Aug 29, 2012

Arts In Motion Fest+ Beats Rhymes + Life

Was invited to paint at this event with the talented Josue Rojas. We kicked it and hung out with some young artists on the come up. Big thank you to Beats Rhymes and Life org for asking me out and for throwing this event with HARD
Josue rappin' and teachin'

Young Cesar came and rocked with me on this canvas

photo by Erricka Lewis
I'll post the video from the event once its done. Fun times.

Aug 28, 2012

Short Story 13- Lightning

I know I wasnt expecting 
what we saw 
The Levitation was amazin' 
and the brick was raw 

Kiki said 50 more steps
But Listen
as the walls of what's left
crumble like nuclear fission

Maurice just wanted to hang out 
Be damned if he wasn't catty 
If we'd a got stuck 
he would'nt of had enough water til' monday 

What Ms. Butler said was true
It was there and we found it
It had traveled all across our world
We woke it up but it didn't mind it

Aug 21, 2012

Positive Wall Affirmation "Make Love"

Remember that wood carving/ PWA in the works?
From Etsy: This is the next edition to my series of Typographic words that feature a positive message or word. I dubbed it PwA or "Positive Wall Affirmation" because they are meant to hang on a wall, and they are meant to affirm a positive though.

 I carved this one by hand from an old award plaque I picked up from Urban Ore in Berkeley, Ca. I picked up the tools for 5 bucks at a flea market in San Diego. Since this was my first wood carving like this i needed a lot of time to finish it, to experiement, and to just have fun. this wont be the last of its kind. Its about 12" x 9", wood, carved, and painted.

 "Make Love" figuratively and literally.

 Note: If you like this but cant afford the original, drop me a line about a print.

Aug 18, 2012

Story + Music Postcards

Drummer Postcard Jneiro Postcard

These are heading for your fridge, art directors, and your friends fridge. The drummer boy post card comes from Short Story 12 and the colorful portrait is that of electronic/jazz/ hip hop/ genreless musician Jneiro Jarel. Both are from seperate series, but if you've been following me you already know that. Check the win one.

Aug 17, 2012

Inspiration board 13

From top to bottom, left to right: MC Escher drawing, Paul Klee-Expressionist Vibe, Desolation Wilderness Hiking and love, A restaurant that serves more than Falafel, Leo and Dianne Dillon-Illustrating duo (RIP), "Tiny Inventions" new set design, Frank 151 mag w/ Doom, Nychos wall, Chillar Party-Hilarious childrens flick from India, Reza Abedini-Graphic Designer, Dilla Toy, Lianne La Havas' new LP, Ronald Wimberly-Dope Comic Artist(thx Samax!), 47 by Walter Mosley-just read this for the 3rd time, The babies at Nicole Martinez' class, 826 Valencia, and my son's class, Aaron Douglas book cover. In case you didnt get it, these are collages I do every 3 months or so about inspiring nouns.

Aug 16, 2012

Some mo' projects worth supportin'

The Coup. Been listening and supporting these cats since 92 or 93. Love what they stand for, how they sound. I have every album. Ive seen them perform hella times. Did I say hella? Yeah, hella times and they supported my crew TYS as well in the past. World Up, I see some friends in this video and I'm excited about the work they do for NYC kids! Folks want a conference about African American authors, writers, etc to grow? No better chance than now...from the folks who've brought you Mosaic Magazine. Young Shields! I met this cat from Cali while checking out a art show in Manhattan several years ago and was instantly convinced by the sincerity in his voice about "art". You can support this young legend now before he blows up.

Aug 14, 2012

Crown City

More music is coming from this crew, wrote a quick something about it on Muphoric.

Aug 8, 2012

Red Robin+LeSean

Stumbled across Katy Wu's work while looking for a gig and found this amazing project she and two other women in animation just finished. Coming from a background of many cultures and having a love for art, this is awesome exchange to see.

Aug 5, 2012

Paban Das Baul

Got realy inspired by the effort of a homie to "do" instead of talk about doing. She started a blog to create a space where South Asian folks with Dark skin could kick it, celebrate each others beauty, and just spread the word that not only is it ok to be dark, but it is beautiful and we should celebrate each other even if main stream does not. I still dont quite understand how crazy it is in India, Pakistan, or when youre skin is dark, but from what folks have been writing, it seems like folks are being hella affected by white supremacy out there. just like black folks are here.

This society keeps telling folks with brown skin that we are invisible, not worthy, dirty, bad, terrorists, etc. All that hatred, racism and bull Ive been seeing against people of color is out of control, but I believe this blog with its defiant stance is part of changing that, how we as POC love and look at ourselves and what our white brothers and sisters need to learn about us. Anyways, this is a piece of a musician I like named Paban Das Baul from West Bengal, India.

Go check out "Dark, Lovely, and South Asian" If you would like to purchase this work