Children's Portrait 65 - Mari


Here's a portrait of little girl named Mari who I painted earlier this year. 

If you would like to commission a painting of a child or a family member go HERE. If you missed the previous portrait of Belen's whole Family, check it out.


Video: SFPL Reading


Hey fam, heres a video recording of myself and author Leticia Hernandez-Linares reading "Alejandria Fights Back!" 

If you want the teachers guide, coloring sheets, or resources about housing check out AlejandriaFightsBack.com

Art for CEJA report

Yo, I made the illustrations for this last year and its being released now. Shout out to my sister Tiffany Eng (California Environmental Justice Alliance) who brought me on for this, but more importantly works on issues of environmental racism, city planning, zoning, and more. The work she does revolving around studies and policy helps to change laws which then positively effects people. 

Especially working class folks and people of color. Environmentalism is often seen as a mountain, river, or forest issue. It's often seen as something white people work on. But, the effects of things like pollution and climate change effect all of us, especially those who live closest to factories and freeways.

If you want to read the summary of this report done by CEJA and see all of the illustrations, I invite you to download it and read it HERE.  There you will find more information and the full report as well. 

Check out the last illustration I did for the Sunshine Movement who also work on climate issues.


Character 160 - Judging


I saw a lady in front of a Chinese restaurant and made an imagined doodle of her.

If you missed the last character, here she is : Digger 

And here is the last collage of characters 


Inspiring Artist - Bisa Butler (born 1973)


Bisa Butler!!  The first time I heard of this artist was through MC Black Thought on his interview series last year when the pandemic started. I had been seeing her incredible work and thought it was oil or acrylic when I saw it. Come to find out she sews and collages these incredible images together. Wow, so dope. Doesn't matter what your discipline is, just peep her work and support because she's a living artist who is still pretty young.

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Again go to her site and check her out.

I love this woman's work and if you didn't catch the last inspiring artists check them out:


Storyboard course panel


I'm taking the year long course led by these storyboard artists who collectively have tons of experience in the animation and filmmaking. If your interested check out some of the other free videos on the "Story Board Art" YouTube HERE.


Book review: At Home Librarian

Yo, we got a review by Tibby Wroten who runs the "At Home Librarian" blog where she reviews a diverse array of kid lit so parents, librarians, booksellers, and book lovers can learn about cool new books. Check it out HERE.

Here's a quote from the review:

"the book is a roadmap of sorts or how kids and adults can take steps to protect their communities. While this story is particular to gentrification, the ideas behind organizing community are the same no matter what issue you take on. I also really appreciate the ideas presented here around organizing the people around you to show up to City Hall to speak at council meetings and also getting plugged into organizations working specifically on the issue at hand. Most books for kids that talk about “activism” are about making signs and showing up at marches they didn’t organize."

And if you check out this link, you can see some other books of mine that she's reviewed.



VIDEO: My fav art books


What up y'all, been wanting to do this video for a minute. Art books are a great way to unplug from the internet or get someone reading who doesn't normally like books. Whenever I get stuck I pull out some ill art books, read them, and just flip through them. Check these books out. Cop them from an indy store or request them at your local library!

If you missed my last inspiration board check it here
The last kids book I did is called Alejandria Fights Back

Here are all the books I mention in this video, please support them. Cop from the artists themselves,   your local independent bookstore, or Bookshop.org.

-"Spraycan Art" by Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff 
-"One Track Mind" Graffiti Magazine 
-"OS Gemeos" 
-"Reflections In Black" by Deborah Willis 
-"Chaz Bojorquez" 
-"The Early Bird" by Morning Breath 
-"De La Soul" by Frank 151 
-"Spider Man Into the Spiderverse" by Sony/ Marvel 
-"The Dam Keeper" by Tonko House 
-"Robota" by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card 
-"Celebrate People's History" by Josh MacPhee 
-"Everyday Love Vol. 3" by Nidhi Chanani 
-"Frontier" by Hellen Jo 
-"Spam 4" by Mingjue Helen Chen 
-"The Black Book" by Khari Randolph 
-"Version 002" by Jake Wyatt 
-"Art of Jisei" by Miguel C. Hernandez

Bilingual book mark set updated


Here is an updated image for this set of bilingual bookmarks. You can cop a few or a set for a whole classroom. Go here!

If you're a bilingual parent, Spanish teacher, bookstore owner, or librarian check out this set of READ prints as well. 


Banned Books Week Panel

Yo, I'll be speaking with my co creator Laurin Mayeno, Betsy Gomez of Banned books Week , and the creators of Something Happened In Our Town. Tune in at 11:30 am PST!

Here are some of the other discussions happening next week!



Postcard Deal 2


Here is a second set of postcards. You know, some folks still send snail mail and dig these. If you are one of those people you can cop this set HERE.

This set has a mix of artwork with the themes of analog music, character design, self care, and people of color. The last set of postcards is here.

Breathe Vinyl Sticker


Here is a new sticker reminding you to "breathe". Its number four in a series of self care stickers aimed at getting folks to slow down and take stock of what's next and what matters. Cop one for you or for your team HERE.

The last one in the series is REST


Inspiration board 39


Ok, lately a lot of whats been on my mind is the study of film, particularly how to storyboard a good film sequence. Heres the board from top top bottom, left to right: 

1. Gaidaa- Incredible young singer/songwriter from the Netherlands via Sudan 
2. PBS YouTube series "Weathered" about climate change is scary and engaging 
3. Cassey Kuo-incredible concept/story artist 
4. DJ Premier is doing a videos series abt beats! 
5. Lightbox Expo-art, film, animation, illustration expo online 
6. Greentea Peng-great UK singer songwriter photo by Suki Dhanda 
7. Maya and the Three-Upcoming film by Jorge Gutierrez 
8. Blk Wmn Animator-is a video series by Deborah Anderson 
9. Jordi Lafebre-french illustrator for comics
10. Drik the Villain-Graf writer w/ 3d styles
11. Native artist- David Kanietakeron Fadden great piece abt native genoicde
12. My Dad the Bounty Hunter-an upcoming animated seriess by Everett Downing Jr. 
13. Studio Binder-great resource for learning film 
14. Screenwriter and story consultant Brian McDonald gets deep into the story
15. Hand lettering by Carmi Grau 
16. Script consultant/writer - Shannan E. Johnson gets structure

Please check out the links and support these folks, things, etc.

Did you miss the previous inspiration board? Here are a few 

What's this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life's trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I've been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.


Weathered - PBS


This series called weathered on PBS about extreme weather conditions is enlightening, frightening, and inspiring.


Black to School Night


Coming at the ends of this month I'll be talking with some educators and parents for the Black Teachers Project. We'll be talking about parenting during a pandemic and other tings. Tune in. 

If you're not familiar with BTP, check out this video 

Everett Downing Interview w/Black Woman Animator


This is an inspiring interview with animator, story artist, and now director Everett Downing. You can see some examples of his work here. Everett is super inspiring and I contributed to his Indiegogo for "The Book of Mojo" a few years ago. So excited to hear about his journey and directorial debut. 

If you missed my last inspiration board check it out here.


Brian Paupaw - Motion Graphics


I met Brian Deka Paupaw at a party in Brooklyn over a decade ago. Real genuine dude who does work for the kids and has amazing motion graphics work. Hire him!! 

Daddy Thoughts 22- Dreamt of arguing, listening

I just woke up from yet another dream that me and my teen were arguing about something. You see, I have some righteous (or so I think) concerns for my boy. One, bee a critical thinker. So, both me, my wife, and his mom often engage him in discussions about race, politics, class, gender, so many things. If I’m being honest though, part of it is because I grew up talking that way with my parents and I’m familiar wit it. I do truly hope that from his family het gets points of views that are different than what main stream movies, media, etc are saying. And I’ve told him I don’t want you to think like me, I want you to take what Im saying and form your own opinion. Having an informed opinion is important, i think.

Two. I really want him to know what it means to work hard and sometimes this desire overlooks the hard work he does do and the fact that the nature of work is changing. I’ve had him cleaning the bathroom, the living room, his room, doing his laundry, taking out the trash, I’ve given him jobs where he can earn money or pay me back for something I bought that he wanted. But sometimes, I can be a little too pushy and demanding. And I’m trying to do better. He sometimes bitches or moans at some extras I make him do and I have to remind myself I did too when I was a kid.

Three. I want him to choose a path forward (after high school) that he’s passionate about. I know at times he’d rather just play video games and stay in his room. And sometimes I forget what it was like to be a teenager and press upon him, adding to the pressure he must feel from all of us and all of it. I don't want him to serve the system of exploiting people though. I've been very vocal about that. Be aware of this or that, challenge this or that. But even I get bored of hearing myself repeat things so I know he must.

I haven’t been complete drill sergeant or a stoic figure who expresses little emotion, comfort, or love. But I have to remind myself to not get too angry when he refuses, gets annoyed, pulls away, or resists; and tell him. Tell him I’m proud of him, that I care for him and that I love him. I want to dismiss the myth that all teenagers are jerks, because they’re not. I do believe they are going through a lot during those years. I remember hormones raging, feeling self conscious, afraid to speak up, and just wanting nothing more than to hang out with my friends, my guys, to laugh, have fun, and make and see dope art in the form of music, graffiti, djing, paintings, so many things. I remember short answers with my parents and just wanting my own space to be free of rules and responsibilities. So I get it. I have to confess that I have let my frustration at perceived inaction get to me at times, and I’m trying to listen. That is ultimately what my dream was about. Forcing him to do something, and instead listening to him tell me how and when he wanted to deal with it. The issue I was mad about was not big, his words were/are.

Ooh, my toddler is awake and she’s demanding attention. If you're a parent who’s been there or afraid of going there, what are your thoughts or advice? Like when do they start eating breakfast again, lol.

Last Daddy Thoughts on Father's rap songs

If you'r new here, this is a series I've been writing for several years off and on about being a dad, co-parent, struggles, triumphs, mistakes, and more human shit. I'm trying every day to be a better dad, husband, co-parent, and human.


Inspiring Artist - Elizabeth Catlett (1915 - 2012)


I went to see a show of Ms Elizabeth Catlett's work several years ago at MOAD in San Francisco and I've been a fan ever since. I think I saw an image of hers in a book and was just intrigued by her style. She draw, painted, printed, and sculpted as far as I know. And my god she and is dope! She lived from 1915-2012 , born in Washington DC and passed away in Mexico. I love how some of her drawings are super realistic and others are quite exaggerated in style. Her work illustrated Black and indigenous folks in a pride stance. She also was an activist and organizer so you get to see some of her thoughts on race and class in her work. You can read more about her life and her work in this recently published website of her life and her work: https://www.elizabethcatlettart.com/

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Again go to her site and check her out. 

The artist at work!

I still have this image up in my bedroom and love looking at Elizabeth Catlett's work. 

If you missed the previous artist who I think is inspiring please check out Olivia Fields. Still looking for more inspiration? Check out this board of people, places, and tings that inspire me here.

There was one on Mattahan/Paul Davey too.


Police Gangs of LA


This shit is ill, and I've heard the same about the NYPD. Best believe that I support getting rid of the entire system of policing as it stands today in the US. no amount of reform will change how they bully, disrespect, target, and murder folks here; especially Black folks, people of color, mentally ill people, and poor people. We need to take the millions each major urban city spends on policing and put it into whhat would actually help people, reduce crime, etc. Quality housing, education, mental and physical health care, jobs. 

You see this and understand why The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was created. Peep this post from a few years ago: 

Respect to journalist Cerise Castle


Lightbox Expo ONLINE Sept


This will be the first time I'm going to Lightbox to check it out online! Join me and 1000's of others for workshops, panels, vendors, and more. September 7th-12th.


Character 159 - Digger

Everybody knows that feeling when you got some good cuts you can't wait to listen to. She's the digger and you can tell she know.

Previous character : Hmmph
If you missed the last collage of characters check that out here: LINK


Reading at Greenlight Books


Coming up later on August 28th, I'll be reading with Leticia Hernandez-Linares and organizer/Rise Home Stories team member Heather Appel. We'll be doing a virtual reading for Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene and Prospect Lefferts Garden. Wanna tune in? Register HERE.

Stay tuned to Brookline Smith Bookstore's YouTube to see the reading we did with them.

Pride & Less Prejudice -Feature


Shout out to these folks at Pride and Less Prejudice, they featured my book One of a Kind Like Me in their book bundle! This organization raises money to get queer books into the hands of educators looking for them. Salute to them for that and it looks like me, Blood Orange Press, and author Laurin Mayeno are in good company.

Check out the "Crayon Bundle" HERE

If you missed the last supportive post check it out. Gender Nation.


Short Story 29 - Welcome

"This has been a long trip with few familiar faces. But, there's nothing like trekking a thousand miles and coming home to your family. Here I was thinking it would be a quiet Sunday all by myself since everyone was out of town; they said. And I had my key still. But when I walked in Grandpa and Grandma, my sisters, my cousin, and the kids were all there, I almost cried! Somebody up there has a sense of humor."

Here's my latest short story: Welcome

If you missed the previous short story called Flight check it out here. And if you dig this style, check out this collage of characters done in the same style.


DJ Premier production process


These videos of Premier talking about his music production are dope! There's three of them up already!

Here's an old drawing of Guru RIP.


RIP Zumbi (Zion-I)


"And when you're doing it right, you know your inner light shines" -Zumbi

Sad hearing about the passing of Zumbi from Zion-I.  I didn't know him personally, but I'm a fan of his work with Amp Live as the group Zion-I, his solo work as Baba Zumbi, the LPs w/the Grouch. The Bay and the hip hop community lost a huge one. I met this dude 20 years ago through the homie Pandora and his energy was positive and creative whether on stage or in person. I remember seeing them perform at La Peña in Berkeley, Life is Living, so many incredible songs, spirituality, political consciousness, slap, humbleness, positivity, generosity, lyrics, skill, presence,etc. He never stopped making music. Respect and condolences to his family, his fellow group mates, collaborators, and his fans. 

May his music and message live on forever. If you're not familiar with his music please take a listen. These are some of my favorite songs: Inner light, Revolution, Silly Puddy, Trigger, On the one, We don't, The Bay, Don't lose your head, culture freedom, saving souls, so many songs, albums, features!

article via KQED

If you know or knew him through his music please consider donating to this fund for his children.

We lost so many Bay legends, Shock, Gift of Gab. Man.


Inspiring Artist - Olivia Fields


Olivia Fields aka Tncts is an incredible illustrator from Brooklyn NY. I can never remember the exact moment when an artist makes me go "wow" and don't remember the exact moment when I saw her work for the first time either but damn she's good. Her use of color, composition, portraits, realism, cartooning, and illustration is on point like a mug. I love the fact that her work spans editorial illustration, comics, and print. She is one of the artists I look to for inspiration when I'm feeling stuck and if the different styles are any indication, she's just getting started. 

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Do yourself a favor and check out her bio and website here, You can also support her creative growth via Patreon, or just follow on IG. Peep more of her work below.

See what I mean?

If you missed the last inspiring artist I posted, check out Helen Mingjue Chen! And if you're still looking for more inspiration peep inspiration board 37 I made because everybody gets stuck. 

PS:I think I saw her work first during #DrawingWhileBlack. I think. Anyways, carry on.