Jul 31, 2012

Collage of Characters (1) 2009-2012

It's a fun and gratifying thing to look back. Of course I like to be present and focus on what is "now". But several things lead me to look back at all these characters. Such a big part of my practice is doing "it" in small increments consistently over a large period of time. Comics, character design, mural ideas, people of color, short stories, color theory, so many techniques and concepts to experiment with. Wish I could g through each one here, maybe one day I will. Doing these quick studies has informed my work to tell stories and to paint fun characters on canvas and on walls. But what do you think? Any of these fit you or your project? Did you see the characters that were in African Digital Art, Kiss My Black Ads, 7 Impossible Things? Holler back! -Rob

Muphoric Sounds 23- Max Roach

Can't remember who sampled this for the life of me. But I love putting on this record. There are two covers. Here's the one thats easy to find-its Mop Pop on the Muphoric site. The one I have is black and white with the type though. Check out my write up IN THE TRUNK

Jul 27, 2012

Jazz Portrait 25- Pharoah Sanders (Saxophone)

Pharoah is a pillar in one of my favorite styles of Jazz. Its a fusion of so many things that just compliment each other. Some of the classics from this brother, who is still performing are Thembi, Astral Traveling, and The Creator has a master plan. Dig it. Oh and The Revivalist has a good review of the Thembi LP.

Jul 24, 2012

Typography 22- Freddie Joachim (beats)

I have been seeing this guy's name for awhile now. But it wasnt until very recently, that I pressed play. I dont even remember which network or person exposed me to his work. But I am grateful for songs like "Hours", Each Breath, and Strawberries.

 Download his music/support here: Freddie Joachim

The Seshen (Muphoric Post)

The Seshen is a band I'm happy to love. My boy Senbei introduced me to the sound then Ms Joy Liu and I went to go check them out! Incredible show, and their songs just keep getting crazier with every listen. Anyways, more about em on MUPHORIC SOUNDS! Yes, i still write for muphoric, and new stuff coming up. Did I mention i love music?
If you want to see their video and read my write up, go to Muphoric....

Jul 3, 2012

Zelia Barbosa-Pedro Dina

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I once wrote about another song from this LP. But love this song too. The song is about waiting, "Pedro waits" for the sun, the train, etc. Oh, did the letter "Z" for Zelia too. Time to get back on my music writing grind, so many beautiful songs out there to hear.

Jul 1, 2012

Jazz Portrait 24- Jneiro Jarel/Dr.Who Dat (Beats)

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011. This is still one of my favorite paintings I did of this era of music inspired portraits.

Here's my original post of Jneiro typography. Some songs of his I didn't mention in that one are: Brooklyn mood, Nights over Nantes, and Viberian Sun . Why'd I put down this due? Because there is something vibrant, funky, and experimental in his music. I hear it.

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011.

Dig this? Check out this portrait of Madlib