Police Gangs of LA


This shit is ill, and I've heard the same about the NYPD. Best believe that I support getting rid of the entire system of policing as it stands today in the US. no amount of reform will change how they bully, disrespect, target, and murder folks here; especially Black folks, people of color, mentally ill people, and poor people. We need to take the millions each major urban city spends on policing and put it into whhat would actually help people, reduce crime, etc. Quality housing, education, mental and physical health care, jobs. 

You see this and understand why The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was created. Peep this post from a few years ago: 

Respect to journalist Cerise Castle


Lightbox Expo ONLINE Sept


This will be the first time I'm going to Lightbox to check it out online! Join me and 1000's of others for workshops, panels, vendors, and more. September 7th-12th.


Character 159 - Digger


Everybody knows that feeling when you got some good cuts you can't wait to listen to. She's the digger and you can tell she know.

Previous character : Hmmph
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Reading at Greenlight Books


Coming up later on August 28th, I'll be reading with Leticia Hernandez-Linares and organizer/Rise Home Stories team member Heather Appel. We'll be doing a virtual reading for Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene and Prospect Lefferts Garden. Wanna tune in? Register HERE.

Stay tuned to Brookline Smith Bookstore's YouTube to see the reading we did with them.

Pride & Less Prejudice -Feature


Shout out to these folks at Pride and Less Prejudice, they featured my book One of a Kind Like Me in their book bundle! This organization raises money to get queer books into the hands of educators looking for them. Salute to them for that and it looks like me, Blood Orange Press, and author Laurin Mayeno are in good company.

Check out the "Crayon Bundle" HERE

If you missed the last supportive post check it out. Gender Nation.


Short Story 29 - Welcome

"This has been a long trip with few familiar faces. But, there's nothing like trekking a thousand miles and coming home to your family. Here I was thinking it would be a quiet Sunday all by myself since everyone was out of town; they said. And I had my key still. But when I walked in Grandpa and Grandma, my sisters, my cousin, and the kids were all there, I almost cried! Somebody up there has a sense of humor."

Here's my latest short story: Welcome

If you missed the previous short story called Flight check it out here. And if you dig this style, check out this collage of characters done in the same style.


DJ Premier production process


These videos of Premier talking about his music production are dope! There's three of them up already!

Here's an old drawing of Guru RIP.


RIP Zumbi (Zion-I)


"And when you're doing it right, you know your inner light shines" -Zumbi

Sad hearing about the passing of Zumbi from Zion-I.  I didn't know him personally, but I'm a fan of his work with Amp Live as the group Zion-I, his solo work as Baba Zumbi, the LPs w/the Grouch. The Bay and the hip hop community lost a huge one. I met this dude 20 years ago through the homie Pandora and his energy was positive and creative whether on stage or in person. I remember seeing them perform at La Peña in Berkeley, Life is Living, so many incredible songs, spirituality, political consciousness, slap, humbleness, positivity, generosity, lyrics, skill, presence,etc. He never stopped making music. Respect and condolences to his family, his fellow group mates, collaborators, and his fans. 

May his music and message live on forever. If you're not familiar with his music please take a listen. These are some of my favorite songs: Inner light, Revolution, Silly Puddy, Trigger, On the one, We don't, The Bay, Don't lose your head, culture freedom, saving souls, so many songs, albums, features!

article via KQED

If you know or knew him through his music please consider donating to this fund for his children.

We lost so many Bay legends, Shock, Gift of Gab. Man.


Inspiring Artist - Olivia Fields


Olivia Fields aka Tncts is an incredible illustrator from Brooklyn NY. I can never remember the exact moment when an artist makes me go "wow" and don't remember the exact moment when I saw her work for the first time either but damn she's good. Her use of color, composition, portraits, realism, cartooning, and illustration is on point like a mug. I love the fact that her work spans editorial illustration, comics, and print. She is one of the artists I look to for inspiration when I'm feeling stuck and if the different styles are any indication, she's just getting started. 

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Do yourself a favor and check out her bio and website here, You can also support her creative growth via Patreon, or just follow on IG. Peep more of her work below.

See what I mean?

If you missed the last inspiring artist I posted, check out Helen Mingjue Chen! And if you're still looking for more inspiration peep inspiration board 37 I made because everybody gets stuck. 

PS:I think I saw her work first during #DrawingWhileBlack. I think. Anyways, carry on.


Character 158 - Hmmph


I was at a water park in Sacramento and saw a dude who inspired this character. He seemed unimpressed.

The last character I did was Pink Dread
If you missed the last character collage, peep the 2019-2020.


Alejandria Fights Back is OUT TODAY!


TODAY is the day fam, please check out my video introducing "Alejandria Fights Back" written by Leticia Hernandez & The Rise Home Stories Project, translated by Profesora Dr Carla España , and pub by Feminist Press in NYC.

This project "Alejandria Fights Back" was a collaborative one for the books. Got to work with filmmakers and organizers in the Bay Area, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Georgia, and the publisher is in NYC. It has been a ride and there are some videos, posts, etc to come.
Its hella different doing a virtual book release y'all. So I appreciate any and all support. Shout out to Josh Healey who said "I think you should apply to this" He was right! Here's the synopsis:

Here is the book trailer:
Please watch and share it!

If you missed it, check out the features on Social Justice Books and Rethinking Schools.


Summer Playlist by TYS Collective


Hey, my crew the Trust Your Struggle Collective dropped a playlist of music last month. Some new and old on there. If you're into music, give it a listen here.

If you missed it, I have a quarterly blog post about music I am listening to, the last one was about House music


Sistah Sci Fi


Check this out, a new book club and store that specializes in Black Women who write sci fi!! pretty cool. Check out their site.


Rethinking Schools feature for Alejandria


Yo, this just in, my new book "Alejandria Fights Back" got a mention in the new "Rethinking Schools" magazine. If you're not hip, this magazine has been around since the mid 80s in Milwaukee by educators. They saw that the history books they had at the time were wack (still are, but getting better) and they decided to compile lessons for the babies involving ethnic studies, what would today be excluded as critical race theory, and social justice. As a trusted source by educators all over the US, and internationally. So, suffice to say this nod in the form of a feature is BIG and I have so much respect. If you want to get a physical or digital copy go here.

I was fortunate enough to do some artwork for the magazine many moons ago, peep that here. And shout out to AD Nancy Zucker! If you missed the post about Social Justice books, peep that here.

Video! - Alejandria Fights Back & Highlights Fundation!


Had a chance to talk to Feminist Press, part of my team on the Alejandria Fights Back/La Lucha de Alejandria book, and members of the Highlights Foundation (remember the magazine?). You can preorder the book here. If you're a book blogger and want a review copy, hit me up. 

If you missed my previous post announcing the book, please check that out here.