Mar 30, 2023

IRL @ Cartoon Art Museum SF


Yup, I will be at the famed "Cartoon Art Museum" this Sunday. If you're around the city please come say hello. I'll be there April 2nd from 1-3pm talking about my work and my new art book "Art of Rob". This is a cool museum where you can see original art from folks who've worked in illustration, animation, cartooning, and pop culture. I've been there before and its a really cool place to check out or hang!

LINK to their site for more info

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Mar 22, 2023

Ethnic Studies Purple Pack


What up fam? I just made this new pack of Ethnic Studies merch featuring a painting you likely already saw and a new gold sticker. If you follow me you know this is important to me educationally and personally. Know a teacher, student, or colleague who would appreciate this? Send them the pack (1 print, 2 stickers). 

What is Ethnic Studies? Ethnic Studies for those who don't know is an organized curriculum of books, films, lectures, music, and culture that explore all that US and American history left out about African Americans, Latin@S, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. It now includes curriculum about Middle Eastern Americans, and sometimes LGBTQ studies as well. I'm a product of ethnic studies and i'm very proud to support ethnic studies curriculum all over the US in EVERY SCHOOL.

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Mar 20, 2023

Video: Lee & Low Spring-Summer Showcase

    Its starting to happen! This summer my book "Fresh Juice/ Jugo Fresco" debuts on Lee & Low Books. Here's a sneak peak at it and many other great books coming out.

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Mar 17, 2023

Character 167- Rough bboy


Just messing around trying to loosen up listening to Lee Quinones. 

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Mar 9, 2023

Berna Anat - How do I Pick a Bank?


Berna Anat, is doing the damn thing when it comes to sharing financial information and literacy that is quick, funny, to the point, ethical, and aware of how not all financial advice applies to everyone. Especially to Black folks, Indigenous , Asian Americans, Latinos, etc.  I've been following her for two or three years and I have definitely felt informed and smarter after listening to her speak. Check out her new YouTube series!

For example, this is common knowledge to most folks, but for some reason it didn't sink in to me until she broke it down. Using credit cards to make purchases helps you earn points which can be used to buy other things like plane tickets, or whatever you need depending on the card.

Dig this? I wrote about her when I heard she's got a book dropping to break some of this down for young people and teachers. Get her book here

Mar 8, 2023

Inspiring Artist - Bea Gifted


Just found the website of this incredible artist named Bea Jackson (Bea Gifted). Wow! Stunning digital and traditional illustration. I don't know much about her but I really love how she draws and paints, especially how beautifully she illustrates Black children. Ugggh, so good!

If you're not familiar with her please go check out her website and follow her on Instagram! I'm sure you have seen her art in picture books but if you havent here's one! "Parker Looks Up" :)

Here is an interview with her where she talks about her long career in the arts working in comics, editorial work, children's books, and more. 

What's this? This is where I share inspiring artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. I just discovered Bea's work but some of the folks I share I've seen over the span of many years. Here are some others to check out:

Cymone Wilder- Typographic artist and designer

Elizabeth Catlett - Sculptor and fine artist

Olivia Fields- Illustrator, cartoonist

Helen Mingjue Chen- Illustrator, concept artist

Wow, as I mentioned above please follow and support her work!!! Again here is her site.

Hidari - Stop motion trailer (samurai)


Video link

Juiced to see this one and the growing shorts, films, etc made with stop motion lately. Here's a Catsuka article about the film and here is the link to their Kickstarter to make this film.

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I'm a Virgo - Trailer


Can't wait to see this new series by Boots Riley (The Coup/ Sorry to Bother You). I left the theater going "what the fuck was that?" when I saw Sorry to Bother You. But I have to give him props because I love to see Black/ POC directors do some weird shit I wasn't expecting. Not sure what to expect with "I'm a Virgo" starring Jharrel Jerome, Carmen Ejoho, and Mike Epps but I'm excited to see it!

If you didn't see "Sorry to Bother You" check that out here and if you're unfamiliar with the pen game of Boots Riley, I'd highly suggest listening to The Coup!

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Stills from the show:

Mar 5, 2023

College lecture - Modesto Jr College


Sup with it fam! On March 29th of this year I will be doing a presentation for college students and faculty at Modesto Jr College! I'm going to be talking about my career, art, kids books, publishing, and literacy! I've visited Modesto and the jr college three times in the past. First for the Latino Comics Expo founded by Ricardo Padilla and Javier Hernandez-the first ever comics con dedicated to Latino Comics writers and illustrators. Second, I visited the main branch of the Modesto Public Library to read to families, children, and caregivers for their story time. Third, I visited for the "Latinx Comics and Arts Fest" founded by Dr. Theresa Rojas , a professor from MJC. 

All of these were really great events or experiences filled with families, community, incredible creators, art, and lots of books and comics. If you're a student at the college or know someone who is please invite them to attend. 

If you're looking for something to do with the entire family, check out the Latinx Comics and Arts Fest happening on March 17-18th.

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