Jul 25, 2011

Roy Ayers Project

Roy Ayers Project: Who is Roy Ayers? (Trailer) from Roy Ayers Project on Vimeo.

Inspiring work this crew of film makers is doing. We as a hip hop/music community owe a lot to Roy.

Mara Hruby

I rarely take the time to write about NEW artists on Muphoric Sounds, something which Im going to try to remedy in the coming year. The last new artists I wrote about were Mario & Malice from Seattle, but here's a hometown hitter worth listening to. Check out Mara Hruby on Muphoric Sounds and give a shout out to Amanda Lopez, because thats how I saw her.


Jul 21, 2011

Character 23

Don't have a name for her yet, you got one? Just knew i wanted her to be a cool looking warrior lady. But still, a regular every day person.

Jul 19, 2011

Soulfood Junkies trailer

Soulfood Junkies Teaser from Byron Hurt on Vimeo.

Cant wait to see this, as it relates to the diabolical plan. if you saw Bryan's last film, you know he's about to bring it! lots of feelings will be hurt, and many of my traditions and yours will be questioned. God is change.

Jul 18, 2011

July Love and Light Switches

The double light switch is a gift for a very good friend, who has helped out me and my crew more times than I can remember. BUT, the individual light switch is yours (yes yours!) if you can tell me which historic Jazz Bassist played on this song/ LP. In honor of one of the best groups ever, hit the comments and you got it.

Jul 10, 2011

Inspiration board 9

Top left to right...Dani Jones-dope Illustrator, King-(La Soul Group)The Story, Stic Man (Dead prez)-Workout LP, Kazu Kibuishi-Illustrator/Comic Creator, Joe Olson-Concept artist, Dr. Boyce-Makes some interesting arguments for Black folk/poc, Mara Hruby-talented vocalist, James Morehouse Project-Where TYS recently completed a mural! Shaun Tan-Amazing children's books illustrator, Jen Wang-Illustrator/comics creator, Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano-heavy/mind blowing book! I missed people watching, so this week i sat for an hour or so just watching folks walk by...Oakland Leaf-An organization whom i'm currently working for w/amazing kids/folks/staff. Buddhist prayer letters. Tulips-because brotha's like flowers too (hint-ladies!). Octavia Butler's "Parable of the Talents"-just finished reading this...amazing!

Again, this is when i talk briefly/show what has caught my eye, ear, or interest recently...

Jul 9, 2011

Jazz Portrait 12- Headnodic

The twelfth in a series of drawings, scribbles, or paintings of people I consider to be Jazz and all that it encompasses. If you're not familiar with Bay Area producer "Headnodic" of the mighty Crown City Rockers/ Mighty Underdog Crew you better ask somebody. Two of my favorite Headnodic beats are "The Drive", "Something", and "one from his new lp coming up "Turn your radio up".

Typography 12 -Kat 010

Just ran into this sister yesterday while she played a gig w/ Headnodic (both from Crown City Rockers) and copped the Natural Phenomenom LP, which i'd been meaning to get for awhile. Two of my favorite joints on her instrumental LP are "Phosphorescent Waves" and "My Mirage" which you can hear on itunes. Or you can visit her site at KAT010.com

Dig this? Check out more type art like this "Turn it Up"

Jul 8, 2011

Muphoric Sounds 17

"In my world, full of pleasant dreams , i see a bird"

This is one of my favorite groups of all time! I thought not that many people knew about Cymande when i first picked up their record about ten years ago, but when I heard Wonway playing Bra and some of their other joints I realized I wasn't the only one who cherished their sound. Please click on the link and go to Muphoric to hear the song I chose from the "Second time around" LP. And please look for their LP's. They are more than worth it.


Jul 4, 2011

Short Story 7 + Process

La India ( a hyper intelligent 5th grader) had twenty seconds to go before security at Atlantic Trading Company International alerted their security against hackers. It took her, Desiree, and Sol three hours to break past the fire wall, embedded security code, encrypted file folders, and finally the account password. Poised, ever ready and calm, India's fingers touched the screens light as feathers. Sol looked on eagerly awaiting while Desiree prayed to "La Virgen" to keep them out of jail so they could move onto junior high school.

Process: I had fun experimenting with painting digitally for this one. My biggest influences for digital painting right now are Kazu Kibuishi and Dani Jones. Both exceptional illustrator/ storytellers. How am I doing? :)

Jul 3, 2011

The Boondock Squad CD cover

Brother Pele linked me with these musicians who make a dope mixture of punk, rock, metal, and many other influences. Starting earlier this year me and JT (vocalist)started to work on the design. Check out the process as I tried to think of something subtle to match the energy of these talents young cats' music. I finally got to see them perform live this week at the ALAY open mic and man I was impressed!!! You need to go see them LIVE. Best punk/hip hop show I've seen since Game Rebellion in Brooklyn. Anyways, hit them up on Facecrack or twitter. If you say you support real music, not that fake commercial shit, buy a cd at i-tunes or at Amoeba. Its called "This is what happens when monkeys make music"!

Jul 2, 2011

CCR en Espanol, Urdu, and Arabic

Two years ago I illustrated the "If an agent knocks" booklet for the Center for Constitutional Rights in NYC. It's a historic document meant for activists, cultural workers, and regular citizens standing up for their rights. Because the US government and intelligence agencies often watch, surveille, arrest, torture, and even kill folks who step out of line, documents like these are important. In January they asked me to redo the cover which was translated into Arabic, Urdu, and Spanish. This was challenging because of the language barrier, but a very rewarding process. I worked with art director Qa'id Jacobs again who is an incredible artist/dj in his own right. We also worked with graphic designer Ahmed Foula who checked the word translation and they all did an incredible job. If you want a book, comment or email me and i'll send you one.

Center for Constitutional Rights
Original English Cover