Game Documentary

 Great film, just watched this. A great story about sports, women's empowerment, self confidence, colonization, and Native American traditions. I definitely recommend watching it!

Graphic Novels ARE Books Print

Yo! Just finished this piece. You can cop a print HERE.

I have heard many times adults and others put down Graphic novels as if they are not a valid form of literature and I refute that claim. I believe graphic novels to be not just a gateway into reading for some people but I huge force to be reckoned with. This print came about because I wanted to remind adults, teachers, librarians, parents, and kids themselves to read more Graphic Novels! I want to advocate for these stories as books. I want them used in elementary, jr and high schools, college, and more to read for fun and to learn. Don't let anyone tell you that graphic novels are not real books. They are and they are a powerful way to tell a story.
Dig this? Check out some other lettering projects!
Hyphen Magazine-Yuri Kochiyama

Aug 13, 2019

Sam! first review

Hey, just saw our first review for the book me and author Dani Gabriel created for Penny Candy Books. Check it out, as it talks about two other children's books that feature stories with LGBTQ stories. Shout out to the homie Bao Phi!!

Aug 12, 2019

ACLU Annual Report 2018

Check it out, some more artwork for the Northern California chapter of the ACLU. A few take aways to notice are that in an annual report you have vital information about how an organization did its job. In this report you'll find data on that and short pieces on education equity, voting rights, civil rights, lgbtq rights, immigration, and more. 

Here are some more process art.

If you're pissed about a particular thing a city, state, school, president is doing I implore you to seek out an organization who is supporting what you believe in and contribute your time, money, and/or support to them. Get angry and get active, the institutions who fight for our rights need as much help as they can get. Doesn't have to be the ACLU, could be your local organization, gallery, you get the point.

Aug 6, 2019

Sam! Book Release in El Cerrito

Hey! The first book release party for Sam! is coming. On Tuesday September 17th in El Cerrito California (North of Berkeley/Oakland) me and author Dani Gabriel will be sharing this incredible story with you. Please bring your children, family, and book lover friends to hang. I look forward to seeing you.

For more info about the book please visit Penny Candy Books

Here is the link for the Bk Release Location

Story time Print pack

Hey, I've been working ion this series of "Story time" posters for over a year with the intent to illustrate children and families of color reading to a child or children. I hope that this artwork is useful to your classroom, home, office, or library. Keep reading to the babies!

Story time poster pack LINK