Apr 29, 2012

Inspiration board 12

Inspiring people, sounds, words, sites, and experiences
From top Left to Right:Jazz by Toni Morrison, Jake Wyatt-Illustrator, Tree City Legends-Incredible Theater production, NDD by J*Davey, Marcos Valle-Previsao do Tempo, Tumblr-I find some inspiring stuff there like this photo, Random layered type, Enrique Fernandez-illustrator, Hollie Cook-Great vocalist/reggae vibe, FAAN-The #IWishiLearnedinHS campaign was genius, ASE Dance collective members (costume/make up excellence), Fashion random coolness, Robert Glasper Experiment-Black Radio, A Lotus flower-symbolizing someone very special :), Paul Davey-Illustrator, Sidekicks by Dan Santat.

Apr 13, 2012

April Love and Light Switches 2012 +Commission

Yo! its been awhile with the switch plates. After I did the collage of switches I needed to handle some other biz while I digested all that had been done. Then, someone asked me to do a custom joint which is cool because it's been awhile since I did one. I liked the color combination so much I decided to do two sets. Holler back if you want me to paint a set for you or for a friend.

Apr 11, 2012

Old painting from 03/04

Did this painting as an emotional response to the murder of Timothy Thomas in Cincinatti, Ohio (around 2003/4). I could go on a long rant about doing art that highlights wrongs, champions those who've been taken away so unjustly,etc. But I wont, less talk, more rock, right? All I can say is that I hope by not only painting what is wrong...that by painting what I'd like to see (and what is possible)that my art wont be made in vain. And I don't particularly care about winning the "most angry and down-revolutionary-or whatever popular term is in use this month-award". I just happened to be going through old work and found this painting, which a good friend owns now. It frustrates me to no end to see the same thing happen again now with Trayvon and Shaima. Its been happening right under our noses every year for a long time now. Almost ten years have passed since I painted this and other very angry pictures, about the time Trust your Struggle was founded. I still get angry, but since I have a choice of what to do with my energy, since I've grown; I plan to use my imagination to create something. I'm not sure yet what that means, but it won't be a tactic the "righteous" or the "wicked" have seen yet. Ride with me...

Apr 10, 2012

Samax (Ghetto Manga)

KFJK interviews Samax Amen and Corance Davis from tim harrison on Vimeo.

Please share this, more folks need to know about the amazing work brother Samax of Ghetto Manga does to connect and push forward the world of music and art, specifically the worlds of comics and hiphop.

Apr 3, 2012

Muphoric Sounds 22-Shuggie Otis-Island Letter

Here is the latest piece for Muphoric, Shuggie Otis! This entire album is raw, but this song is one of my favorite's next to "Aut uh my hed". Shuggie, if you're reading the piece, let me know if I missed something.